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[Photo] Jason Chen & Clara C Live In KL 2013 @ Bently Music Auditorium #JasonAndClaraLiveInKL

Jason Chen & Clara C Live In KL 2013 @ Bently Music Auditorium Three years ago, I've blogged about talented  Jason Chen who did a good music cover  on this space; Few months ago, Jason Chen together with Chester See and David Choi appeared at Taylor's Lakeside for IM4U Reachout event . However since I gotta cover another event I've missed out the IM4U Music Night... Luckily this month there was this event Jason Chen & Clara C Live In KL 2013 @ Bently Music Auditorium and I told my self not to miss them both again! So yeah... I made it! This was actually the first time I listen to Jason's live performance together with Clara C (yay!) at Bentley Music Auditorium. Their performances were simply awesome and I like every bit of it =) PS: Excluding the creepy color spotlights that gives me difficulties in capturing the precious moments of this concert. I did my best snapping the photos when the light turns white and rescue the other photos by re-adjust

The Funny 'Niaseng'

Pure and White I would like to share a funny conversation between a tomboy style waitress, me and my 2 other friends when we visited a Chinese Restaurant. Let's name the manly waitress "Cowboy" and my two other friends "Fifi" and "Nini" . On first note, Cowboy is a very hard-working person as she explain about all the dishes we've asked. Besides that, Fifi looks like a mixed ethnic and always misrecognized as a Malay instead of Chinese (because of her long eye lashes).  *below conversation was in Cantonese and Chinese while Fifi was quiet* Cowboy: Lai lai lai, yew 'Giu choi' deng hai 'Dan Zho' ? (Come come come want to eat what? Individual or share dishes?)  *We ordered a dish of vegetables, steam fish and Claypot Toufu. Cowboy asked if pork slice is okay for the Claypot Toufu. Then Nini ask Fifi in English whether it is okay with her* Comboy: Mm hou yi xi ar, yew mun xin hou dit  (Sorry ar, to be sec

My One of a Kind Limited Edition ABSOLUT UNIQUE

ABSOLUT UNIQUE - One of a kind. Millions of expressions In this world, each every human is unique yet no one want to bump into someone wearing the same cloth. Just like when you have a new smartphone, you will decorate it or put on your favourite designed phone case to make it looks absolutely unique and to show your personality as well. Today I am sharing with you something nice - the ABSOLUTE UNIQUE . Instead of finalized the new ABSOLUTE Bottle with only one same design, the designers decided to create millions of different Absolut Bottles that are 100% unique on its own. So instead of having to chase down one of a few, whichever bottle you get is the only one of its kind. Your very own ABSOLUT UNIQUE work of art. Each and every ABSOLUTE UNIQUE bottle are uniquely designed and numbered individually,which makes them Limited Edition. Here's my ABSOLUT UNIQUE with lemon green, blue and yellow combination on the bottle. Nice! There are some splashes on the bottle

Tiesto Live in Malaysia 2013 ft Danny Avila, DJ Tigerlily, Goldfish & Blink, Nick Haydez, B.A.T.E.

DJ Tiesto Live in Malaysia 2013 5 Oct 2013 Sepang International Circuit Dutch electronic dance musician maestro Tiësto will spin at The  Sepang International Circuit (SIC)  on Saturday, 5 October 2013, alongside the global dance scene mavens Danny Avila (Spain), DJ Tigerlily (Australia), Goldfish & Blink (Malaysia), Nick Haydez (Malaysia) and B.A.T.E. (Malaysia) “ presents Tiësto” (#TiestoKL) is slated to be the much-anticipated, high-octane dance fest of the year. Doors open at 7:30 pm. Tickets are available at selected Rock Corner outlets and at . Dj Tiësto - Sensation White Stage and venue layout for DJ Tiesto Live in Malaysia 2013 Tickets Category for DJ Tiesto Live in Malaysia 2013 A message from Tiesto! Tickets for Tiesto Live in Malaysia 2013 also available at several Rock Corner Outlets Tickets for Tiesto Live in Malaysia 2013 also available at several Rock Corner Outlets in 1 Utama, Subang Parade and The Curve.

Miss Scuba Malaysia 国际潜水小姐大赛 2013 Open Audition @ Prince Hotel KL [27 July]

The applicants of Miss Scuba Malaysia 国际潜水小姐大赛 2013 who attended the press conference @ Prince Hotel, KL On the other day, I've attended  Miss Scuba Malaysia 国际潜水小姐大赛 2013 Press Conference  which was held at Prince Hotel & Residence KL . It was held at a venue where the air-con wasn't cold enough and the ambience was dark, which ended up some attendants have shining face in photos(Oops) Anyhow, by basing on the features of the finalists above, I am counting on the 5th girl Farhana (count from the left) to be in Miss Scuba Malaysia 2013 Top 20. Miss Scuba Malaysia's annual Grand Final and Gala Dinner night will be held at Prince Hotel and Residence, Kuala Lumpur on September 6, 2013, 7pm . After two fantastic seasons of unparalleled success, Miss Scuba International 2013 will have contestants competing from over 20 countries across the Ocean. Miss Scuba Malaysia, is not only unique but also the only pageant of its kind dedicated to Marine and Ocean Co