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Malaysia Breakfast Day Run 2014 #MILO #MBD

Fresh and hot roti canai ready at MILO Breakfast Day 2013 It is important to have a good breakfast everyday to fuel your body with enough energy for daily activities. Usually I will make half-boiled eggs together with a cup of MILO before I go to gym in the morning. I always need to eat breakfast because if I don't, I won't be able to lift up heavy dumbbell and gym properly. Do remember that you must have proper food after gym as well so your body has enough nutrient to repair and build muscle tissues, which eventually makes you looks bigger and healthier =) This time, MILO introducing the benefits of Positive Energy . A nutritious breakfast is the key to Positive Energy and we all should have good breakfast everyday. Having breakfast with MILO will sets a positive mood for the rest of your day, and gives you positive energy both mentally and physically! Do you know that MILO provides a comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals to give you positive energy for

Morning Gathering @ MILO "Fuel for Champions" Launch

A very good morning with cooling MILO together with friends!! The MILO always tasted nicer from the tank! Early in the other day, it was a cold morning in the weekend and I was reluctant to wake up at first but I glad I woke up and arrive in time at National Aquatic Centre, Bukit Jalil for the launch of  MILO “Fuel for Champions” campaign  with a ceremony officiated by  YB Encik Khairy Jamaluddin, Minister of Youth and Sports Malaysia. YB Encik Khairy Jamaluddin, Minister of Youth and Sports Malaysia @ MILO Fuel for Champions Event MILO "Fuel for Champions" campaign is a meaningful collaboration between MILO and the Olynpic Council of Malaysia (OCM) to continuously develop young athletes as champions of the nation. I know how to swim and I love to swim, but too bad I am not good enough to take party in the 27th SEA Game... But anyhow I hope I can excel in photography and create more awesome artworks with my humble camera! MILO is always on my breakfast lis

Malaysia Breakfast Day @ UPM with #MILO #MBD [Instagram]

The crowd was getting ready for #Milo Malaysia Breakfast Day 3KM run!! #MBD   Since it is a weekend I wanna do a simple update for Malaysia Breakfast Day that happened this morning at Padang Kawah, UPM. Always love to use my fish eye lens especially when there are fun crowds in this place! I was lost in somewhere as Waze GPS has guided me to. Ended up me and le gf need to walk for 20 minutes prior to her 7km run. Looking at the brightside, at least I manage to catch up with the starting of 3KM run right? Haha... It's Malaysia Breakfast Day today with #Milo !! *yawn* Gotta get prepared for the run @ UPM later. Breakfast time! #MBD Introduced you one of my favourite breakfast on this blog post . It is really easy to prepare yo! [Warning: amount of Milo and sweetened creamer depends on personal preference, don't put too much for healthy food ya haha] Happy family hanging out together for #Milo Malaysia Breakfast Day! Kida and parents waving happily to t

My Simple & Special MILO Breakfast Recipe

I always believe that to stay healthy and slim, one shall not skip their daily meal ESPECIALLY BREAKFAST! Do you know that if you eat breakfast everyday,  this will assist you in staying in shape by ignite your metabolism rate? It is always better than starving yourself until you overeat during lunch. Your body will react to that by storing more fats just in case the next morning you want to starve yourself again. Remember, your body cells are smart in protecting themselves. That's why some people say,"I've eaten so little but I am still fat, why?". All I am gonna say is... you must eat healthy breakfast everyday!! Even just a drink!! Since I was young my grandma always helps me prepare a cup of hot MILO and 2 half boiled eggs before I go to school. Maybe that's why until now the breakfast I prepare for myself also using this menu. All you need to do is to boil hot water and your breakfast is ready. Sometimes, I will spice it up by adding bread into my menu.

Win RM5,000 Cash & Prizes @ MILO Cans Twisted Football Design Contest Now!

Do you guys still remember MILO Cans Next Games ? Last year MILO Cans brought one of the inspiring game to live with MILOo 3-Sided Futsal Challenge and I was there to witness how the games work in Taylor Lakeside University. The 3-Sided Futsal has a round field instead of a rectangle where 3 different goals for 3 different team. And this year, MILO Cans decided to challenging the most conventional loved sport in Malaysia by launching Twisted Football. Goalpost will be redesigned with special shape and made the game even more fun!   Just some simple rules for this game, all you need to do is to aim at the small space between the green goalpost and the usual goalpost. If you score, you get extra points for you team. For example, here's a pre-modified goalpost located at Padang Awam, Puchong. If you are able to kick the ball and goes through one out of five squares, you get 2 points for that goal! Not only in Puchong has this Twisted Football Goalpost. Now

MILO 3-Sided Futsal Challenge 2012 Launch @ Taylor's Lakeside

MILO 3-Sided Futsal Challenge 2012 Launch @ Taylor's Lakeside Do you remember my blog post about MILO CANS NEXT GAMES where you can win RM10,000 cash?! [ Read the blogpost here ]. Guess what? 6th march marks the day of the launch of MILO 3-Sides Futsal Challenge! A brand new extraordinary sport with 3 teams competing in a circular futsal court. This MILO Cans Next Games is open to 81 university/college teams where they can win up to RM10,000 cash with trophy and medals ! 3-Sided Futsal has a round field instead of a rectangle. There will be 3 different goal for 3 different team. 3 group (with 3 members/group) versus each other and try to score a goal. It is definitely something new. For safety purpose, I suggest they create a sphere shape net to prevent the ball to hit the audience. It would be great for players to shoot a goal too! This new futsal game is not only the first ever in Malaysia but also in the World . That's a big record and as a Malaysian who won't be pro