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The Swine 6AM @ Broga Hills

Z.z So damn tired today!! Wake up around 3AM but it really worth go early for the moon and the sun! You almost dun need a tourch light because the BIG moon is illuminating for us! When we reach there already a lot of people on top of the hills! There are two fellas that lying and enjoying the scene :) And this Nicole's Swine has attacked and conquer Broga Hills! My mind cant really function well now... TOoo tired... So are you interested to see what we did @ Bukit Cahaya?? Please visit Nicole's Blog here ! I have been "modeling" for them and it turns out... I will let you decide!! Ciao & Night!...~ Z.z *Snoring without no body know*

Some preview of SOS @ Pendas, Johor

At the firstday, we went to mangrove area and manage to go to the bottom of West Malaysia. ^@^ Recognie the bridge?? We found the seahorse for tagging purpose. It is really hard to find! And...please guess what bones are they ? ;p Going to sleep soon! Goodnight~

What I did in this weekend?

This Saturday Four people collecting old newspaper for fund raising of SOS The "Saving of Seahorse" Hope I can get the permission to take 3 days leaves for this! I am doing something good ar! Not play play ;p After get a tan through collecting newspaper under the hot sun Went to Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra which sponsored by Nuffnang for the first time! I like it :) *Too much camera on the table ;p* Then waking up late on Sunday morning Sending my friend Kok Cian back to Taiwan! *Thanks for called me up! hehe* Nice to see him again and it was my pleasure to send him off to KLIA! But I wonder why there is so much TOLL along the way!! When will malaysia have Toll-Free Highway?! ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~ Will I able to go to Hennessy Artistry event for the first time? Since my grandpa love Hennessy, I will go on behalf of my grandpa! XD I can't promise what to post tomorrow Started to get busy lately! Hope you all had a nice weekend! Let's fight

I'm going to Malaysia Philharmonic Orhestra(MPO) Tonight!

This Saturday night I am going to Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra for the first time!! Yes! Tonight! ^@^~ AGE OF ELEGANCE Sat 18 Apr 09, 8.30pm Sun 19 Apr 09, 3.00pm "The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Conductor Laureate Kees Bakels evokes imaginative exploration with every performance. Experience Kees' signature display of intense energy, emotion and musicianship in this Haydn Anniversary Series feature." Date: 18th April 2009 (Saturday) Time: 08.30PM Venue: Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS, Level 2, Tower 2, PETRONAS Twin Towers, KLCC, 50088 Kuala Lumpur Conductor: Kees Bakels Programme: TIPPETT Divertimento on Sellinger’s Round HAYDN Symphony No.98 in B flat HAYDN Symphony No.103 in E flat – “Drum Roll” Thanks Nuffnang for giving us the opportunity to go for free!! It is time to look for lounge suit :X

Little UTAR BT Gathering @ Mid Valley

Just back from Mid Valley, saw there is a SEED Event going on while going to meet my UTAR course mate. Didn't manage to snap photos of the girls as they haven't ready yet So who has come tonight? ^@^ Guess guess? And where do we eat? ;p Detailed post will be in the "future" ^@^" Just now saw 5 finalist of the MDG2 came out from SEED's party I can recognize Juanita only... They walk by and I not dare to ask them to take photo with me.... (Why? Because I can't recalled all their name!) It is too late to regret now.... Goodnight~! Z.z

David Archuleta @ Sunway Malaysia (Photo + Video)

It was only 1 PM Already saw people rushing into the Amphitheatre I called Sarah and asked if she will come sooner or later. Since I am worried out of space. I told her she actually can get 2 tickets by just buying the DIGI RM30 Reloads there. Free 1 poster somemore!! Sarah's mom also told me better don't wait and that's why I went in earlier. They are selling David Archuletta's Album @ RM38 *Free Poster + Tickets* I like this green path :) Will it be my house's corridor in the future? *Notice there are DIGI and David Archuleta 's banner beside the road?* Didn't saw ATV crossing, but banana hanging A view inside Sunway Lagoon Got Flying Fox, the Long Sky Bridge & The BIG Butt Elephant I was later noticed by a guard there because of taking picture of the lotus at the "lake" Something concerned about copyright issue Luckily he didn't ask me to delete all the photos that I had :X It was only 1:30PM Saw the cr