Broga Hill Morning Hike: 7 Things to Bring & Prepare

[Announcement: Broga Hill to be closed temporarily and the whole restoration project will take about three to five months to complete. Read more at The Star]

Broga Hill, which also called as 'Bukit Lalang' is a place where hikers frequently drop by for exercise or morning sunrise. Basically there are three peaks for Broga Hill and if you want to admire the sunrise, just stay at 1st or 2nd peak as the trees and mountain will block the view of the sunrise on the 3rd peak.

I still remember during my first hike to Broga Hill, I feel really dizzy and face turned pale white like Edward Cullen... (Mosquito still sucking my blood though) I don't like that feeling at all but that's what happen when I  didn't have enough rest on previous day. But yeah, thanks to my buddies who took care of me and waited for me to feel better before I continue the hike. I am glad I did it that time and this is actually my 4th time to conquer Broga Hill and reached the third peak for the first time!!

Eight morning 'bunnies' tried to conquer Broga Hill early in the morning!

Together 8 people arrived as early as 4.30 am that day and as usual we took a group photo of our super morning look. This was our impromptu outing for Nuffnang Shutterbugs. Weather forecast saying that it will rain that day so I brought along raincoat to protect my camera gears. Just in case... Luckily it only start to rain after we reach the restaurant at the town to have our breakfast.

What to prepare before hiking Broga Hill?

- Check weather forecast. If the whole week's weather forecast saying there will be thunderstorm, reschedule your plan as it is dangerous to hike under the rain. The ground will become very slippery or landslide might occur too. Go visit Broga Hill especially when sunny day is promised.
- The right sport shoes that gives you good grip on the land or mud (especially during/after rain). Don't ever wear your expensive branded shoes here if you don't want any mud/stain get on your new shoes haha. However, make sure your shoes is durable for the hike as I saw some people left their broken shoes soles on the way =.="
- Bright torch light. Make sure you have one good torch light that can illuminate your way as the place could be very dark especially when the moon wasn't in the sky. Or else, you can actually see the track on a fullmoon night.
- A bottle of water and perhaps with some snacks. Bring your own plain water (500ml/1 Litre) depends on your body requirement. You will definitely feel thirsty when you reach the peak of Broga Hill. You can bring along energy/chocolate bar as you will feel hungry after the 20-40 minutes hike.
PS: Do not litter at this place, always keep your empty bottle and packaging in your bag and find the dustbin when you are down hill.
- A spare T-Shirt/pants as you don't want to get back to your car with your sweat/mud stain on it. It is better to wear your sport wear. Something that's good with sweat perspiration. And yes, try not to wear white shirt/pant as it is hard to remove once the mud get into it.
- Have a good sleep. You will need to have a good rest as it provide enough stamina for this hike to Broga Hill. Or else, you might feel dizzy or even feel like vomit on the half way and eventually give up =(
- Towel and rain coat (Optional). If you sweat a lot, make sure to bring a towel as well. If the weather forecast telling you there might be a rain, bring the rain coat to protect your camera gears.

Vlog for my recent Broga Hilll Hike!

Hiking Broga Hill with Nuffnang Shutterbugs
Steep cliff at one part of the Broga Hill
First, you will pass by the oil palm estate then you will go into a forest with sometimes two trails that leads you to the same way. Just make sure you travel in group and ask them if they know the right way. After the forest, you will need to climb up the little steep hill with steps created by humans' footsteps. It is easy to handle when you go up but it gets real muddy and dirty especially after rain. So be careful ya! 

This is the moment when people start hoping that there are cable cars that you can hop in and reach the top of Broga Hill in just minutes haha. Make sure you only use the rope when you need to because usually only one person will hold the rope at one time. Imagine when one struggle then everyone who holding the rope become panic as well.

Hiking Broga Hill with Nuffnang Shutterbugs
A view of downhill with buddies climbing up the steep part of Broga Hill

Hiking Broga Hill with Nuffnang Shutterbugs
A short rest before we continue our way up to Broga Hill

In my 4th trip to hike Broga Hill, 8 persons going up but 4 people forced to give up because of body stamina... Sad but it never stop the rest of us to conquer Broga Hill's 3rd peak!! I gotta say the most challenging part was to climb past the huge rocks. (as picture below)

Hiking Broga Hill with Nuffnang Shutterbugs
The hardest climbing part for me to reach the 3rd peak
There's actually another way to go to the 3rd peak but this was what we saw in the middle of the night. I must say thank you to Malay friends who we met during the hike as they assist us in overcome these slippery rocks. It was not easy as I brought along my heavy camera bag and also a tripod... I scratched my leg but it feels great after you overcome it. Thanks again to you whoever lend your hands that morning! I really appreciate that.
After we reached the 3rd peak of Broga Hill, it was really crowded as there are people camping on the top or even sleep on the floor before the sunrise actually happen. We even bump into people who decided to go back to the second peak (which we did) as there's actually nothing you can see up there.

Hiking Broga Hill with Nuffnang Shutterbugs
After you reached the 3rd peak, you will need to travel 3.1km to reach Gunung Tok Wan
*Picture captured at the entrance*
If you feel that reaching the 3rd peak of Broga Hill is a piece of cake, challenge yourself to reach Gunung Tok Wan by travelling for another 3.1 KM journey. Gunung Tok Wan will be a place for you to enjoy the flora fauna instead of beautiful sky. It is a forest~

Hiking Broga Hill with Nuffnang Shutterbugs
Darren checking out what's there between the two rocks.
Nothing was there but he scored a photo haha

Hiking Broga Hill with Nuffnang Shutterbugs
This is actually what you will see when it is a cloudy day...
We went back to the 2nd peak because the third peak was really crowded and it won't be a good view for sunrise. Finally spotted a place where I can place my tripod for timelapse photography. Only manage to capture moving clouds instead of the beautiful sunrise. Below is our view during 8AM in the morning:

Hiking Broga Hill with Nuffnang Shutterbugs
8AM morning view on Broga Hill 2nd peak

Hiking Broga Hill with Nuffnang Shutterbugs
The survivors of this hike with ThingYan eating Thailand nuts at the side haha
TianChad, fair Darren and cool Ken

Hiking Broga Hill with Nuffnang Shutterbugs
There she is! Spot Thing Yen with her snacks~

Hiking Broga Hill with Nuffnang Shutterbugs
A view of the 1st peak from Broga Hill's second peak.

Hiking Broga Hill with Nuffnang Shutterbugs
Hmm... a picture in front of the huge rock full of graffiti 

Hiking Broga Hill with Nuffnang Shutterbugs
The typical photo people will capture from Broga Hill's 2nd peak

Saw the 'lalang' at the bottom left corner? I believe there is a season for the 'lalang' to fully grow and cover Broga Hill again. However, due to the popularity of Broga Hill among people staying in the city, I believe sooner or later it will be renamed as "Botak Hill" because more and more people stepping on the hill and the 'lalang' won't grow anymore.

There is one thing that we all can do, which is not to litter on the way/on top of Broga Hill. Talking about this, since there won't be toilet up on the hills, make sure you visit the nearest Petrol Station for a toilet break before you head to Broga Hill. Just imagine you need to pee while just half way up the hill. 

Hiking Broga Hill with Nuffnang Shutterbugs
A stretch of sunny cloud spotted at Broga Hill
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Again, no sunrise during this hike, just admire the mist that covering the villages and the sky with a long stretch of clouds who manage to get the sunlight. I was surprised to see that my phone still got data coverage and manage to check in with FourSquare haha.

Besides posing on top of a rock, what other creative photography pose you can think of?

Hiking Broga Hill with Nuffnang Shutterbugs
I wonder how many people had stand on that rock before

Hiking Broga Hill with Nuffnang Shutterbugs
The 1st peak of Broga Hill with people mountain people sea

Hiking Broga Hill with Nuffnang Shutterbugs
Tough puppy who conquered Broga Hill!
We met this cute puppy name 'XiaoHu' at the 1st peak of Broga Hill and it was its master who carried it up to here. 'XiaoHu' looks super curious on my camera though, keeping sniffing and wondering who am I haha. My happiest moment during this hike is non other than meeting 'XiaoHu' and the couple.

Hiking Broga Hill with Nuffnang Shutterbugs
Challenging part is to go down hill!
There's rope for you if you wan't to descend from Broga Hill. Here's the reason why you need a pair of shoes with good grip. It is very slippery especially during a hot day/rain. Just walk down slowly and it will be find =) My toes feel hurt as I used a lot energy to grip on the floor... Well, toes also need work out yo.

Hiking Broga Hill with Nuffnang Shutterbugs
Darren's happy face after the steep descend at Broga Hill

Hiking Broga Hill with Nuffnang Shutterbugs
Kids conquering Broga Hills
If you think that hiking Broga Hill is hard, you shouldn't. Even kids manageto conquer this place yo. Do visit this place when you are free and try to avoid school holidays/weekend as there's only one way up and down. You surely don't wanna get into the human's traffic jam on Broga Hill. Just be there early. Reach there by 4.30AM to be the first few to go up!!

Hiking Broga Hill with Nuffnang Shutterbugs
People selling T-Shirts and drinks at Broga Hill
While on our way back, we saw people selling coconut drinks, birdnest drink as well, T-Shirts or even hiking stick. Hopefully this won't affect the place that much as I prefer the less commercialized Broga Hill.

If you feeling hungry, you can just head down to the town for their PanMee or ABC/Longan Milk for breakfast and lunch. The Longan Milk was delicious but consider pricey.... RM2.80/cup yo! Remember to go to the nearest restaurant/petrol station for toilet break before heading home.

In conclusion, Broga Hill is a good place for new hikers. Go there for a getaway from your usual working place. After all, we human need to get to the nature to get relax and enjoy the moment. You'll definitely love Broga Hill once you reach the top and withness that amazingly beautiful sun-rise with your own eyes!

Wonder how to go to Broga Hill? Check out this post for the easiest way to reach Broga Hill. If you manage to spot something nice, capture it down and share with me here! Just leave a comment with your photo/bloglink. Hope this post helps you to get prepared for Broga Hill too.

PS: Will need more time in editing the timelapse video/vlog captured during this trip~

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