10 Tips to Become Awesome Girlfriend

Last time I shared 10 Tips to Become A Better Boyfriend and readers like it especially girls. To be fair I am sharing 10 tips on how to be awesome girlfriend! It will be best if you can read Chinese words in the comic below. These comic are just too cute not to share =)

10 way to become good girl friend
1. Sometimes guys will be a willful child too, so bare with it and get wild together *Oh yeah!* Provided if you are okay doing funny/stupid thing together.

10 way to become good girl friend
2. Most of the time guy won't admit they are wrong (thought it is their fault), but once he realize that do give him a platform to say sorry. Give him a chance!

10 way to become good girl friend
3. If you love him, just tell him! Sometimes guys also vain about love

10 way to become good girl friend
4. Guys dun like sticky-gum-girlfriend, give him enough freedom to do what he want. Especially the 24 hours phone calling asking where are you is a No-No action.

10 way to become good girl friend
5. Do "give face" in front of his friends/colleagues. Nobody like being scold in front of others.

10 way to become good girl friend
6. Never disturb boyfriend who is playing their favourite video game. PS: Provided if he is not obsessed with it.

10 way to become good girl friend
7. Sometimes guys also can has PMS(emo) like girl, just quietly stay besides/support him will be good.

10 way to become good girl friend
8. Any guy will want to have compliments and trust from their other half. So praise them when they did something nice. Although it was just a little thing like zapping away the mosquito or killed the cockroach.

10 way to become good girl friend
9. Guys don't like to solve riddle. This is a very important note to ladies. Just straightforward and tell him what you're up to.

10 way to become good girl friend
10. Every guy hope they will be appreciated for their efforts in doing something for you. For example, queue up overnight to get the brand new iPhone5? Remember share the love, say it out. Don't just keep it inside your heart and think that's what he's suppose to do.

My opinion to have a stable relationship is to be understanding on each other and always think from his side. Imagine why would he do that at first place and figure out why. Don't just get angry everytime you see him did something wrong. Sometimes you'll only see what YOU WANT TO SEE instead of the truth.

Be always open mind and don't take your quick judgement before you find out the truth.

Remember the video that I shared in my last blog post? The girlfriend finds out that his boyfriend was proposing to another girl and she walked away. Maybe you can watch the video below to find out the truth.

Who was he proposing to? Find out now

Well, if he had called her and she answer the call, she won't have the wrong impression right? It’s always good to clear the misunderstanding.

After all, how much does it cost to make a call? Practically nothing.

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