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Genting Highland & KilKenny [Not KennySia] + Need Support

Sharing a little bit about what I've done today. 7am in the morning went to friend house and we all hang out together heading to Genting Highland . [Yes I am not working now and that's why I don't have Monday Blue *evil*] It is true that Genting is not that cold anymore, no more "mist" coming out from my mouth... Went into Casino and was asked for IC *wink* but didn't gamble as I know I don't really have luck on it. Realized that people can easily lose/win money in just a bet. Just witness a guy loss RM500 in one try. But I haven't seen someone like HuaiBin , who really dare to bid in large amount. Me, PickSan, ChunJin , YanTing and Kelvin *Free advertising for Starbuck summore* Went to the garden and saw some bugs mating in group. Seems like the mating season has arrived. It is really fun to just hanging out with friends and talking about nonsense. It is the moment that we spend together that makes it worth. Feeling really good and must thank ChunJin

Martell Cognac Testing Session | Newman Magazine

"A prestigious evening took place at the swanky Martell retail boutique on Pavilion KL recently, where twenty-four lucky readers were treated to an intimate event of fine cocktails and delectable canapes. Helmed by cognac connoisseur Lionel Lau , guests were educated on the finer art of cognac tasting where they had a chance to sample some of Martell's best range of mixes. The NewMan's Martell Tasting consequently ended on a high note - everyone left feeling a little bit happier and with a better appreciation of quality cognacs as a definitive way of living luxuriously." Adapted from "NewMan Magazine April 2010" Two months back, I was one of the fortunate readers selected to experience the Martell cognac. Yes, I do like to try new stuff and this is considered one of it. I have always heard about Martell but I never really tasted it before till that evening. Martell retail boutique was located in Pavilion KL It was Chinese New Year Season and spotted a family

Martell Cognac + Newman Magazine

Went to Pavilion just now for Newman Magazine's Martell Testing Session. So how do I get the invites? All thanks to Newman for opening a Facebook Group and organized a small contest =) All you need to do is answer simple question and be the lucky 20. Random shoot of Pavilion 2010 CNY set-up Three different Martell Cognac for us to try Cammy Chooi from Newman Magazine Saw this funny phrase on Martell's display unit "Dummy, for display purpose only, not for consumption" Ironic and funny at the same time =D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Try to write short and simple post so that I have more time to pack up for CNY =D Happy CNY to everyone who is going back hometown now or even still need to work tomorrow. No worries, I "teman" you all work till Friday ya!! =S

TianChad on NewMan Magazine

I've blogged about NewMan Magazine 6th Anniversary @ Mist Club First time saw girls wearing men's brief Letter of the month page on NewMan Magazine January 2010 Issue Sometimes I will write email to the magazine that I've read because I have something to say and to try my luck win prizes for being "Letter of the Month". Didn't manage to win this time but got my comment published =D Here is my comment: First of all, I really appreciate Newman putting one of my favourite girl, E lvanna Raine on the cover! She looks attractive and unique in the night club setting. It caught my eye because most men are visual animals! Secondly, thanks for presenting so many different cufflinks. I managed to find one that suits my formal coat. And last but not least, I love your contests, but I have a suggestion: why don't Newman put the contest form/pages behind an advertisement or something less important than your articles? I feel sorry when I cut out the form and sacrific

Newman 6th Anniversary @ Mist Club

June 18th 2009, TianChad first time went to Mist Club @ Bangsar to attend Newman Magazine 6th Anniversary . The purpose of going there was to gain new exposure at different place and different event. Arrived kinda late that day because can't hardly find any parking near the club. In the end I parked near housing area along the roadside. There are many people waiting outside and I saw celebrity Steven Yap . That time I was not brave enough to greet him. =S Newman goodies bag are already prepared on the corridor and we can only take it after the event. It is actually good because it will make the crowd stay in for event and less thing to hanging around you. Since I was late the event already started. It was Camel active 's fashion show going on. below are the clothes, apparel and the models. I like this set the most. Did you notice camel active is always with 2 layers of tops? Hunny Madu and Nadia were the emcee for first part of the event And I forgot what game they did but t