20 Cool Things I Did in Year 2014 & My New Year Resolution

Mabul Island - Sun Sand Sea

Today is the day that most people gonna look back at what they did for year 2014 and celebrate NYE with friends and family. Well, mine one special a bit as I am celebrating my birthday as well!! This post gonna be a throwback post of what I did in 2014 and what I wanna do more in year 2015. (which is starting tomorrow)

Thanks for everyone who drop by this space and continue grow with me and I really hope that I manage to inspire you in any way which is positive and beneficial for you guys haha. Now let see what are the top 20 things that I am happy that I did in 2014:

1. Being able to capture precious moments during Lee Kwang Soo Showcase in Malaysia is a big fun thing to do especially when you are working closely and meeting with one of the funniest people in this world. Without KwangSoo existence in the recent Running Man Race Start Season 2 in Malaysia, everything won't be that fun haha.  Read more here

2. My first time flying with a helicopter to Danau rural area for doing good deeds with Astro Kasih. Went there as a photographer and videographer to do coverage for their CSR program. Kinda happy that Astro and employees+volunteers building school for better future for the kids. Read more here

3. Manage to shoot for one of my favourite music band has somehow came true this year. Sodagreen - the group that is unique with each and every member in it. Shooting concert is as challenging as shooting wedding, just that you will have your performance guest remain around the stage area. I know it is hard to make a fortune shooting for concert but I still hope that in year 2015 I can shoot more concert when the condition is right. I shall work with people who love photo arts and appreciate what we photographer do for living.  Read more here.

4. Being able to be small part of the blockbuster movie "The Journey 一路有你" is one happy thing that happen this year. I am happy that this movie has created new record for Malaysia movie industry and hope my little movie review and reporting helps in some way. This was captured when we went to Redbox SingK celebrate together haha Read more here

5. This year I got myself a diving licence at Mabul Island. It won't be possible without friends who wanna get the licence together. Mabul Island is a beautiful place to be, you should be there at least once in a lifetime!! Imagine sea turtle pay visit to your place every morning at the lodge. Hopefully I can capture more underwater moment with proper camera gear next year =) Read more here

6. Shhh...Listen! - Been always looking for talented musician in Malaysia and I am glad to know Shelhiel, ShioYee, JunShyan, Chrystina and more people through them this year. That spirit of coming together and make a music showcase is awesome! Recently went to their music finale and foresee lots of announcement from them next year.  Read more here

7. My first pillion ride at Jalan Ampang near KLCC. One of the extreme sport I get to try out woohoo. Thanks to Petronas Motorsport Demo Run!! Besides that, thanks to PETRONAS I get to meet both Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton a few times this year. Being able to race together in the same car with Nico Rosberg and chase after Lewis Hamilton was definitely priceless. Read more here

8. Met Stefanie Sun in person. One of my top and all time favourite singer who is now a proud mom that need to take care of both family and her music career. Just love her =D I was sad that I couldn't attend her concert this time but hope that she and her family gonna stay awesome and come to Malaysia again!! Read more here

9. Know more bout Olympus because of buddy Robin Wong. My first time to do street photography with the OMD EM-1 mirrorless camera. Robin and Jackie are the person who let me learn more bout mirrorless camera and I wanna thanks them for that. Now I started to learn more about mirrorless camera system as I wanna move from DSLR to a lighter weight camera system next year. Read more here

10. Chi Lam was here in Malaysia for OGAWA Cool摩 launch. Can meet him and take #TCSelfie is already awesome muahaha!! This year definitely meet a lot artist from Hong Kong and TVB all thanks to blogging who open this opportunity door. There are even readers who ask if I am going to see them and bring them along. I hope I can do that next year so not only I can take selfie, you can too! (Provided that you are a helpful person and have passion in this)  Read more here

11. Been shooting more wedding this year and really glad shooting for a good friend of mine CK and ZiNing. Looking forward for more weddings next year!! Always wanted to shoot more engagement and pre-wedding shoot so hope can do it in year 2015. Read more here

12. A photo of Menara KL (taken by me) was being featured in this Menara KL -Towering Excellence Coffeebook. It seems like I should take more photos that can sell so I can make some side income too. Happy that one of my photo made into a coffeebook this year. Read more here

13. Being able to interview Jaonne Yew, the girl who acted in "The Journey" personally all thanks to Hotlink. She has the naturally fairest skin I ever seen haha. Read more here

14. Been traveling quite a lot this year but hope to get into more trip like this. It was a quick trip to Macau and we remember we walked a lot just to check out different hotel in that place. I actually did a lot travelling but didn't really put my time in process the photos and share it at this place. Hopefully I will share more travel post next year kay? Read more here

15. My first photoshoot where I need to wear heavy makeup as the cartoon in the movie. Zalora Malaysia x Book of Life. That's where I meet cool people and new friends hehe Read more here

16. I love to shoot photo for event and concert. (now you know) I did a kinda in depth photo coverage for MY FM Birthday Bash 16 and didn't expect to have MeiYan DJ to share it through the radio.  I heard that from friends who were listing to MYFM and I wanna say thank you for the love!! Read more here


17. Being selected to cover 17th Incheon Asian Games with Samsung is one of the greatest thing happened this year. Manage to interview Dato' Lee Chong Wei and Pandelela Rinong is awesome!! Being able to travel around Korea at the same time is a very blissful experience too!! I am not sure what's gonna happen in year 2015 but I hope will have this kind of collaboration more often. It is challenging but fun at the same time!! Read more here

18. Attend for Alex Goot and Against The Current Live in KL music showcase. Shoot some photos that hoping people will like it. Noticed that I havent share photos taken during Reach Out 2014 where Jason Chen, David Choi, Madilyn Bailey, Kina Grannis, Jun CurryAhn were here in Malaysia. Sorry my bad as I got carry away with works right after the event. Gonna process the photos if got reader wanna see ba~ Read it here

19. Won a trip to Tokyo by The Wedding Notebook and Hilton KL. I did say that must be careful when join Instagram contest, but I am glad I didn't give up on joining haha. Planning to visit Tokyo next year!! Read more here

20. Got invited to the Bella Mars TV Show on ntv7. This is the first time I got on air with the TV so definitely a big milestone for myself and this blog haha. Haven't really blog about it but you can check out the video at www.tonton.com.my Bella Episode 249. It is talking about what do male bloggers blog about.

In year 2015, I hope I can continue be success in my career as a photographer and blogger and hopefully get to travel to more part of the world together with my love one. Also, I hope that I can shoot more photos especially for lovely couple, concert and more travel shots too. As for blogging, I will focus more on content that are beneficial and helpful for readers.  Looking back at my previous blog post it seems not much exciting and sharable content for you haha *paiseh*

Oh ya on a side note, been visiting the gym more frequently this year and hopefully I can keep myself motivated to train and become a better self next year. Then I can take own photo as remembrance hahaha! If you are a personal trainer looking forward to work together please let me know!! I am more than happy for it.

I hope that you guys been doing well in 2014 although recently lots of misfortunate event happened. Hope you will stay positive for a better 2015 ya!! Take care and have a blasting NYE celebration!!

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