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Clique Clinic - A Lifestyle Clinic Provides Patient Care & Education

Amber Chia, Lim Ting Song, Josh Chua and Michelle Ching @ Official Launch of Clique Clinic Back in July, I was invited by a friend to his new opening lifestyle clinic called Clique Clinic . It is located at Petaling Jaya Seksyen 19.  Clique Clinic is a neighborhood lifestyle clinic that offers general health care and aesthetic treatments , utilizing the latest integrated solutions and the most advanced medical equipment to help you look and feel your best. "Clique Clinic is conceived to revolutionize the concept of primary care, where the overall health of patients and their family members are being managed in our one-stop healthcare centre. We provide general healthcare, child health, health screening for all ages and aesthetic treatments . In this clinic, we aim to provide the most pleasant and comfortable patient experience for people seeking acute medical attention as well as chronic conditions. Clique Clinic emphasizes health management and routine health

Fist of Dragon 龍拳 Gala Premiere & Review [Photos]

Do you remember the Fist of Dragon 龍拳 Premiere Ticket Giveaway that was held not long ago?? Yeah this is an exclusive screening for kung-fu fans and lucky blogger like us. Congratz again to all winner who won premiere tickets through this channel and apologize for having you guys sitting at the front row and hope you didn't sprained your neck. Fist of Dragon 龍拳 Gala Premiere @ GSC Pavilion Look at the brightside, because of sitting at the front row we were manage to snap this press-look photo. However, it will still be better if we can sit at the behind because it is not really comfortable to position your head way up high to the screen for almost 2 hours. Bloggers who attended: Merryn Tan , Jess Lee , YiWern , Amelia Ling Leopard print = Gangster. No? YiWern, TC, Aki with fluffy hair , Merryn, Kelvin Tan , Jess Lee and Benjamin Foo A waiter with bright smile that serve us food and make sure we are not starved. Thanks! Artist started to arrive at the red carpet accompany by gang

Amber Chia 30th Birthday Celebration @ ACA Berjaya Times Square

Continuing the previous post Amber Chia Academy @ Berjaya Times Square Grand Launch , there were champagne open ceremony and a birthday cake to celebrate Amber Chia's 30th Birthday Celebration , which falls on December 14th. All the students and graduates of Amber Chia Academy are really tall =) Let's continue with more fashion walk photos before I continue my photo stories. Again, feel free to share your profile/modeling pictures on my Facebook Page so I can recognize you and label the pictures accordingly with your name =) Sheena External flash lights This one look nicer with the flash. Portray the shining coat and pants Kurt with little smile Amber posing even when she was standing Wafa super crisscross catwalk Glimmering dress with the 'helo there' smile The people behind this great ACA launch: Makeup artist Catwalk Guru Benjamin Toong Benjamin has fans cheering for him! One of the most happy model that did her catwalk awesomely with the kid Brand new modeling c