Decision Making: Photography or blogging?

PETRONAS Twin Towers looks awesome on a sunny day @ PETRONAS Motorsports Demo Run
It's been so many things that I need to make a decision and the decision will eventually affect my next route of life. People say that you must try out things that you are not comfortable with because that's when you learn and improve yourself at the same time.

Sodagreen drummer 小威 enjoying the moment. Lighting was changing swiftly and I am glad I got this shot =D

I was really happy when I got the opportunity to shoot "苏打绿 Sodagreen Live in KL" concert and glad that the fans love it as much as I do.  To be honest I don't really know what's the right way to get more concert photoshoot gigs, I just hope that I can shoot more concert that's happening in Malaysia soon featuring awesome musician. For example, Eason Chan's concert that's happening soon in Penang at Spice (19 April 2014).

Back to decision making, I've been thinking of what kind of photography that I shall focus and improve on. I love to shoot something that happen just once in a life time and it can never be redo. (Maybe that's just an excuse to not shoot more pre-wedding because I am noob in posing couple, any volunteers wanna be my pre-wedding models?)

A close-up session with Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton during PETRONAS Primax Challenge
I've been always juggling the balls between blogging and photography and always have a mixed feeling when come to it. It's either I shoot the photo, or let people shoot the photo so I can enjoy the moments. Maybe that's why I love my fish eye lens so much because I can just take selfies with people who means something to me and enjoy the moment at the same time.

A selfie with Lewis Hamilton during PETRONAS Motorsports Demo Run 2014
Since 'Selfie' became the word of the year 2013, I've seen more and more people taking selfie by placing their smartphones/camera on a monopod and even couple it with fish eye lens to have a wide group photo with friends/ beautiful scenery. (or just be simple by using the latest GoPro) The only thing that it lack now is it can't take photos in dark but I am glad my camera can *muahaha*

The expression on the baby, her mom and Lewis Hamilton is priceless. Can you see their happiness?
"Capture precious moments" has been the motto of my photography spirit and I love it when that one moment was recorded through a click on my camera. I hope that more and more people can see that as my talent and eventually we can work together to create something greater day by day. Now, I wish I can shoot for Eason Chan's concert happening in Penang soon and hopefully the story won't end there. AMC Group has been bringing in awesome artists to Malaysia for concert and I really appreciate that!

A birthday celebration for ZeeShan and RedMummy's family
For now, I offer photography services for actual day wedding, birthday party, happening event, documentary type, couple and family portrait shoot because I love to capture that "love is in the air" moments. If you are looking for a travel photographer, feel free to check out my "Travel" tab for my previous trip. 

If you have some brand new idea that we can work well together, just buzz me an email and we shall work from there. I am looking forward for an adventurous 2014!! Remember, if today is the last day of your life, what decision will you make? I will always live life to the fullest and never regret things that I never done.

PS: I've been slow down with my blogging and hopefully I'll be back full power soon! Blame the recent diving trip atMabul Island that makes me wanna fly away from my work and just submerge in the sea like a merman having seafood everyday lol *high cholesterol tu* Kay, I sah start 'repek' so good night~!

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