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我想与 Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 去看《夺命游戏2》首映因为_______(不超过15个字)

时间/地点:3.30pm(Hall 3,GSC Pavilion KL)


截止日期: 16 Aug 2013 (9.00AM)

ntv7 《夺命游戏2》 制作特辑之 演员情绪没有take 2

《夺命游戏2》THE GAME 2 
The Game – Malaysia’s 1st ever reality drama – definitely deserves a second run on TV screen with its highly successful achievements including ranking No.1 amongst all Chinese shows on Merdeka eve in 2012 with over 628,000 Chinese viewers at 43% Chinese share. The two-hour reality drama which made its debut on ntv7 to coincide with the Hungry Ghost Festival also crunched amazing numbers on its social media platforms including a whopping 228% increase in Facebook page likes.

《夺命游戏2》THE GAME 2
《夺命游戏2》THE GAME 2 

To celebrate the remarkable feat of its first run, the show now returns with a second installment that comes with an all-new plot and a brand new line-up of talented casts made up of highly-acclaimed actors and actresses in the local Chinese entertainment industry including Wayne Chua, Ong Ai Leng, Lim Ching Miau, Mers Sia, Jeffrey Cheng, Candy Ice, Gai Yew Lan, Angel Goh and guest star Chan Fong. The show which will air exclusively on ntv7 come 20th August (Tuesday) from 9.30pm – 11.30pm, will continue to boast on its outstanding and one-of-a-kind concept that is based on the famous “Mafia” game, where the casts are secretly assigned with roles – either as the assassin or the victims.

《夺命游戏2》THE GAME 2
《夺命游戏2》THE GAME 2 
《夺命游戏2》THE GAME 2 Synopsis:
Shot in Cameron Highlands, The Game 2 tells the story of three sisters starring Wayne, Ai Leng and Miau Miau who reunite with their long lost Aunt Lan and her family in a bungalow that is said to be an inheritance left down by their second aunt. According to Aunt Lan, a series of murder cases have occurred before in the bungalow and the victims are their second aunt’s family. An unfortunate event took place on that night of their visit where a few of them died in the bungalow and nobody knows whether they were being attacked by an outsider or one of them.

《夺命游戏2》THE GAME 2

Meanwhile, the director admits that it was a challenge for the production team in the beginning as this is the first time that a 70-year old veteran actress, Gai Yew Lan and a 10-year old, Angel Goh are amongst the leading casts of this reality drama. 

Viewers will further be treated with “The Game 2 Revealed” – a special one-hour programme that discloses the making of the show as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes footages and interviews with the directors and casts of this amazing reality drama. The show is slated to air on 29th August (Thursday) from 11.00pm to 12.00pm on ntv7.

《夺命游戏2》THE GAME 2 

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