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Create Inspiring Video & Win Cash Prize Worth RM28,000 with Nescafe Cans!

I am not a coffee addict but I do drink coffee when I need to complete more task for the day. *sipping my chilled coffee* It does take quite some time to prepare your own coffee, you need to boil water, prepare coffee powder and milk. After 15 minutes then only I can have my cup of coffee. So sometimes I prefer to buy Nescafe cans and keep them in the fridge instead! There are 3 flavors of Nescafe cans and I like Mocha flavor the most. If you are a coffee drinker like I do. There's something you can do to share some love of your Future Aspiration and WIN CASH PRIZES at the same time!! Yeap, you read it right, you can win $$$$$~ By using Nescafe on The Life Facebook apps , it may help you identify what's your future aspiration looks like. You could be one out of 16 categories available there. Wanna know what's my future looks like? =) First, you just need to visit Nescafe Cans FB Page or click on Nescafe On The Life Facebook Apps . Just choose your fav

[Giveaway] My Selangor Story 2010 Prize Giving Ceremony @ Delicious, Marc Residence

My Selangor Story 2010 Prize Giving Ceremony at Delicious, Marc Residence which happened in last year December. I am digging old + glory stuff to blog about and this is just one out of hundreds...If only a day have 48 hours...~ Let's start the stories~ When to KLCC to meet up a few MSS bloggers friends at Sakae Sushi KLCC The sushi is getting smaller... Then we do Dylan's signature pose . Tsk Tsk After lunch we walk to delicious @ marc residence . A very nice place to have your tea time here with their delicious foods. But parking inside the residence can cost you a bomb, so park your car else where~ A lady from Tourism Selangor giving speech A portrait for Feeq Eyriqazz 's wife and daughter was there too~ *shhhh* Okie MSS results announced~ BEST PHOTOS - Feeq Still remember his fish lens to camwhore with lots of people MOST INTERACTIVE BLOG - Eyriqazz really interactive with tons of comments~ Amelia was soooo sentimental when announcing next winner Then Quachee was spot

Inspiring Innovators & Ambank Innovator ATM Group Photos

Since most of the group photos in my camera, I am responsible to distribute it asap. So here you go, hope you guys don't mind grab the photos here ya! Morning went for a talk entitled "Inspiring Innovators" and we all dressed with formal wear. Awesome talk about "Dabbawala Foundation - World Most Innovative Distributing System" by Manish Tripathi and "How High You Can Fly" by Azran Osman-Rani . Had a group photo with Mr. Azran after the talk and panel discussion finish and would like to thanks him for organizing an instant twitter contest to win flight tickets to GoldCoast . There are only 5 winners but we Nuffies + Nuffnangers somehow able to grab 4 slots. Weee~ Lesson learned, try it better than miss it. Then went to Taylor's lakeside Campus for Ambank Inspector ATM event. Here is a group photo after launch. [Before] [After] Lol too much of the celebration stuff Another group photo after finish have foods at Taylor's Lake Side Taragon Re

Unboxing/Undressing BlackBerry Bold 9700

Do you like cute animals especially something like this? They look so cute when get together!! I am doing the same thing that they did whenever I am not blogging or out for event. This post is to showoff share with you guys that I won a BlackBerry 9700 from DiGi and Nuffnang . Thank you~! Here is my winning post-event blogpost~! "DiGi SmartPlan Break Free Party | Ecoba PJ Trade Centre" So if you need blogger to blog about your event, you can contact me for that haha. Here's a random video of how I unbox the Blackberry Bold 9700. Enjoy~! Wern recorded the video for me when I unbox and "undress" the Blackberry Bold 9700. Thank ya!! After use BlackBerry Bold for one month, I like it very much especially the real time email that enable me to check email no matter where I go. It is good that I don't need to bring along laptop with me too. *No, I don't have a laptop yet ;D* I am using DiGi Smart Plan RM68 and it is okay wi