I Miss Mabul Island

A group picture of us who stay at the same lodge in Mabul Island Spheredivers Lodge @ Mabul Island
A group picture of us who stay at the Spheredivers Lodge @ Mabul Island
It was a trip planned one year ahead and I have no regrets following friend's advice to book the ticket earlier ;p I had my Open Water Diving License here and glad to meet our dive instructor Benjamin Choong who is fun and helpful in many ways. Thanks Nicole for planning this trip as well!

Now I have dilemma and drawback symptoms as it was really fun staying at Mabul Island for 5 days 4 nights and I had a lot of fun learning and discovering the underwater world. You wouldn't believe what I saw, I can spot turtles swimming right under our lodge every morning. Looking at the clear blue starry night with bright stars, enjoying the cold sea breeze, it was one of the most relaxing moment I ever felt.

I've got the chance to walk to the middle of the sea and had a funny interaction with the local kids who can pedal their boat so well at such young age! Currently I am trying to get back to my working track and hopefully I can share more on this trip soon!

Ah~ How I wish every event that I attend and blog post I post is providing me the funds for my next travel~ Maybe I shall start to find some serious travel photography jobs~ Here's a blogger cum photographer for hire!! Let's discuss some business!

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