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Instant Photoshoot @NuffnangMY Office w Awesome Nuffies

It was 28th December 2011 and I visited Nuffnang office for something. Christmas Tree was still there. Somehow my snapping mode  arises and started to snap photos with Nuffies in the office. Hard to use bounce flash cos Nuffnang office were so orange! Luckily the Beanbag room lighting is better! Anne and Thara Nicholas (birthday boy on 28th), Anne, Sue and Thara Be creative with pose! Fara and Joel were surprised when I hed to the bean bag room *tsk tsk* Anne with her magic "wand" Relaxing working environment in the Beanbag room *brainstorming+serious face* I wonder when do Nuffies play these during working time Different pose FTW! @churp2 floating in the air Anne and Sue Fara++ and Anne with _____ face You name it Joe"L" with the teh ais Thara++ Pose #1 Pose   #2 Pose   #3 Thanks Sue for this photo =D @chur

Christmas Decoration @ Midvalley Gardens Mall 2011

Midvalley Gardens Mall Christmas Decoration this year (2011) looks simple yet there are many small stuff that deserved to be noted. Especially the long dining table with snowman cupcakes, lots of ducky and well decorated flowers. Sometimes I wish I can clone myself by just snapping photo on the jingle balls So they can help me out on blogging and photography? =D Always love to see great arts and these are my favourite I like the R-Superman's mantle which is made of floor/table cloth Crystal lamp inside a huge 'bird-cage' where you can take group photo inside there Besides snowman cupcakes, there are heart-shape cotton candies inside the Christmas Tree Glass jar. Wonder how it taste like ;p I think the ducky also want some candy but... Colourful candy cane are all inside this bell jar Do you like candy cane? I prefer dark chocolate with bitter taste + at least 60% cocoa "Don't worry my friend, someone will bring us home =)" Taken at Midvalley Megamall Last bu

Steven & Michelle Wedding 2011 + Wern's Graduation

Well well, it was a tiring and busy weekend but I like it very much especially when you are attending your good bro's wedding and meet up with uni mates. Besides, I could play with my new flash gun Nikon SB-900 too. Really a nice photography tool to have although it is expensive =) Well, you get what you paid for right? Rachel and YiWern Today [4th Dec] was YiWern's graduation and I was her photographer of the day. Funny friendly peacock at the graduation ceremony and gained some experience through it. Thanks Rachel for getting the flowers =) My photography skill was challenged and I hope I can focus on processing both wedding and her graduation photos as soon as possible. I took so many photos and only good friends who know me well will give me enough time to process it. Hahaha! PS: If it takes too long, please do remind me again~! ;p On the other hand, have you noticed that image son my blog appear as blank? I hate Picasa Web Album 403 Error: Rate-limit exceeded . Suddenly P

Super Cute Kitten-Kitty @ Home

Today my neighbour's kid found this little kitten again ever since the kitten visited neighbour house yesterday. She is still innocent and look so young+cute. First, she was aware with the stranger like me. That's the curious look wondering what sound was it *camera shutter sound* Then Kitten-Kitty walk without fear to the shoes/leg #likeaboss Exploring my furry Crocs shoes too Not scare of humans, laying down letting us to 'sayang' her #likeaboss What did she saw? "When I Grow Up..." Had a close up photoshoot with Kitten-Kitty by placing her on a chair I wanna be a lion!! She has cute healthy teeth "You look familiar, what's your name again?" Neighbour fed her with milk and fish-cake. So...wanna see more cute photos of Kitten-Kitty ? Comments below especially if you never comment before ;p Thanks for reading! Press the "Like" button and share with your friend kay? You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 , be a fans on TianChad @ 永遇乐

Nicole + Jian | Love Story [Video]

How's your weekend going so far? For me it is a lazy weekend where I wanna get enough rest along with the festive season - Hari Haji. Hereby wish all Musliman Selamat Hari Haji and enjoy the good meal with family and friends! Nicole + Jian | Love Story Here's a slideshow video for Nicole + Jian | Love Story [Visit here for still photos] . All finalized photos are included inside this video so... must watch!! =) Notice that editing is quite easy for photos but to choose a suitable music that fit with the video, it is a tough job to do. Hope you guys like it with the music. * HD Version * Music Credit: Valentine -Cary Judd Thanks for reading! Press the "Like" button and share with your friend kay? You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 , be a fans on TianChad @ 永遇乐 and follow @TianChad on Twitter for future blog post update + awesome photos =)

Nicole + Jian | Love Story

Well well, today is not about my story. Today is about Nicole's Love Story . Nicole is a talkative girl with so many creative ideas and here's one. We had a plan where she bought a bunch of balloons for a couple photoshoot. It was kinda last minute because we need to redeem the Halogen Balloons from a groupon site before it is expired. However, I think it turned out great =) We had korean food nearby the balloons shop. The sky was gloomy and cloudy therefore I preset my camera's temperature to certain warm level. This is my first time snapping photos of couple which is also my close friend. Glad that they were not shy in front of the camera =D Nicole - Geisha - Cafe Rearranging the colourful balloons Celebrating their first kiss through the balloon Accidentally delivered their love to somewhere else The moment they meet each other Almost ask them to do the Indian Drama pose between the trees haha The colourful balloons just add up extra marks for this series of photos =) Lo