MCO PKP 2.0 MALAYSIA 2021 - FORM 5 Student how? UK Mutated Viral Strain is Here too

MCO PKP 2.0 MALAYSIA 2021 - FORM 5 Student how? UK Mutated Viral Strain is Here

MCO PKP 2.0 MALAYSIA 2021 - FORM 5 Student how? UK Mutated Viral Strain is Here

11 January 2021,  Malaysia PM just announced that there will be Movement Control  Order (MCO) from Jan 13 (12.01AM) to Jan 26 2021. Affected states including Penang, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Labuan, Melaka, Johor, and Sabah. Looking at the daily 3,000 infected stats, Malaysia are back into MCO again. My working schedule need to be postponed again. But what I worry the most are for our dear Form 5 students who are suppose to take SPM test this year.

At the same day KKM announced that the COVID-19 variant UK B.1.1.7 (20202/01) spike protein mutation has been detected in Malaysia today. It was reported that the adventure guy was found positive on 28 December 2020 and has been quarantined for treatment.

"Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) ingin memaklumkan bahawa satu kes COVID-19 varian UK B.1.1.7 atau 20202/01 mutasi spike protein telah dikesan di Malaysia pada hari ini. Kes tersebut telah dilaporkan dari seorang pengembara warganegara yang mempunyai sejarah perjalanan ke United Kingdom pada bulan Disember 2020. "

"Pengembara tersebut didapati positif pada 28 Disember 2020 lepas dan telah diasingkan untuk rawatan lanjut. Sejak Oktober 2020, KKM telah melakukan pemantauan terhadap kesemua pengembara dari negara-negara yang telah melaporkan kes mutasi varian UK B.1.1.7 ini termasuk United Kingdom, Belanda, Singapura, Turki, Filipina dan India. Sebanyak 968 sampel telah diuji sejak Oktober 2020 dan telah melakukan genome sequencing bagi mengesan jenis mutasi UK B.1.1.7 ini kepada 24 sampel. Setakat 11 Januari 2021, tiada penularan dalam negara telah dikesan berkaitan virus mutasi UK B.1.1.7 tersebut. "

"KKM melalui Institut Penyelidikan Perubatan (IMR) dan CPRC Kebangsaan akan sentiasa memantau perkembangan mutasi UK B.1.1.7 ini dan akan memaklumkan dari semasa ke semasa. Walaupun mutasi UK B.1.1.7 ini tidak didapati menyebabkan 
simptom yang teruk, namun, ia boleh menular dengan mudah dan cepat. Orang ramai dinasihati agar sentiasa mengamalkan kebersihan kendiri dengan kerap membasuh tangan, memakai pelitup muka di tempat awam, dan menjaga penjarakan fizikal setiap masa. " - Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia

MCO Restrictions 2021 in Malaysia: 
  • No interstate and inter-district travels. 
  • No social gatherings, such as weddings, wedding receptions, conferences, religious processions (including Thaipusam), meetings, seminars, courses, and group sport activities. 
  • Roadblocks will be mounted; movements limited to 10km radius to people in a vehicle.
  • Only two people per household allowed to head out to purchase groceries at nearby supermarkets or grocery stores. 
  • Only two people allowed per vehicle
  • Anyone who violates these rulings will be subjected to a maximum fine of RM1,000 under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 (Act 342)
  • Only 5 essential economic sectors allowed to operate: manufacturing; construction; service; trade and distribution; and plantations and commodities.
  • Only 30 per cent of workers within a company’s management group are allowed to go in to office; employers to determine number of employees permitted in office at any one time (taking into consideration standard operating procedures  compliance) 
  • Ensure total adherence to SOP, observe physical distancing at all times.
  • Non-essential services staff to work from home; employers must comply with this ruling.
  • Eateries and hawker stalls may operate but only take-aways allowed.
  • Food delivery serviced allowed.
  • Supermarkets, healthcare services (including clinics, hospitals and pharmacies), banks allowed to operate with strict SOP compliance: always wear masks ; use hand sanitisers frequently; observe physical distancing at all times. 
  • Stay at home if there is no immediate or urgent need to head out.
STUDENTS: Candidates due to sit for SPM in 2020 and 2021 are allowed to attend school with strict SOP. Education Ministry will detail this SOP.

RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES: Only a maximum of 5 mosque/houses of worship committee members allowed at these premises.

  • Outdoor recreational activities allowed among people within same household. 
  • Individuals must keep 2m-distance at all times. 
  • No more than 2 people allowed to jog at any one time. 
  • Cycling not allowed in groups; only one person allowed.

MALAYSIA MCO Duration 2021: 14 days from Jan 13 (12.01am) to Jan 26
MALAYSIA MCO Duration 2021: 14 days from Jan 13 (12.01am) to Jan 26
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Malaysia Covid Patient stats 11 Jan 2021
Malaysia Covid Patient stats 11 Jan 2021

::运动控制命令 2.0(MCO 2.0)::



MCO 2.0 限制
  • 州际和地区间无差旅。
  • 禁止举行社交聚会,例如婚礼,婚宴,会议,宗教游行(包括大宝森节),会议,研讨会,课程和集体体育活动。
  • 将安装路障; 车辆中人员的活动范围限制为10公里半径。
  • 每个家庭只有两个人可以前往附近的超市或杂货店购买食品。
  • 每辆车只允许两个人
  • 根据1988年《传染病预防和控制法》(第342号法),任何违反这些规定的人将面临最高1,000令吉的罚款。
  • 仅允许五个基本经济部门开展业务:制造业; 施工; 服务; 贸易和分销; 以及种植园和商品。
  • 公司管理小组中只有30%的工人可以上任; 雇主可随时确定允许任职的雇员人数(考虑到标准操作程序的合规性)
  • 确保完全遵守SOP,始终注意保持物理距离。
  • 非必需服务人员在家工作; 雇主必须遵守该裁决。
  • 食堂和小贩摊位可以营业,但仅允许外卖。
  • 允许送餐服务。
  • 允许超市,医疗服务(包括诊所,医院和药房),银行严格遵守SOP进行运营:始终戴口罩; 经常使用手部消毒剂; 始终保持身体距离。
  • 如果没有紧急或紧急需要离开,请留在家里。
 *学生:*将于2020年和2021年参加SPM的候选人可以严格的SOP入学。 教育部将详细介绍此SOP。

  • 允许在同一家庭内的人进行户外娱乐活动。
  • 个人必须始终保持2m的距离。
  • 一次最多允许2个人慢跑。
  • 不允许成群骑自行车; 只允许一个人。




  • 没有州际旅行。
  • 禁止举行社交聚会,例如婚礼,婚宴,会议,宗教游行(包括大宝森节),会议,研讨会,课程和集体体育活动。
  • 重要活动:*允许SOP中规定的最少参加人数,以确保实际距离。 建议国家宗教当局提供适当的指南,以确定允许的参加人数。




  •  没有州际旅行。 完全符合标准操作程序,允许社交聚会。

重要活动:允许SOP中规定的最少参加人数,以确保实际距离。 建议国家宗教当局提供适当的指南,以确定允许的参加人数。


Stay strong Malaysia SPM students! MCO 2.0 PKP 2.0 semua kena tabah
Stay strong Malaysia SPM students! MCO 2.0 PKP 2.0
Semua kena tabah

For the upcoming two weeks, please all stay safe and Work From Home (WFH) UNLESS you really really need to go out for work. This is to decrease the spread of Covid19 includign the new mutated strain found last year. #kitajagakita

Take care and stay safe buddy 🙏🙏🙏

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