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IMUGLO免疫王 - Improve & Strengthen Immune System Superfood | WELLOUS MAY PROMOTION

 IMUGLO免疫王 - Improve & Strengthen Immune System Superfood Yesterday since 12pm I tried to register for AZ Vaccines but in the end due to system technical error and I was not fast enough, I still didn't get to register for this second batch of Astra Zeneca Vaccines... How many of you got stuck at the choosing states and date stage? I was really disappointed and I wonder why we need to so pity 'fight' for the vaccines online like Hunger game? So instead of feeling sad, I believe prevention is always better than cure . What are the supplement or superfood that could help strengthen our body immune system to prepare to prevent any bacteria or viral infection? If you haven't heard about 'Black Elderberry Extract' before, try google about it and listen to what the doctor said. It's a really powerful plant extract that helps strengthen our body immune system, let me share the video about 'Black Elderberry' below. Will introduce Tigrox IMUGLO to you

What to do if you got COVID19? 萬一不幸染上新冠病毒 應該如何自處?

What to do if you got COVID19? 萬一不幸染上新冠病毒 應該如何自處? Covid19 case has recently increased drastically again recently and I believe I need to share some info that you might find it helpful. The sudden increase in COVID19 cases are because of increasing asymptomatic patients that didn't know they caught the COVID19 virus and infected many others before they have mild or no symptom at all. Which is why the pandemic is currently wide-spread  and the mutated COVID strains made it harder for us all to combat when the vaccine doesn't give 100% protection to the residents.  So if you recently had a close contact with COVID19 patience or always hanging out with your parents staying at different place, please treat yourself as a possible-Covid patient and quarantine yourself (at least try not going out). Be aware of the risk of unforeseen Covid infection ya. Even when you get infected, the RAPID test might show you false-Negative result because the virus has not multiply enough to make it