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Calvin Hee @ 黄威尔《寂寞•城市》音樂愛情短片

Calvin Hee, the new fast growing male model from Malaysia who is getting more popular since his participation in Malaysia's Hottest Hunk Competition and Men's Uno Model Search Malaysia . I believe all the ladies is drooling on him after watch his act in Will's new music album 黄威尔《寂寞•城市》. Calvin Hee Calvin Hee posing for Lab Series in M alaysia first Men's Uno Model Search How he answer the question about uniqueness of Malaysia Not to mention he is one of the winner of Men's Uno Model Search 2009. Got the 2nd place with the Modernest award. To read more about what is happening during Men's Uno Model Search Malaysia 2009 click on the link =) Today I would like to share Will(黄威尔)'s new music album - Alive "爾來福" and Calvin's act in the music video《寂寞•城市》: — 寂寞城市,借用黄威尔专辑当中的3首歌曲,穿插了3种城市人的对感情生活的态度。3首 歌当中,一定会找到你的故事,不管是 爱与不爱,男人女人,还是单身恋人,请珍惜这辈子 正在爱或曾经最深爱的那个他。 海螺音乐为了让寂寞城市更有画面感,拍摄了以寂 寞城市为主轴的短片,当中的剧情,会和 你身旁正在上演着的感情故事不谋而合。 担任这一次短片

Men's Uno Model Search 2009 [M'sia] - Part 2

Hi all especially the girls, if you missed the Men's Uno Part I click here . This time you will able to see Men's Uno finalist catwalk with Lab Series by showing their best body build for tonight. Kee has the best physical among all other finalist =) Calvin with his peak confidence Yen Adrian looks shy when doing his catwalk shirtless XD Okay here still have a cool pose. Hwei Hou Aetzakhy and Peter Davis Last contestant Joel ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After Lab Series Catwalk they are back into their coats . Some womans said they look at a guy as in package . You have the good looking face and body but more important is the inside. I am talking about the brain. So five finalists has successfully go into the final round. They are Kee, Adrian, Calvin, Hwei Hou and Joel. Kee was asked if suddenly his clothes all ripped off on the stage during a catwalk what would he do. As a model, he said. He need to be professional by continue and finish the

Men's Uno Model Search 2009 [M'sia] - Part 1

After DCIM Velocity Angel this is the second modeling contest event which I had attended. In 16th October, I went to Pavilion for Men's Uno Model Search 2009 Contest. The venue is still empty because I arrived earlier to avoid the traffic jam. But it seems like I am way too early because it only start after one hour of waiting. This is called "Malaysia's punctuality" The waiter start to serve red wine and some colourful drinks when people coming in Proudly sponsored by ORIS Watch I wish to have a watch which can see the gear wheel moving while clock ticking But I dun like leathers skin =X Spotted a few celebrities and Amber Chia is one of them. Xandra Ooi and Gilian were the judges for this finale. Saw some cast crew from "A Cup of Love" but didn't saw "Kopi Ice" Spot the winners of " I Wanna Be A Model 3 " Sam , Alvin and Stephanie . All three of them are really tall. I guess this is the pop dancing winning group f