The Beautiful Pedestrian Bridge & GSC Media Appreciation Night 2015 @ Nu Sentral

GSC Media Appreciation Night 2015 @ Nu Sentral

Throwback to few weeks ago, it was GSC Media Appreciation Night 2015 at Nu Sentral. The cinema was located at the very top floor of Nu Sentral and you will reach faster if you take the elevator. I haven't really got the chance to explore Nu Sentral properly but it seems really huge with many different stores.

Other than GSC giving appreciation to media friends through good meal and welcome gift, there was a series of lucky draws including GoPro Hero 4, Samsung smartphone and iPhone 6 Plus for lucky media. Glad that my friend is lucky enough to bring the iPhone back =D 

GSC Movies also took this chance to reveal their upcoming blockbusters that night. GSC currently has a total of 31 locations with 284 screens nationwide and still counting. The cinema is expected to expand further with the opening of three more cinemas in Klang Parade, Aman Central Mall in Alor Setar and Bintulu Times Square in Sarawak this year.

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Overhead Pedestrian Bridge @ Nu Sentral
Overhead Pedestrian Bridge @ Nu Sentral
Knowing that Nu Sentral has a pedestrian cross-bridge with cool architecture, we drop by there a while for a quick photoshoot. Hope you like my #TCFisheye!

#TCSelfie with love one @ Nu Sentral Overhead Pedestrian Bridge 
Seems like there are many more hidden gems with great architecture structure around the town. Do you have any unique place to share with me? I would like to do a compilation of all these beautiful site =D

Good to meet up with long-time-no-c-friends!!
Well crafted finger food for dinner that night and I like the one with salmon slice. Good to meet new + old friends that night as it reminds me some of our memories especially the GSC Treasure Hunt many years ago. That night GSC also showed us the upcoming movies that will be on their screen.

Some of the upcoming movies on GSC Cinemas:

  • The Cobbler
  • Helios 赤道 
  • Pilot Cafe 
  • Dragon Ball Z: Revival of 'F' 
  • The Age of Adaline
  • Wira Wah 華Xiao英雄
  • The Vatican Tapes
  • SPL 2: A Time for Consequences 殺破狼 2

GSC Chief Executive Officer, Ms Koh Mei Lee giving appreciation speech
GSC Chief Executive Officer, Ms Koh Mei Lee giving appreciation speech
Lucky draw time~!

Congratz to Tony from for winning the Apple @ GSC Media Appreciation Night 2015 =D
Congratz to Tony from for winning the Apple @ GSC Media Appreciation Night 2015 =D
GSC ended the event with screening of Too Fast Too Furious 7 and I gotta say that the movie seems perfectly timed on all the actions and exaggerate car scene. Oh well, most touching part is how the director decided to end the TFTF7 remembering Paul Walker. Love the ending song too. Nice one Charlie Puth and WIz Khalifa =)

Hopefully there will be more lucky draws in coming days so I can win a GoPro Hero 4!! Lost one in Padang Sea and still hoping that someone would find it someday. I just want the recorded footage back =')

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