Behind The Lens: Kevin Then @ SG Bridal House [March 2013]

BTL BehindTheLens Kevin Then Ecoba March 2013
Peter Tan and Kevin Then at Behind The Lens March 2013 Session
Behind The Lens, a place where photographers meet at one same place and learn from one master every month. I've attended quite a few events organized by BTL but now only I have manage to start blogging about this. If you are an enthusiastic photographer, make sure you make your way to Ecoba @ Damansara every first Thursday for the month, I assure you you can always learn something new from them.

Yesterday's speaker is Kevin Then, let's check out his provided introduction:
"Kevin Then, of Malaysia, co-owner of SG Bridal House for the past ten years, shoots pre-wedding and wedding day photography. Known for making his couples look like stars, Kevin explains, "A wedding photo shouldn't be just traditional with the bride just standing around wearing a wedding gown. My style is to make it more dramatic, more romantic. Like a movie director, I want the picture a certain way, with everything perfect - the dress, veil, face, makeup, hairstyle. This picture will be with the couples their whole lives."Kevin Then, who has multiple awards under his belt, including the prestigious Hasselblad Masters 2008 in the Wedding/Social category. Kevin Then is proud to present which translates impressions of romanticism and surrealism into many fine photographic works that gained raving reviews from their peers and satisfied customers.

Kevin Then's Awards & Achievements

~ Hasseblad Master 2008
~ Hasseblad H4D 40 2010 spoke person
~ Main Speaker for Forderkreis Portrat Germany 2009
~ WPPI 21 times of accolade of excellent winner 2011
~ WPPI 2nd place in beauty category 2011
~ Juror of Bund Professioneller Portraitfotografen Germany 2012 and 2013
~ lecturer of SEGI College Kuala Lumpur Master Mentoring Program"

BTL BehindTheLens Kevin Then Ecoba March 2013
Behind the scene: Nic Chung and Calven Lim sunset shoot
Yesterday weather was great especially the sunset. Spotted Nic and Calven doing photoshoot with the natural lights. Banner was used as natural reflector haha. Check out Nic's instagram for the photo. 

I shall come earlier next time with a few friends to do architectural + couple photoshoot next time?

BTL BehindTheLens Kevin Then Ecoba March 2013
At the same night Behind the Lens launched a new online segment call "Spotlight". Stuart Taylor, landscape and travel photographer was featured in the 'Spotlight' video interview by Peter Tan; As for April 2013, the speaker will be Grant Corban.

BTL BehindTheLens Kevin Then Ecoba March 2013
Charcoal burger ordered by Johan
Waited till 6pm for certain ecoba's food menu become available. Such as Pasta and the delicious looking dishes above. I feel sad when I saw my Pasta arrived though, portion was small and you will be hungry again after the event.

BTL BehindTheLens Kevin Then Ecoba March 2013
Chu Ket Vui, Sales Manager of Metzpro who carry brands like Phottix and Nissin
Since I was early yesterday, I've finally grab my chance to play with Phottix Lighting Kit together with Johan Sopiee and Chu Ket Vui who guided me along the lighting and portraiture shoot. So here are the profile shoot for each of them =D

BTL BehindTheLens Kevin Then Ecoba March 2013
Johan Sopiee, the man who has the task as photographer AND Videographer of the night

It was fun playing with the lighting kit as you can choose how you want your light looks like on the subject. Oh well, i got my photo shot as well. Thanks Johan for the guidance haha. Suddenly I was asked not to smile and just pose with arms bend in front, ok la, once a while be serious right?

BTL BehindTheLens Kevin Then Ecoba March 2013
Tian Chad - Owner of and Sky Arts Production
who trying to look serious hahaha

BTL BehindTheLens Kevin Then Ecoba March 2013
RDT Prints lucky draw winners

BTL BehindTheLens Kevin Then Ecoba March 2013
Kevin Then sharing his photography experience
Let me conclude what Kevin Then has shared during this session:

"SG Bridal" is the short-form of Kevin's partner's initial instead of meaning 'Singapore Bridal'. However, it definitely helps Kevin in targeting Singapore Clients due to the name =) Kevin shared that it is good and bad to receive awards such as Hasseblad Master in 2008. Good thing is clients are willing to pay higher price for Kevin's professional photography services, bad thing is Kevin need to always brainstorm and sometimes even headache just to think of something creative and new to incorporate in the photoshoot. Of course, if you want to earn more through different clients, awards will definitely help you out; but great power comes with great responsibility, you will need to always think of new idea to keep people surprised and inspired.

For Kevin, he don't handle clients until his sales team managed to get clients. It is good to hire someone to help you do something that he is better at. At least it save your time and you can do what you are pro at. In this case, Kevin is good at shooting wedding and fashion(commercial) pictures with creativity.

Kevin also shared about the high competition between many bridal houses located around his shop but still he manage to stand out among the crowd.  What I've learned from Kevin is that to become stand out from others you need to do something different. 

"People may laugh at you because you are different, but you may laugh at them because they are all the same."

BTL BehindTheLens Kevin Then Ecoba March 2013
Played with different lens and flash to get this photo.
I still got lots more to improve!

BTL BehindTheLens Kevin Then Ecoba March 2013
Launching of Monobloc (Tempered Glass canvas) by Wesley Wong
The final lucky draw of the night won by William Leong, who is also the winner of SIRUI Facebook photography contest =) This conclude him as the huge winner of this event haha.

BTL March 2013: Kevin Then sharing session's  group photo

BTL BehindTheLens Kevin Then Ecoba March 2013
Check out who has the most camera awareness =)
As usual, I prepared my camera with the fish eye so that I can take photo with the speaker after a group photo. You can spot who spotted and look at my camera in just seconds.

BTL BehindTheLens Kevin Then Ecoba March 2013
Kevin Then, Peter Tan and TianChad
My hand always look long with this camwhore/selfi lens hehe

BTL BehindTheLens Kevin Then Ecoba March 2013
Nice to meet JinHow again

BTL BehindTheLens Kevin Then Ecoba March 2013
Picture with both guys name Nic Chong haha

All right, that's all for my sharing about what I've learned during this BTL sharing session. Hopefully I remember more helpful tips and can share with you guys next time. Recorded audio spoilt halfway...aiks

Presenting you the serious AND funky Johan Sopiee as my ending of the blogpost!!

Johan Sopiee Mona Lisa's pose

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