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Pavilion KL Christmas Decoration with BIG LINE Doll

Pavilion KL Christmas Decoration with LINE Doll this year After attending Jackie Chan Police Story 2013 Press Conference , I went back to Pavilion to check out their Christmas Decoration both inside and outside of the mall. I still haven't manage to witness the artificial snow session at night but here's some photos capture using my favourite fisheye lens. Pavilion KL Christmas Decoration 2013 A group photo of friends with polar bears  Pavilion KL Christmas Decoration 2013 Stairs to the central with Christmas trees Pavilion KL Christmas Decoration 2013 These teddy bears suppose to look cute but if posture not right they look sad instead on the Marry-Go-Round Pavilion KL Christmas Decoration 2013 Seems like nowadays gadget should be kept away to really enjoy the moments Pavilion KL Christmas Decoration 2013 A mom and cute daughter on the marry-go-round If compared to last year's Christmas decoration, I guess Pavilion added in LINE doll

Got BlackBerry Curve 9320 RM118 only @ Celcom Cube

Remember the promo I shared few days ago? BlackBerry Curve 9320 for only RM118 ! If you didn't know that too've just missed this great promo! =) Early in the morning, I went to the promo launch at Celcom Cube, Pavilion KL and the moment I reach there the queue was already super long! Be the first 100 customers to get the new BlackBerry Curve 9320 for only RM118 (RRP RM799) Long queue waiting to get the new BlackBerry Curve 9360 . *Thanks to people who smiled to my camera =) Esp the little girl on the left!* The second Celcom customer who got his new BlackBerry Curve 9320 at only RM118! A lucky chamber for 100 customers. If you are lucky enough you might just be the lucky one to get your new BB Curve at only RM88 ! Two of the first few customer who got their brand new BlackBerry Curve 9320!! =D Congratz!! Intorducing Filla and her cute daughters (Aleeya and Amaani). A parenting blogger that started her blog since 2005 =)

Win Cash Ang Pow with Maybank Now! Happy CNY!

Above picture was taken during my recent visit to Pavilion for their Chinese new Year decoration. A long dragon (without legs) hanging in the air at the Centre Court. Wonder if dragon eat that human as well? Haha~ Happy early Chinese New Year to you all as I will be busy during this festive season. Attending family reunion dinner, get more angpow by visiting relative and friends houses and be more "ong"(yellow) in year 2012! What's the definition of New Year Eve's re-union dinner? Want to know the definition of Gold Ingot and why we burn firecrackers during CNY? Check it out at this website ~ Just recent Maybank's Facebook page has a new column "CNY with Maybank!" . Now I can send Golden Lion CNY E-Card to my friends through Facebook and on the same time get chance picked as one of the best 3 E-card to receive REAL Lion Dance at home and receive more Ang Pows! RM250 of Daily Ang Pow awaiting to be won yo! $$ This Lion Dance is free and you can se

Hebe 田馥甄 @ OverTime Pavilion, KL | Christmas Party 聖誕茶會音樂派對

田馥甄Christmas Party聖誕茶會音樂派對 日期:09.12.2011(星期五) 時間:5.00PM(茶點時間 :3.00-4.30PM) 地點:Overtime Pavilion KL Out of coincidence, I was at Pavilion KL for Christmas Photoshoot. After finish snapping photos of the Bear of different countries. I saw a group of security protecting a lady and I heard: "It's Hebe, Hebe!" . She just passed by in front of me =) So by following the fate and the flow, I just follow the lift to go Level 4 to Overtime @ Pavilion KL for "Hebe 田馥甄Christmas Party聖誕茶會音樂派對 ". There were already a big bunch of fans waiting outside Overtime and they were shouting when they saw her. I tried to get passes in Overtime @ Hatten Square Melaka but they said need to go on specific day then only can redeem the passes. But well, I was destined to meet her in some way so tried my best to snap some photos of Hebe performing on stage. The blue lighting in Overtime made Hebe looks pale and I was way behind the big crowd, with almost everyone with their smartphone, ca