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[Save Our Seahorse] - Dugong Where Are You?

The day after our first Seahorse trip, we had our lunch and then continue on second part of the day. Survey for the place/spots where Dugong @ "Ikan Duyung" appear. First Dr. Louisa showed us the bones of a Dugong that had went to heaven because it was his head was hit by hard equipment, probably boat's propeller. Later then we drive around the Kampung, interviewed a few fisherman and "penduduk kampung". Most of them said they didn't see any Dugong but sometimes have a swarm of "grey-colour-dolphin" @ "ikan lumba lumba" appear on the sea. Luckily we found a big family where the grandpa of this family seen Dugong before and told us the story about the "Mermaid Fruits" and the fairy tale of how and why a girl turn into mermaid. Dr. Louisa @ Dr. Dugong Bones Randomly saw this shining spider showing "I-will-attack" pose Dugong's Backbone @ Star Ship Trooper Dr. Louisa used a lot of efforts to clean t

Meet Up With My Lecturer @ Subang Parade

Its been long time I didn't drop by Subang Parade The decoration has already changed to Hari Raya theme This evening went to Nando's Chicken to meet with my Final Year Project supervisor, Lecturer, and also Academic Adviser - Dr. Adeline Ting Not yet not yet, show you the Chicken first ;p I ordered Nando's Peri-fest Meal @ RM21.90 *Haven include 5% Govt tax and 10% Service Charge ya* Ordered this dish since I wanna try their new drink Lemoncella Fresca Gourmet Beverage @ Rm 5.30 It is just actually mixture of Coke + Lemon + Peppermint *But can refill one* And Yeng Yeng is the model for today Nando's Chicken Mild Peri Chicken with 2 hot side dish Long time not playing Macro Shoot, so here is one of it Simple Hot Chocolate This morning my hair look like this But today after had a hair cut at the new barber shop called "Lollipop" I have changed to... Left: James, Yeng Yeng, Me, Kah Shin and there she is Dr. Adeline We talk lot and updated about e

Exabytes I Love Malaysia Campaign

Have you ever heard of " Exabytes "? Come, let Mr. Chan Kee Siak the handsome guy below introduce it to you ;p I can see that Exabytes had grown to certain extend where it has become Malaysia No.1 Web hosting company Is there any proof for Exabytes's Exellent Quality? The Awards does =) Even KennySia 's website also hosted by Exabytes =) Did I tell you his website was hosted for FREE ?? Why and How?? Introducing Exabytes' Free Dedicated Server Programme Saw the prerequisites? All you need is your website must have traffics of minimum 3000 of unique visitors and 3 page view per visitors for past three months. For more information you can click the button below: Free Dedicated Server Give Away Programme But what if your website's traffic doesn't reach the prerequisites ?? No worries!! This time Exabytes is giving out some prizes for us to win~! Exabytes Refer & Win Campaign Let see what are the prizes: Brand New iPhone 3GS that al

FHM 100 Most Wanted Woman [Preview]

ForHimMagazine [FHM] Malaysia organized this party "FHM 100 Most Wanted Women In The World" @ The Loft Free Carlsberg - "Nice One" Like the simple Black + Red Goodie Bag =) Caprice is there First time saw him didn't wear a cap The Chong Sisters are Top 1 Most Wanted Women for FHM 2009 They can pose well =D Somehow saw Amber Chia coming from front and my first response was "Hi Amber" Then she replied "Harlo" with a smile...~ XD Still remember my first time taking picture with her was @ DCIM Velocity Angel 2009 =) But this time... I was too happy till I forgot to take a photo with her! More picture in upcoming post ya~

Ruumz Happy MWR Judges @ Upstair The Loft

Lets start with a photo of the smiling judges =) Hardly can see face of Ms Lu right? Here is a closer one~ Ms Lu Jing Shia and Sarah Lian :) Below is collage of the MWR finalist showing us their talent. First one, performance of Reuben and Kalveen I thought it will be "I love you babe" but it was "Merry christmas"? I still remember Raessa's Flip-phone joke Here comes another collage Ellie sang a song and Amanda show us how to finish a pint of beer in err...10 seconds? Jing Cong dancing again, girls do like cute guys ar? Same to Jonathan ! I remember Jonathan keep shouting "I love you!" lol Kingston giving speech in different slang Pearlyn Sin trying to persuade her "dad" to let her participate MWR competition The "Get down there" trick works! No idea what is it? Watch this video =) Derek Yap tried to rap but I guess he is too anxious and the mic got some problem. Therefore Joey G stand out with his rap Ever want to