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Coffee Jelly Frappucino @ STARBUCKS

Recently time past just like a sudden flip of the RM1 Coin Do you still remember how it looks like? It is now getting near to the end of the of July and August is already coming!! This happen when one have so many things to do x] Just now went to one of the STARBUCKS in Selangor to meet someone Who provided me a good opportunity =) She will be one of my "贵人" *Any English word for "贵人"? * Since I seldom visit STARBUCKS for the pricey drinks I decided to try some new stuff and order the BIG one "Coffee in the Jelly, Jelly in the coffee" You prefer Latte or Frappucino? The last STARBUCKS Drink I had was with my bestie Was fetching him off to KLIA and yeah it is nice to have a good friend like him ! Last time I had Dark Berry Mocha Frappucino I still remember it tasted really Berries but a bit too sweet This time I have the new drink STARBUCKS - Coffee Jelly Frappucino [Blended Coffee] I topped it up, make it large and add some sinful cream on it. That'

Met Marion Caunter @ CapSquare "Walk of Hope"

Let's continue from previous post Have you get the answer for the following question?? Q: Why is Rina hiding behind Belinda ? A: Cos there are two of her fans that shouting her name so loud Rina Omar is very infectious when she start to speak :) “Did you all switched off the lights?!” Here he is, I can't remember his name but I remember his voice A good voice!! Can anyone tell me his name? :) The moment before KL Tower switched off its lights The performer on stage Their songs is okay but pity for the guy on the right because his spec is out of order with just one step on it by Joey G ... The Negroes are blowing the bubbles Their hair will always curly the whole life?? Later then, the movie cast for T A LE N T IM E and MUALLAF are on the stage ^@^" Thanks to Arashi to fill in the blanks~ Howard Hon Kahoe , Sharifah Amani , Mahesh Jugal Kishore & Yasmin Ahmad She was jumping/floating so high when she saw her friends! " Kahoe is among the most arresting

Melaka Travel by Melaka's Kakiis [2]

Due to my amnesia symptom, I left my camera in Jia Xian's car for a night I only noticed that I when i wake up on the next day~! Probably yesterday Melaka Night Trip too exhausting... Luckily my camera doesn't attract any thief/snatcher. It survive and I able to get it back Since we need to meet, while Jia Xian's friend want to visit Daytime Melaka He invited me to join the "Daylight Melaka Trip" For sure I participated since nothing to do at home also. Grandparents go holiday at Singapore (And Singaporean come to Melaka pulak) First stop, we want to meet with Jia Xian's ex-working buddy and friends At the Famous Chicken Rice Ball Shop - 中华茶室(海南鸡饭) First time saw the long queue extending to the bridge outside of the shop This Chicken Rice Shop is just beside the Jonker Street's entry So, go to this shop if you want tastier Chicken Rice compared to another Chicken Rice Shop located in the middle of the Jonker Street That day Jonker Street also "People