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[Concert x Interview] UsTheDuo Live In Malaysia 2015 - About Love & Music #UsTheDuo

It was a lovely evening to listen to Us The Duo Live In Malaysia a week ago. Thanks to Universal Music Malaysia, I get to listen to their singing live, do a little ticket giveaway for readers, and most importantly being able to interview the love birds in person. Now below are some photos and videos taken during the music showcase in Malaysia. Hope this give you a picture of what happened that night =D

[INTERVIEW] Hotlink K-POP Academy Students in BIGBANG Music Video #‎livelifeloud

Hotlink K-POP Academy Students Casting in BIGBANG MV Shoot [L-R] Jimmy Tan, May Ng, Alex Ho, Khairul Najmuddin (Erul) As a Hotlink user, you will have the chance to participate in Hotlink K-Pop Academy that transform you into K-Pop stars. There are total five members who were selected in this Academy and will go through several traning in order to transform them into real K-Pop Stars like BIGBANG. The five members are Jimmy Tan, May Ng, Alex Ho, Khairul Najmuddin (Erul) and Joe Chang Yew . Joe was absent due to his DJ work, he came back for his MV shoot after work..  During the Hotlink K-Pop Academy, the students went through singing and dancing lessons, a makeover continued with a K-Pop Music Video Shoot where each of them dressed up as their favourite BIGBANG Members. You may read our quick interview session below:

[Interview] Win 3D2N Trip to Penang with Joanne Yew now before 4 Sep

Joanne Yew #MalaysiaSaya Win a 3D2N all-expenses-paid trip with Joanne Yew in Penang Few days ago I am honored to do a private interview with the female cast of The Journey - Joanne Yew together with a few other media friends. In conjunction with Malaysia upcoming 57th Merdeka Day, Maxis Hotlink organized a #MalaysiaSaya contest where Hotlink user can win priceless experience to travel with Joanne Yew for 3 Days 2 Nights at Penang . All you have to do now is to download the RED Apps and join the contest!! Now let's know more about Joanne Yew personally =)

Questions for Dato' Lee Chong Wei

Dato' Lee Chong Wei If you are given a chance to interview our national treasure Dato' Lee Chong Wei about upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games . What would you ask? So far I got 2 good questions from my friend =)  "In our life, we gain and loss! Especially for a sport ethnic in the game arena. How will you face and overcome if you are a loser one day because champion is just a moment in real life."   " If u r not playing badminton, what kind of things u wish to do or fulfill in your life?" Start comment below with your question and I might just ask for you! ;p *************************************** 李宗伟明年結婚的新娘是黃妙珠 Apart from that, congratz to Chong Wei and girlfriend/ future wife Miao Zhu 黃妙珠 for getting married next year! I wish you both happy getting married and comes up with many more national treasures! Source from Facebook feed ;p Thanks for reading! Press the "Like" button and share with your

Wong Fu Productions @ Malaysia Private Interview [Video]

Let's continue my story of interviewing Wong Fu Productions during their visit to Malaysia for Mini Symposium+Wong Fu 4 Lyfe event . Read my first post before continue reading this one as they are continuous =) Wong Fu Productions Visit Malaysia [Interview Photo+Video] The Press Conference was held in Fullhouse, Sunway Giza. It was a nice play to have photoshoot =) While waiting for our turn to interview Wong Fu Productions privately I've decided to snap some photos. Here's Lainey, XinXian and WeiWen with WONG FU 4 LYFE! XinXian was in blue for Philip while Lainey was wearing grey for Wesley (secret revealed) and no I didn't wear blue for Phil as I just pick a checker shirt among all other colors I have. Hahaha! Phil and Wes was busy on the phone while it was our turn to interview them. Guess who are they Whatsapp-ing with? Watch the interview video below to find out: What are the reasons that make people like Wong Fu Productions and their video What do Wo

Wong Fu Productions Visit Malaysia [Interview Photo+Video]

Wong Fu Productions Live In Malaysia @ Taylor Lakeside Press Conference @ Fullhouse Sunway Giza Courtesy of Nuffnang and Inspire.M E I was able to meet Wong Fu Productions a day before the Mini Symposium+Wong Fu 4 Lyfe organized at Taylor Lakeside. I've been following their YouTube channel since I saw David Choi's "Won't Even Start" music video. Yeah music is a good way to spread something nice =) Philip Wang 王振翔 Talkative and very willing to share. Potential actor with many expressions too (Refer to the video at the end of this post) Wesley Chan 陈德伟 Consider quiet during the press conference but when Wes talk you get to hear some quote from him. Why Ted Fu wasn't here? Due to last minute personal issue they said Well, my personal opinion is you'll know why Ted wasn't here once you saw Awkward Penguin, Elephant and Frog released during Wong Fu visit to Malaysia. Philip being illuminated with Blue spotlights (his favourite color accord