Can't Buy Apps from Google Play/iTunes using Maybank Debit Card? Here's How

Can't Buy Apps from Google Play/iTunes using Maybank Debit Card? Here's How
Can't Buy Apps from Google Play/iTunes using Maybank Debit Card? Here's How

Not sure if you guys had the same issue. I can't purchase mobile applications from both Google Playstore and iTunes using my Maybank Debit Card the other day. Usually I can purchase any apps from Google PlayStore using my Debit Card and it has been successful for numerous times until recently. Today I am here to share on how to enable your Maybank Debit Card for e-Commerce online purchase again.

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To protect you from online fraud/transaction, Maybank has disable your Debit/Prepaid Card for online purchases.
"We are elevating your experience with Maybank for your Debit and Prepaid Card transactions. Please be informed that we are currently carrying out a scheduled enhancement to secure your online transactions. In order to execute this exercise, we will require your direct participation." - from Maybank Official Site

Due to the recent increase of online frauds (fraudulent online transaction, online transfer or online purchase), Maybank has automatically disable all Debit/Prepaid Card for online purchases to protect online users from having their bank account stripped off by unauthorized hacker/thief. Don't be easily caught up and become victims of email or SMS fraud ya!!

All payment transactions via online or when the card is not present (CNP) will not be allowed. This includes Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO) and it applies to all existing and new Debit and Prepaid cards. This is a direction from Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) to prevent cardholders from becoming victims of e-banking, direct debit and card fraud. However, all your Autopay or retail transactions local or overseas is not affected.

How do I get to buy apps from Google Playstore again? What I did was to call Maybank 24 HOUR Customer Service: 1-300-88-6688 and activate back my debit card for online purchase. You will need to verify your personal information with the customer service personnel so it is definitely safe. There is another way to enable your Debit/Prepaid card for online purchase through SMS (this will take 2 working days to make it works).

Can't Buy Apps from Google Play/iTunes using Maybank Debit Card? There are two ways to fix it:

  1. SMS ONCNP12-Digit IC number to 66628
  2. Call Maybank Group Customer Centre (MGCC) at 1300 88 6688 or AMEX Call Centre (for AMEX Prepaid Card) at 1800 88 9559.
However should you wish to disable it again please call Maybank MGCC. 

Q: When can I use my Maybank Debit/Prepaid Card after enabling it?
  1. SMS – 2 business days
  2. Via MGCC – effective immediately
Therefore, if you are in urgent to do the online purchase, activate your Debit Card through respective bank customer care 24 Hotline.  

Remember, if you received email/phonecalls from any bank notify you that you have money to receive, or your account has been hacked. Please don't be panic but call the Customer Care to check whether it is true or not. Don't simply provide your personal info like IC numbers or password to people you don't know kay?

Hope this articles help you to solve your problem. Cheers and have fun doing online shopping!!

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