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Thean Hou Temple 天后宫 Photoshoot - YiChing

Mid-Autumn Moon Cake Festival has just passed and it reminded me the photos that I took during Chinese New Year 2011 . I hereby presenting you the rabbit of the year - YiChing . Noticed I took more photos of YiChing, and that's why less photo for Cayenne Lim and Alicia Phang *paiseh*. Maybe because they were modeling for Feeq and Jason ? I can't remember. Nevermind, I will label all photos below with number and do tell me which top 3 are your favourite shots okay? #1 If it is a fashion shot, people want model to smile less. Is it true? #2 I prefer capture photo of people smiling as it brings joy to people who looking at it #3 Trying to create motion by asking YiChing to fling her hair #4 Portrait #5 Cute #6 Reading the 'Book of Fate' #7 "缘" #8 Candid #9 To prove that YiChing is cute and short? haha #10 Low angel #11 Crossing the leg the right way can make the leg look long & slim #12 Cayenne and YiChing playing with Mandarin Orange. Which is one of the

Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011 - The Dome

Update: If you want to see Volkswagen latest car models in the dome head to this post now - " Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011 @ The Dome, Stadium Bukit Jalil "! I've decided to play with my camera on shooting the souvenir that I got from Volkswagen Das Auto Show yesterday. This is actually a glass made paper weight (or something that you can stabilize with) that symbolize the Dome . It is quite hard to take the photo of the dome when it is reflective and affected by the surrounding. Trying to make Volkswagen logo look clearer from different direction. Took out the dome from the box and found the best view for Volkswagen logo Tried with low light. Can see the logo but it looks dull Decided to use only one light source so there won't be too much light spot on the sphere. A close up shot without the word "Volkswagen Das Auto Show" Tried out with higher angle and it actually look better So I redefine the angle and arrangement again At last I am satisfied with

Thean Hou Temple 天后宫 Photoshoot - Cayenne Lim

After sharing the photos of Alicia Phang @ Thean Hou Temple 天后宫 , today is Cayenne Lim 's turn~! Looking back at these photos that has been kept for so long (Since January) I personally think that I can do better and snap better photo of her. Anyway, feel free to comment and your critics will helps me improve for sure . Or else, how can I serve you better? [If you are interested to be my model la] Haha! #1 Cayenne Lim - A blogger that I've knew since LG Cookie Monster Party #2 I remember I took this shot where I need to wait for the moment where the joystick's fume doesn't block her face. #3 But sometimes with the fume is good also I guess? #4 What I think about Cayenne is she has happy-go-lucky character. Therefore no emo photos of her ;p #5 旺财!! #6 I wish I can create further bokeh to blur the background... #7 The moment of them being photoshoot by another cameraman! #8 The hug My eye bag so obvious *sig