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#TCSelfie with Petronas Twin Towers
Harlo! TianChad is actually my real name. If you can't remember "TianChad", it is easier to remember if you call me TC or my Chinese nickname 田七. I am graduated with Bachelor Degree of Biotechnology and worked in science industry for almost 2 years. Did research in Effective Microorganism (EM) that is good for environment during my "Einstein" Life. However, I found my bigger passion through photography and blogging and has now become an enthusiastic full time blogger. Been loving photography since I got my first compact camera (Lumix FX100) and I started to snap more photos during travel and event. In 2009, I have decided to upgrade my camera by getting Nikon D90 DSLR after serious thought as I wanted to deliver better visuals on my blog. That's when I started to explore more of the photography world in order to capture better moments.

Currently using Nikon D750 Full Frame DSLR and sometimes Samsung NX1. Or else I will just use my camera phone S7 Edge to do the rest of the photography. Always looking for better camera tools that makes capturing precious moments easier. If you have camera that need professional review and product experience, feel free to contact me for a collaboration. I am happy to explore and play with it =)

Featured Photo on TianChad.com
Bo Amir, Liyana Fizi, Jess Lee are some of the local artist I've photographed

Thanks to my dad and family members' continuous support on going after this brand new career. My life journey has become so different after I took the first step. I've been to many different places for events and even different countries for sponsored/FAM trip =D All of these are only made possible with continuous writing and sharing on this blog and social media.

Featured Photo on TianChad.com
Concerts to meet many local and international artist!
Other than the usual wedding and portrait photography for my lovely clients, I found my passion of photography is even stronger in travel and concert as I get to see something new, unexpected beautiful and able to enjoy great music at the same time. If you need a photographer for your concert/show, let me know!!

Featured Photo on TianChad.com
Rania's happy face captured =)


My motto in photography is to "Capture Precious Moments". I can have my camera almost 24 hours with me because I don't want to miss certain things that I've encountered in my life. Hope you are one of the person who likes my photo especially those with faces. If you are interested with my photography services feel free to contact me through my e-mail. I am accepting blogging and photography job including event, concert, wedding actual day, wedding dinner,  traveling and much more!

I was previously invited to write for Malaysia LG Blog [1 year and a half ], responsible for social network task and wrote for Doorstep.com.my-Malaysia Online Supermarket. It was fun writing for them as I've acquire more experience in writing especially on how to handle the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media tool.

I am a curious and adventurous person who loves to experience new stuff and of course to meet new friends. I believe that social network such as Facebook, InstagramTwitter has helped me a lot in knowing people all around the world. Because of that, you might able to see me appear in many events, concerts, exclusive media launch and more! Sometimes people will ask, "Who is he? Why is he appearing at everywhere?" While doing this, I have strong passion for travel too; where I can discover the uniqueness of every culture all around the world. Usually I will let my photos speak more than words. So read more of my travel post!! 

If you are interested in approaching me for sponsored/FAM travel trip, just email me so we can have better plan =)

Some photos during my trip to Goldcoast, Australia
Some photos during my trip to Goldcoast, Australia

Singapore Botanic Garden is an awesome  place not to be missed!
Singapore Botanic Garden is an awesome  place not to be missed!

BATANES - Top 10 Heavenly Locations To Be In Philippines' Prettiest Island

Did you carved the wood? I know you love to share your love, but not this wayy~
Did you carved the wood? I know you love to share your love, but not this wayy~

With blogging I've fortunately involved with lots of new experience including acting in a video, driving a racing car on Sepang International Circuit. Do enjoy my collaboration video with Cheeserland for "Sharing Happiness with Cadbury". 2017 CNY video with Old Town White Coffee - “Hamper 礼篮”

Featured Photo on TianChad.com
You need to wait for these  little creature to crawl out and start dancing
Taken at Golden Palm Tree, Sepang

As an extraordinary guy, I believe that to live a happy life a person gotta try to be optimistic and open minded. How you deal with the so called "problem" will definitely decide how you live your life afterwards. Sometimes you might meet bad people/incident, but it wasn't that bad at all as long you change your negative thinking to something even more positive. I will try my best to share on how I deal with challenges in life (especially when I am doing my best on blogging fulltime and traveling around the world with loved one and take amazing photos for you guys) and how to judge "a glass with half water filled/poured".  So, remember to  stay positive and let it grow along with you!

"Look at the bright side, my Site!"

Achievement through blogging and photography

To share some joy with, I've won the My Selangor Story Blogging and Travel 2010 contest as their 1st runner up. It means a lot to me because I figured out that my photos and blogpost deserving the award.You can read my winning post below. Tons of photos and videos for you to enjoy =)

Firefly, iCity and Uptown Shah Alam   
Royal Selangor Knock Knock   
Cooling Genting Themepark + Dazzle Show
ChinSweeTemple + KanChing Waterfall + Fireflies  
Paddy Fields @ Dorani Homestay + Sunway Pyramid   
Happy Tropicana Medical Centre    
Bungy @ Sunway Lagoon, Galore @ Haven    
Time to say Goodbye

Since I was allowed to join again the next year, I try harder in MySelangorStory 2011 and I made it and chosen to be the grand prize winner of MSS2011!! You can check out my TC Glory post at the side bar hahaha.

Top 3 Samsung Global Bloggers 2012 @ London 2012
Simon Derbaix, Tian Chad and Rachel Stringer

In year 2012, the happiest moment was when you are the only two chosen Malaysian to go to London for London Olympic Games and witness the sport action instead through a TV screen. It was a really amazing experience that I had as all of this can only happen through blogging. Actually I can't wait to be at the next Olympic Games which will held at Tokyo, Japan!

To add on the happiness, I was chosen as the Best Samsung Bloggers among all bloggers from 13 different countries. Won myself a SAMSUNG Smart TV and my grandparents are now enjoying it. What a great honored to be sponsored to London and win awesome prize through this trip as well. It was really fun, challenging and I just like it. You only live once (YOLO), so go after what you like and achieve your dreams!

PHOTOGRAPHY- Capture Precious Moments

Wawa & Wan @ Sungkai Waterfall [Wedding]
Here's my first try on shooting a Malay Wedding for my friend "Wawa and Wan". Eventually I use the photography skills I acquired through years of experience to capture more loving couple's precious moment. If you are interested in hiring me as your wedding photographer, feel free to contact me. More photos available on my FB Page or you may search for blogpost with 'Wedding' and 'SkyArtsPro' Tag.

Here is something to show you how adventurous I am!  
Bungy Jump @ Sunway Lagoon Themepark! =)

  VW Polo GTI Test Drive @ Sepang F1 Circuit

For photography services, FAM trip, events coverage, product reviews, advertorials/sponsored post, contact me @ tianchad86[at]gmail.com. You can email your articles to this email too if you think it is related/worth to be published here.

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