The FBI (Farm Bureau of Investigation) is using various blog site to send out an APB to all readers - there are two fugitives wanted for crimes against duck-kind. You can help bring these criminals to justice. There will be rewards for finding the two outlaw ducks. Calling all duck hunters!


The two mug shots above show what the ducks look like. This APB (All Points Bulletin) is meant for all vigilante readers. Keep an eye out for the Super SMS and Super FnF Ducks.

The Super FnF Duck


Height: 9 cm
Weight: 0.2 kg
Skin Color: Yellow
Identifying marks: Tattoo on rear right flank - "FnF" in a brown circle.
Behavioral traits: Incessant quacking.
Known accomplices: The Super SMS Duck
Crime: Talking cock.
Last known address: The Super FnF Duck has recently been sighted together with the Super SMS Duck in various blogs on the net.

The Super SMS Duck


Height: 9 cm
Weight: 0.8 kg (with cell phone)
Skin Color: Yellow
Identifying marks: None
Behavioral traits: Constantly texting on a cell phone. Frequently seen with a glass receptacle with the label "SMS" on right wing flap.
Known accomplices: The Super FnF Duck
Crime: Excessive texting.
Last known address: The Super SMS Duck has recently been sighted together with the Super FnF Duck in various blogs on the net.

The FBI first noticed the Super FnF Duck dialed *112*1# and further investigations revealed that the Super FnF Duck has been talking a lot of cock at only 15 sen / minute to 15 friends on ALL networks.

This led to the discovery of the Super SMS Duck odd dialing pattern to *112*2# at the same time. Additional surveillance discovered that the Super SMS Duck has been texting so excessively due to free unlimited SMS with just RM 0.50 usage!

You can register as an official Duck Hunter at the DiGi Wanted Ducks website and start by getting a hint to decipher the first clue to track down the renegade ducks. The ducks are suspected to be hiding in various blogs on the net and you can bring them to justice by clicking on the ducks you see in the blog and pasting the code into the contest form.

There was a mass prison break at the farm so you'll have to do a headcount of the ducks left on the farm after bringing the ducks in. The Top 10 Duck Hunters will be rewarded by the FBI (Farm Bureau of Investigation) each week for your efforts:

Week 1 - 10 x Sony Ericsson W880i
Week 2 - 10 x iPod Nano
Week 3 - 10 x Sony PSP
Week 4 - 10 x iPod Touch
Week 5 - 10 x Sony Ericsson W850i
Bonus Week - 5 x Sony PS3

Come back to http://www.wantedducks.com.my to check out the winners list. The winners will also receive an e-mail and a phone call.

Please play your role in bringing the fugitive ducks to justice! The FBI is counting on YOU!

Note: Retrieved from www.sixseal.com

It is easy to get the clues for the SMS and FnF code.
What you need to do is to spread the message to your friends.
According to what I have done, the more you told your friends, the more clues you get.
For example, if you inform 10 of your friends about this, you will get 10 clues, which are all unique blog site contain Nuffnang advertisement where ducky is hiding inside.
If you are lucky you will get the SMS + FnF code from just two blog site!

But I figured out there is a bug there, you can email to YOURSELF to get the clues.
Yeap! I got 10 clues for emailing myself ;p
Therefore it is easy for us to get the clues~
Nice thing are good to share ^@^

Hope I can win one of the prizes too ;p


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