My Lenovo Project:RE - Rediscover The City Of KL

My Lenovo Project:RE - Rediscover The City Of KL

Remember my previous post of unboxing Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows?? I am hereby sharing something with you on a project that I am going to start on with the help of this new Yoga Tablet. Lenovo called it Project:RE and my task is to REdiscover the city where I am staying right now.

To get inspiration, I went to a coffee shop for morning coffee hoping to have ideas for my project soon. Without noticing I've been getting used to the tablet quickly and even figured out the best of both worlds too.
Morning brew @ Tipsy Brew O'Coffee in Setiawalk
Morning brew @ Tipsy Brew O'Coffee in Setiawalk

Visited this cafe called Tipsy Brew O'Coffee in Setiawalk and I am very happy with their free WiFi. I mean, all the cafes in town should have fast internet like this one. Not only do you get to stream YouTube videos with speed, you can also login to the full version of Facebook on the Tablet too. Good thing about this tablet is that it has a fully functional Windows OS that allows you to use your favourite software.

Salad @ Tipsy Brew O'Coffee in Setiawalk

I ordered a brunch set that includes a bowl of Green Salad. It then comes with a bowl of Laksa and a cup of Long Black. Not forgetting a mini Chocolate Cupcake as desserts. At first I thought it would be a weird combination, but it turns out the other way.

Microsoft Office for your Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows
Microsoft Office for your Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows
The good thing about having a Windows Tablet is that you can use your favourite Microsoft Office software like Microsoft Word on the tablet itself. If you do a lot of typing you will definitely like the Bluetooth Keyboard that you got when you buy this tablet.

Playing Clash of Clans on your Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows
Playing Clash of Clans on your Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows 
Do you know that it is also possible to play Android games like Clash of Clans on your Windows Tablet? I've installed Blue Stack which allows me to run my favourite Android Games on the Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows. Bigger screen to attack opponent's war base. I like!!

Ethiopia Kochere - An interesting coffee to order
Ethiopia Kochere - An interesting coffee to order =)

I saw a special coffee on the menu and I ordered this one - Ethiopia Kochere. The barista said she learned to make this coffee with a different way from a Korean Barista in town. I didn't know that there are talented people hidden inside this city ;p That's when I thought, maybe I should explore more cafes that makes good coffee in town and share the good stuff together.

I really like this cup of Ethiopia Kochere which was brewed using handpicked beans. Just by looking at the way the barista was preparing this, I am sure it is gonna taste great.

Ethiopia Kochere - An interesting coffee to order

It is true that drinking coffee will makes you feel inspired in a way. At least I have got some ideas for my Project:RE to rediscover this city through my photography.

Coffee session with Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows
Coffee session with Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows  
I think I've spent more than 5 hours in the cafe because of its good ambience with soothing music playing at the background while sipping on my cup of good coffee. If you can't drink coffee, you can order other drinks and sniff the good coffee smell roaming in the cafe.

Coffee brewing tools at Tipsy Brew O'Coffee Setiawalk

After a visit to Tipsy Brew O'Coffee, I've finalize my idea for Project:RE. Thanks to the tablet, I got to find some ideal locations through surfing the internet and using the Maps application. I am going to explore and show you the hidden beauty in the city through my photography skills. Although the city may seems cold and boring, there are many interesting place that you should pay a visit especially when you are living just besides it.

Lenovo Project:RE with purple minion

Stay tuned for my Project:RE updates in my coming post!! Purple Minion will be my partner in crime in discovering the fine gems in town. If you are interested in exploring the city together, do send me an email and we can start to plan a different kind of photography exploration!!

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