17 TYPES OF POKEMON GO PLAYERS #POKEMONGO "A man wearing Pikachu headgear at the night market in Chiang Mai"


"A man wearing Pikachu headgear at the night market in Chiang Mai"

Finally PokemonGO has make a big hit in Asia countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. I was in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai last week and my Pokemon Hunt journey was somehow interesting. Almost all the tourist attractions has a gym and many Pokestops for us to collect Pokeballs and Potions. It was hard to conquer the gym especially in a crowded and popular location but it was fun being able o observe different kind of Pokemon GO player. Now let me share with you 14 types of reaction to Pokemon GO

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1. The BIG Fans

They are the first one to know the features and latest update of the game. They learned how to play the game even before it is being released in our country. Hence they know almost everything you need to start playing Pokemon GO.

2. The Noob

They are not the first to play this game but they are easily accepting new concept and join the fun/trend. Although they might not be good at throwing the Pokeball to catch pokemon, they are learning it throughout the game journey. Eg. Instead of walking round and round, you need to walk a straight line to hatch an egg?

3. The Slowpoke

They won't know anything about Pokemon GO until everyone istalking about it. They might only figured it out and explore the game after a month the game launched (Or never). Eg. Why people keep hashtag Poke Mongo? Who is Mongo?? #PokemonGO

4. The Lone Ranger

He who play the game and start his own Pokemon master journey alone. Avoid crowded place as much as he can but love to catch pokemon alone, use incense and lure at his favourite place.

5. The Driver and Navigator

In order to refill Pokeballs and potions quickly, the fastest way is to work together with friends. A driver and a navigator who spin the wheels when they past by all the pokestop nearby. Sometimes they fight because navigator doesn't have good sense of directions, and driver who drove too fast an eventually missed the Pokestops. That's why nowadays you saw people drive slower on the road or even stop at the road side suddenly.

6. The Team Valor/Mystic (Where's Team Instinct?)

Player who only friends with people with the same team color. They always try to conquer the gym together and even go to an extend to unfriend people who are in different team. Majority of them are Team Valor or Team Mystic and it is kinda rare to see Team Instinct; In Thailand, I saw majority are Team Instinct in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Perhaps they like the gold color which represent their famous "wat" (temple) or to show the love for their king?

7. The Pokemon Collector

They are player who only focus on trying to catch all 151 pokemons including the rare one. They don't hit the gym and all they want is to have a complete Pokedex. They could be the professional in getting the latest pokemon through evolving them. For example, rename Eevee based on their master name could leads to desired element evolution.

8. The Egg Hatcher

Players who are excited to hatch the eggs by travelling 2km/5km/10km. Usually they are runners, athletes, cyclists or even dog walker. They love the surprise in hatching pokemon like Snorlex or other rare pokemon with good CP. (The higher your level the better your hatched pokemon gonna be)

9. The Showoff

They love to show the pokemon that they just caught especially when there are rare one being captured (eg. Jynx, MrMime, Aerodatcyl and many more). They will post photos of their latest pokemon on Facebook, Instagram and other social media and even tell everybody that he caught a Snorlax.

10. The In-Depth Analyst

They are the professional players who would analyse and do tons of research to maximize the time spent on playing this game. They are the person who will think of collecting a lot of Pokemon (eg. Pidgey) to evolve (when they have enough Candies) and evolve all at once by using the Lucky Egg for double experience. They will even calculate the IV for each and every pokemon so that they only keep the potential Pokemon.

11. The Poke-Family

I saw this in Setiawalk the other day, both parents and all their kids are swiping their smartphone to catch a pokemon. They can definitely maximize the lure on a pokestop and definitely a good way to spend their family time together.

12. The "Justin Bieber Hater"

When something get too famous or abundant, for sure there are people who dislike it and swear not to play Pokemon GO. Once they know you are a PokemonGO Player, they will do their best telling you the disadvantages of playing this addictive game.

13. The 'Ini Semua Haram'

Due to misconception and religion, some people consider PokemonGO as a 'haram' or forbidden things to do. In Malaysia, all the Datuk Gong (拿督公) statue, Masjid and temples are usually PokeStop or Gym. If using it at the right way, it can actually encourage Malaysian to explore different cultures in our beautiful country. Sometimes you never know there is a beautiful building hiding within your neighborhood. Like Thailand, they even liase with Niantic so that they can put more rare pokemon in their country to attract tourists.

On a side note, I do heard news that Thailand might want to ban PokemonGo especially in temple because usually people release animals in temple but nowadays there are pokemon players who go there to catch digital animals.

14. The Insecure Panic Room

They are people who worried that PokemonGO gonna use this game as a secret tracking system since we need to allow the game to access our GPS location, camera, gallery and even contact to play this game. Hence they were worry that Niantic might use it to track all their whereabouts or even sell their personal information  to 3rd party like credit card/ insurance company.

I saw a lot posting about free Pokecoins and Potions on Instagram. Not sure if it is true but just remember nothing comes for free. You must at least do a survey, install another game or do something that benefit them in order to claim your free Pokecoins.

15. The Secret Player

I call them secret player because they could actually the 'Justin Bieber Haters' that anti PokemonGO but secretly downloaded the game and explore what's fun in it. If you have a PokeStop right in front of your house, would you download the game to collect Pokeballs and potions? I would!

16. The Zombie Walker

Looking at the phone while walking on the road is already a norm but ever since PokemonGO was lauched in Malaysia, I can see more walking zombie especially in the shopping mall or tourist place with lots of PokeStop and Gym. They are actually walking around and looking at the phone all the time to search for pokemon, sometimes too focus until they slipped or fell down and became a news on The Stars or saysdotcom. The worst one is when they are crossing the road without looking at the incoming traffic. That's very dangerous okay? So be a responsible player people!!

17. The Cheater

This game is designed in a way that you must go out and catch pokemon and it is really time consuming and hectic if you play this game by following all the rules. Hence there are people who using the shortcut or some kind of software/hack to help them level up quickly. There are some who using GPS spoof technique to catch rare pokemon through teleportation. Just recently Niantic announced that they are doing permanent ban on these players to maintain a balanced game system. Hence there will be less cheaters and it is a definitely a good news for all legit players.

Pokemon GO players gathered at Pantip Plaza Chiang Mai because there's a few Pokestop here with lure activated.
Pokemon GO players gathered at Pantip Plaza Chiang Mai because there's a few Pokestop here with lure activated.

So which one is you? Share this post or tag a friend who fits in a category =) I am playing Pokemon GO too and I gotta say this game is highly addictive and you can notice time passed quickly by just playing this game. So do make sure that you've completed your to-do list for the day and only play this game with your spare time. I am guilty of playing it too long which eventually abandoned my blog hahaha!

In the future, I do foresee Niantic is gonna release more pokemons in the future and it is gonna be more interesting with more gyms and rare pokemon to catch. Hopefully the Multiplayer for gym battle can be more smoothly and more challenging. After all we want some PokeCoins for bag upgrade, storage upgrade or even some eggs to hatch new pokemons~

If you are interested in some Pokemon Go Tips And Tricks, let me know =)

PS: Did I missed out any types of Pokemon GO player? Leave a comment below and I shall add them in!
PPS:  I am in Team Valor, which team are you in?

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