[CONTEST] Be Adventurous & Win Brand New S4 with Astro-On-The-Go!!

Are you up to challenging adventures and good in social media?? If yes, you better don't miss out this chance to join  “Explorer-On-The-Go” contest to win the brand new Samsung GALAXY S4, Apple iPad Mini, Nexus 7 or even big amount of cash!! You better be an Astro-On-The-Go subscriber to be entitled for the cash prize~ Woohoo! Check out the prize list below, Astro is always generous in give out prizes yo!!

Prizes for “Explorer-On-The-Go” contest. You should really visit this page for the contest details!


Here's my example of how my contest entry will looks like:

Three years ago, I challenged myself for Bungy Jump @ Sunway Lagoon during my MSS trip.  Now I can't wait to go to New Zealand to try out their exciting bungy jump or even sky-diving in future. [Still in planning cos not much people dare to go with me...] Not afraid of height can definitely enlighten your life haha.

Besides joining the Fear Factor challenge that I went last year, I think that I am quite adventurous to do all 4 challenges. Just that during that time I was short of time to find the marbles T.t... I am not afraid of dark, slippery frog or even snakes as they are surely non-poisonous before we can play with it.

My most most recent challenging thing that I did was during my Krabi trip, I decided to kayak alone and kinda got myself lost in the middle of no where. I still remember I was hesitated to continue kayaking or just kayak back to the base station for safety. I think I was kayaking alone for more than 30 minutes and thanks god I manage to find back my teammates with lucks hahaha. Luckily I didn't met any huge anaconda or hidden crocodile crawling on my way.

A picture of me trying to look calm while feeling lost hahaha
Hopefully from all these little stories I have shared, you know that I am an unstoppable adventurer! I really can't wait to visit more different places across the world and try out what people don't usually do. YOLO [You only live once]
The first essential gadget I need will be a camera, as that's the thing that helps me record my life and ability to share it with friends later. The second gadget that I need will be non-ther than my dependable Samsung GALAXY S3, it basically self me so well by redirecting me to the correct path using the GPS application, update my social status easily to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram+++

Sometimes when I am not at home and wanna get  some courage to do something extreme, Animal Planet is one of my favourite channel to watch through my S3:

Watching Rattlesnake Republic on on my mobile phone with Astro On-The-Go now

 *now you shall have an idea on how to write your entry right?? I can't reveal too much as I also wanna join the contest!!*

The 50 most creative blog posts will be qualified to participate in the exclusive Explorer-On-The-Go contest event held on the 18th of May 2013! Note: All participants will be teamed up in pairs.

For more information about this Explorer-On-The-Go contest , remember to visit Nuffnang website and www.astroonthego.com for the full details ya. I shall start drafting a more exciting post to join this adventurous contest that will give me awesome prize!! S4 please come to papa!

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