Hunt for MTV World Stage Insider #WorldStageMY


ft Robin Thicke, Far East Movement, EXO and Joe Flizzow
@ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach
Sunday, 8 September 2013

MTV WORLD STAGE is back again this year with Robin Thicke, Far East Movement, EXO and Joe Flizzow at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. This much-anticipated outdoor music concert will mark its fifth year, will be held in Malaysia on Sunday, 8 September 2013.

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia featuring Robin Thicke, Far East Movement, EXO and Joe Flizzow

Since I saw this on MTV website, I've been thinking why should I skip this golden opportunity and decided to try it. Here's my entry to grab a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a MTV World Stage Insider who will work hard and play hard to meet the coolest music artists, share what's happening behind the scene and of course have the spirit as a music lover!! And the best of all, being an "Insider" will get me USD 10,000 richer *kaching*. (These money will be funded for my camera gear and lens of course!)

Hunt for MTV World Stage Insider 2013
Hunt for MTV World Stage Insider 2013

Let's check what are the requirements to be a MTV World Stage Insider:
  1. Be a minimum of 18 years of age; ü
  2. Be Fluent in English; ü
  3. Be able to travel from 30 August to 9 September 2013 – possessing the stamina of a Spartan (equivalent to 10 days of hard, but fun, work); ü
  4. Have the ability to submit a creative social media resume in video or blog entry (submissions must be titled “Hunt for MTV World Stage Insider”) to MTV, telling or showing us what makes you the right person for this role; with video lengths no longer than 2 minutes;ü
  5. Have an extended social presence (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Blog);
  6. Ideally have attended at least one MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia;ü
I am 27 years old this year and I can speak fluently in English, Malay, Chinese (Perhaps with some Malaysian slang). Since I am a fulltime blogger and photographer at ( + Sky Arts Productionwith flexible working time, I am easily available on the dates mentioned (30 Aug - 9 Sep). Hopefully you will be able to figure out why I fit this position as an awesome MTV World Stage Insider by continue reading!

MTV World Stage 2010 featuring Wonder Girls

I've been to MTV World Stage twice in year 2010 and 2011. The first time was all because of Wonder Girls and I've blogged about it here. I brought a compact cam to document what I saw and how I wish I got a DSLR to capture the moments better. Anyhow, it reminds me of our fun time hanging out together even under the rain.

Attended MTV World Stage 2011 as media
Through blogging, I am honoured to be invited to attend many events especially concert as I really love music and I eventually became the new generation of media who uses blog and social media to do coverage for the concerts. (That's the time when we spam on Twitter/Facebook on the highlights of the event). Well, eventually this leads me to being invited as Media to MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2011 featuring Pop Shuvit, Beast, Neon Trees, Thirty Seconds to Mars and also to the Post Party after the event.

Post Party Passes for MTV World Stage 2011
It was an awesome post party as I can see the performers and many other artist hanging out at one same place. It will be the coolest thing if I were selected as part of #insideWS as I can interview the artist, feature their #ootd(outfit of the day) and share their thoughts with their fans out there! Wouldn't that be great :)

One of the two Malaysian being selected to join the team as Samsung Global Blogger

The only reason why I've missed out MTV World Stage 2012 was because I was preparing to travel to London as the Samsung Global Blogger for London 2012 Olympic Games. Little did I know through blogging, I get to travel to London representing Malaysia doing coverage for Olympics and travelling around with bloggers from fourteen different countries at the same time. At the end of the whole event, I was announced as Samsung Global Blogger 2012 Grand Prize winner (I know I did my best and thankfully my efforts paid off)

Awesome thing happened when you are given a chance to interview Malaysia's best badminton player
Dato' Lee Chong Wei!! Check out my interview video at my YouTube Channel

SGB Exclusive Interview with Dato' Lee Chong Wei | London 2012 Olympic Games 

Till today, I am still actively attending concerts and share it not only on this space, but also all my social media channel including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Fan PageYouTube and many more! My updates are on various platforms but photos and videos are the best way I use to tell my story. I hope that you will like the photos and videos coverage I did!

Here's my Instagram featuring Jason Chen and Clara C.Their voices are awesome!
DUring an event,  I will do live update whenever I can with the photos I snapped using DSLR camera and S3. The current technology just made the social sharing a lot easier. I love it =)

My humble twitter account where I share live updates at the same time through Instagram. Seems like picture just works wonders as I have more followers there
My Facebook Page - TianChad @ 永遇乐
A place where I share photos of various events besides in my blog =)

I hope that with all the above mentioned experiences, I will be selected to be part of the MTV World Stage 2013 Insider team. I can't wait to reveal the #ootd and inside story of Robin, Far East Movement, EXO and Joe Flizzow. Choose me to be an #insideWS and I will show you what my experience as an #insideWS will bring you in this MTV #WorldStageMY 2013.

All right, I gotta head back to my current updates for  as my awesome readers can't wait to see more photos!!

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