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Gorgeous Couple @ Astro B.yond IPTV Hollywood & Celebrities Party

This weekend I went to Astro B.yond IPTV Hollywood & Celebrities Party which was fun to see people who dressed up well to win 32" LCD TV =D This post gonna feature a few couple photos first and gonna share more photos story about this party later =) Enjoy! Audrey @ Fourfeetnine with her pretty partner Featured because nice+ cute+gorgeous outfit ;p Saiful and Ruby ! Long time no see blogger buddies BlackSwan @ KimberlyCun and Gwailou @ ShaolinTiger A swan and a tiger. It's animal world haha Marilyn Manson @ KYSpeak and his gf Hazelong Haze draw the tattoo for KY and I like the little bottle she's holding. It add marks to her outfit =) Captain America @ TehTarikMemoirs and sweet partner Peggy Carter @ Miss Ave Perfect matching outfit for sure =) X-Men couple Storm and Wolverine yo~! [Michelle with Nicholas] Wolverine somehow looks like Dennis Lau the violinist haha Last but not least, the 'SMURF' couple! Me and Wern =D We just had a super

Carlsberg Awesome Beach Party @ Sepang Gold Coast [Part 3]

"Wash-N-Go" , one of the game you can play at the beach to gain points and win prizes. Read Sepang Gold Coast Carlsberg Beach Party [Part 2] if you wanna know what happened at the beach =) _______________________________ After a quick bath there we go for party! "Bagan Seafood Kava" as dinner Was tempted to get the oysters but just in case stomach ache while party, I avoided them... There are lots of food for you to choose and you can see it in my FB photo album. The gorgeous couple Patricia Knudsen and Joey G up on stage ready to party with us all "Darling, what music you want to hear tonight? First dancing performance by Famous Crew Saw them before in R16 Malaysia 2010 Looks like he is the new member? Dancing on the sand is so different Remember not to stand too near to people who dancing on the sand, or else your drink will become..."Sandy Carlsberg" Another group of dancing crew. Saw them performed before at St Patrick Da