Chong Fat Full

Today went to see a dentist as I need to fill a tooth. I thought I will go alone but when wake up in the morning my grandpa + grandma also want to go as grandma need his help to do something on her false teeth. It is more fun if you are not traveling alone right?

On the way going to the clinic, our lovely "Kancil" getting hotter and hotter. The water meter show the car in increasing temperature and it getting worst. Then my grandpa said need to turn the air-cone to a higher speed so the car won't get too hot.

I know know if this is the right way to do as I thought when we switch on the air-cone the car engine will get hot easily.
As a result, I went on maintain 70-80 km/h and keep on watching the meter of the car and lorry passing by and get faster than me. Sigh...

But it is better than my "kancil" can't move right?
Look at the brightside.

This is the implant of tooth that somehow give me some weird and scary feeling when I imagined the screws inserted into my gum.

When we are waiting for our turns, an old auntie with his daughter came. The old lady keep playing with her false teeth and you can hear she keep burping.
She keep asking people to let her go in first as she say she feel very uncomfortable. Besides, she keep open the doors to see if she can go in.

Later on only we knew she is a melancholic.
And I can see that her daughter is treating her bad as she keeping shouting to her not to go here and there.

After a while, it is my turn. Me and my grandma went in and she was served first.

This is one of the chair that available in the clinic. There are total 3 chairs with different age, I think this is the oldest one.
Able to took this picture as the dentist was helping my grandma fixing her false teeth.

After the dentist was done with my grandma. It is my turn.
I thought I only need to fill 1 teeth but there are two more to fill.
As I'm a "kepo" person, I asked if he has had his lunch and he said he never eat lunch.
I wonder how can he tolerate eating nothing in the noon and working until 6 PM everyday...

At the moment,
I hate the drilling sound as it does not sounds good at all.
It hurts but still tolerable.

After half an hour it was done and my grandma asked if it hurts as she heard the drilling sound so loud from the inside. Haha

There goes again driving the "kancil" way back home hoping it won't get temper and hot.


Why is my title "Chong Fat Full"?
Because this is the dentist's name :)
He is not fat and full, but he looks cute, wahaha


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