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The day I was in a Panty Hose. StandOut Enough?

After continuous update of my blog everyday for more than 1 month Me myself do feel exhausted That's why I didn't have new post for past 3 dayS ^@^" *Messing around with my Chipster Superstar Video* Okay, now I am back!! Nuffnang Tiger Standout Party @ HQNine (6th of June) What do I dressed as? Since I know I won't be a standout without the costume, why not just being myself and match with the Tiger Beer? That's why I brought my little Tiger with me and wore a Blue Shirt to match with the brand new Tiger Beers~! Went to fetch my sister first then notice the bright sky with the sun. Stop down and took a picture :) This is before the haze dropping by to KL...~ So here it is my dearest sister brought her CowCow along :) Both the plush dolls were handmade by her Yeap! My sister - Dearbear3 At first she not dare to carry her cow That's why you might see me hugging a tiger and the long limbs cow Later then, met with few bloggers and "camwhore" One of the s