Susan Boyle's The Gift of Love Charity Drive

During the Christmas season, CD-RAMA and Sony Music collaborated to organize the 'Susan Boyle's The Gift of Love Charity Drive' to raise money for the "Precious Children's Home". In conjunction with the release of 'The Gift', RM5 will be donated by both CD-RAMA and Sony Music to the "Precious Children's Home" for every copy of 'The Gift' album that is sold at any CD-RAMA outlets from 16th of November to 19th of December 2010. At the end of the charity drive, a total of RM5,000 was collected from the sale of 'The Gift' albums.

An event was organized at Popular @ Ikano power Centre, on Thursday, 23rd of December 2010 for the children of the "Precious Children's Home" to enjoy a day out with fun-filled activities like a clown show and a cupcake-decorating session. The RM 5,000 which was raised from the charity drive was presented to the home in the form of cash and gift voucher. Each child at the event also received a RM50 Popular voucher for them to shop for their Christmas gifts in the Popular store.

Mr. Adrian Lim, the Managing Director of Sony Music Entertainment Malaysia mentioned that Sony Music Entertainment is proud to be a part of this good cause with CD-RAMA.

The RM 5,000 which was raised from the charity drive was presented to the home in the form of cash and gift voucher.

Adrian Lim wasn't hesitate to perform on stage along with the kid who like Michael Jackson =)

Here is the smallest+cutest children in Precious Children's Home

There was a cupcake-decorating session for all the kids to have fun by SugarCraft Baking & Culinary Academy

The moment when kids have fun making their own creation

These are all for the kids in Precious Children's Home

Apparently the smallest kid would like to eat the cupcake first

Without hesitation to have icing around his mouth when taking photo ;p

"I like sugar cream~"

A little group photo with the sugarcraft teachers

After the cup-cake decoration session, here comes the favourite part for the kids. The clown!

Well, I can say the kids are very smart as they can guess what the clown would do in almost every magics that he is going to perform. Above is the "How-to-make-water-disappear-magic -show"

Or maybe the clown show is for kids with age below 5 years old? ;p

Saw these cute bears in Popular Bookstore. Which ends up become a favourite stuff among my family members.

It is not easy to take care an active+sporty kiddo. You will need to run along with him~!

The kids from Precious Childrens Home were given a chance to pick what they wish to get inside Popular Book Store. I am sure the kids are all happy to get things that they like because Popular @ Ikano is so big and now have varieties of stuff besides just books

I personally think that Adrian Lim is a down to earth guy after saw him playing with the kids and wearing a balloon hat. At least he is not as diva like other people? =)

This 2 kids were sharing about what they had from Popular, which is not only a book store. Some kid bought Lady Gaga's music CD and I can say they know more celebrity latest news than me!

Of course, there are kids who has been Justin Bieber-fied. They can seriously "Baby~baby~baby~ooo".

The kids from Precious Childrens Home were singing on the stage =)

We were having lunch @ PappaRich Ikano with all the kids and events peeps

He has bright smile with white teeth.

And everyone including this kid is forever being loved =)

I like the songs on Susan Boyle's The Gift CD. Especially this one below:

Susan Boyle - The Gift - Don't Dream It's Over

*Dear Susan Boyle fans, what's your favourite song from this album?*

Glad to see happy face from the kids that day =) To see more photos taken during this event. Visit my Facebook page - TianChad @ 永遇乐. Hope the photos manage to tell you more stories~

Now I wonder in future will I able to meet Susan Boyle in real person? Saw a familiar face in Melaka but wasn't dare to ask ;p

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  1. I love what you guys are doing, and I can see why Susan Boyle wanted to support you! GO SUSAN! GO TIAN CHAD, there's a lot of joy in this blog! :-)

    AireMom, a Susan Boyle Fan

  2. Wow AireMom thanks for the comment! I guess Susan Boyle would like to see her spirits grow too~! =)


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