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Mission 4.0
"The ballroom was filled to the brim with dignitaries from the embassy. The villain was lurking amidst the crowd yet Agent 7.7 had to ensure he remains undetected. The sleek design of brushed metal makes him blend in perfectly with the occasion. Barely an hour into his arrival, he heard a loud piercing scream from the main hall. "

Agent 7.7 quickly hides his Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 around his stomach and rush to the main hall. Found out that someone was hurt and bleeding while the villain rushing away from the crowd. He was holding the document!
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Agent 7.7 quickly follows behind the villain and noticed that Marrion Jones is following the same person. Marrion noticed him too so she somehow get Agent 7.7 into the same car while chasing behind the Ferrari that the villain went in.

Agent 7.7 smartly retrieve his GALAXY Tab 7.7 and open up the tracking application. Yeap, Agent 7.7 is clever enough to install a GPS tracking device earlier on the villain's car. Forgot to say that Marrion has a very nice car too, a sexy red sport car that suits her very well.

Mission 4.1
"The ambassador was fatally wounded. A bodyguard asks him who did it, he points at Agent 7.7 and dies."

This happened while Agent 7.7 was following the villain but what the bodyguard saw was Agent 7.7 who left the ballroom instead of the culprit. Therefore the bodyguard gets his entire working partner to hunt down Agent 7.7.

While Agent 7.7 was tracking the villain’s car using his GALAXY Tab 7.7, he noticed that there are 3 cars chasing behind. This makes the journey even harder for Agent 7.7. Not only he had to hunt down the villain but in the mean time trying to get rid of the cars chasing behind. That was the moment Marrion had to accelerate.

Mission 4.2
"Behind a gargoyle, he discovered a bomb. He now has 58minutes and 23seconds until the explosion!"

*1 hour earlier*

While on the way chasing the villain’s car, Marrion briefly told Agent 7.7 everything about what she was doing. Marrion was the undercover spy who pretends to work under the villain, Dr. Gareth in a biological science laboratory, she was trying to figure out what was his evil plan. After years only Marrion know that Dr. Gareth was trying to create a new kind of viral bio-weapon to kill people who block his way to rule the world. The only thing he lacks was the password to access the viral strain vessel.

Finally Agent 7.7 and Marrion reach the place where the villain’s car GPS location stops moving. It is the Biotechnology Lab that Marrion told him earlier and there were weird statues located around the building. All thanks to Agent 7.7’s sharp hearing, he heard the ticking of a bomb as they passed by a gargoyle with the bomb attached behind. Seems like Dr. Gareth plan to blow up this whole place after he get what he want. They don’t have much time to stay in this place.

With Marrion leading the way, it was an easy route to enter the main room. He saw Dr. Gareth was trying to activate the viral Bio-Weapon with the viral vessels that he successfully retrieved. Agent 7.7 has to stop him before he manages to do that. Suddenly five bodyguards came up and start shooting at Agent 7.7 and Marrion. Both of them swiftly fire their guns to the enemies’ direction. With the assistant by Marrion, it was just an easy job for Agent 7.7 to clear them out. However, this alerted Dr. Gareth and he had already activated the dangerous bio-weapon that he created. He was trying to aim at Agent 7.7 and start to fire.

Without further waiting, Agent 7.7 bet on his shooting skill that he has been practicing all the time and praying that he won’t miss this time. Not sure if it was Agent 7.7’s lucky day or his well trained shooting skill, he managed to injure the villain and the weapon was destroyed.

The alarm rang again through his Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 as there’s only 3 minutes left before the bomb explode. Agent 7.7 and Marrion quickly leave the building through the fastest escape route suggested by his GALAXY Tab 7.7.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Contest

Now You can determine what happens next! Click here and submit what you think should happen to Agent 7.7 in Mission 4! Stand a chance to win a Samsung GALAXY 7.7 if yours is the chosen plot twister!!

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