30 October 2015

Victoria Harbour @ Hong Kong

Harlow guys, since hotel providing free WiFi I have decided to post up a photo of Victoria Harbour @ Hong Kong which was taken just now.

Tomorrow we are going to Ocean Park in conjunction of Halloween festival. Definitely gonna check out The Walking Dead zone in the park tmr 😈😈😈

29 October 2015

冰淇淋狂想曲:Inside Scoop @ Jonker Street

Inside Scoop @ Jonker Street Melaka

Inside Scoop @ Jonker Street Melaka

我並不嗜甜品,卻對冰淇淋毫無招架之力。光是一隻McD的Sundae Cone都能讓我開心一整個下午,更何況是其它冰淇淋呢。

如此說來,近來除了咖啡館到處林立外,冰淇淋似乎也開始成為城市人在炎炎夏日中舒緩暑氣的新聖品。當然,每一家冰淇淋所主打的大不相同,正如Inside Scoop正是以100%純手工製作的Gelato冰淇淋為賣點,每一款冰淇淋皆採用天然原料製作而成,更融合了本地飲食色彩於集中,製作出迎合大馬人口味的美味冰淇淋。

28 October 2015

[GIVEAWAY]《 平平安安 Find My Dad》 温馨亲情电影:一趟寻父之旅,一次寻子之行

《平平安安 Find My Dad》 电影 11月12日 全马感动上映

《平平安安 Find My Dad》 电影11月12日 全马感动上映

平安(迷你彬 饰)是一个天真无邪,人见人爱的一年级小孩。他成长于一个单亲家庭,家中只有妈妈- 平妈(欧萱 饰)和阿姨照顾他。一直以来,平妈都对平安隐瞒他爸爸的一切,从中也不让平安去探望他的祖父(夏雨 饰)。


听完祖父的辩解后,平安觉得是妈妈阻止他去见自己的爸爸。他开始对在妈妈周围的人起疑,包括金马伦(品冠 饰)。小平安不停地盼望有那么一天可以找到爸爸,于是他下定决心离家出走…

"Find My Dad" Movie Synopsis
Ping An (Mini Bin) is a cute and smart boy in Standard One. He grew up in a single parent family with his mother, Ping Ma (Jeanette Aw) and Aunty (Yise Loo Ee Ser). However, Ping Ma keeps the fact of his dads death in secret and therefore would not allow Ping An to visit his grandfather (Ha Yu).

Ping An was asked to draw “My Father” by teacher, that is when Ping An started to have doubts in his mind and started to wonder where his father went. Therefore, both Ping Ma and his aunt were speechless when Ping An started to question his father's whereabouts. Nevertheless, Ping An never gave up finding out the truth and Ping Ma got very annoyed. Ping An's aunt couldn’t reject her beloved niece’s wishes, hence, she brought him to visit his grandfather in the old folks home without her sister’s notice. That was when a series of events initiated.

From the stories that were told by his grandfather, Ping An assumed that Ping Ma stops him from seeing his own father. Therefore, he started to suspect and evaluates people around Ping Ma hoping to find his own father, especially Cameron (Victor Wong) who has a special meaning tattoo according to his grandfather’s stories…

Courtesy of Asia Tropical Films, I am giving out FIVE pairs of ticket to 《平平安安 Find My Dad》 Premiere screening on 11th Nov at Paradigm Mall. Check out the details below on how to win!!

27 October 2015

Chiu Kicks Off "OlaBola", The Biggest Football Movie In Malaysian Film History

Chiu Kicks Off "OlaBola", the biggest football movie in Malaysian film history
Chiu Kicks Off "OlaBola", the biggest football movie in Malaysian film history
1st row from left to right: Marianne Tan, Mr. Chew Keng Heng (General Manager, Marketing Innovation Dept. from PANASONIC), Chiu Keng Guan (Director) , Ms. Philomena Tan (Business Executive Manager from MILO), Mr. Tung Yow Kong ( Senior Manager, Distribution from Golden Screen Cinemas), Dato Steven Lim (Group Managing Director from Multimedia Entertainment) , Henry Tan (Chief Operating Officer, Astro), Najwa Abu Bakar (Head of Astro Shaw), Frankie Lee, Bernard Hiew. 2nd row front left: Luqman Hafidz, JC Chee, Saran Kumar, Bront Palarae

After the overwhelming response to The Journey and Polis Evo, Astro Shaw brings another Malaysian classic to the silver screen that aims to inspire and thrill all Malaysians. Titled OlaBola, the feature film tells the story of everyday heroes through the lives of a multi-cultural football team. Using the world’s biggest sport as its premise, OlaBola captures the trials and triumphs that keep the team together and affirms that success is a truly collective effort. Packed with action and emotion, OlaBola is set to take Malaysian audiences on a memorable journey that showcases Malaysia’s enduring spirit at its best.

Award-winning director of The Journey, Chiu Keng Guan returns to the field, captaining an enthusiastic cast and crew. Chiu, a football enthusiast, shares that he was “once a top striker in the school team”. He says his mission is “to tell a football story that will inspire my fellow Malaysians”.Chiu believes that football is a beautiful game because it truly displays sportsmanship, boldness and team spirit.”

Chiu displays his distinctive touch in the deft handling of every character, from the determined captain Tauke and his home grown team to the enthusiastic football commentator, Rahman. Owing to personal financial issues, Tauke is forced to leave the beleaguered team. Faced by a strong possibility of failure at their first tournament, the members rally together;putting asidepersonal differences to rise above professional and personal hardships to achieve an ultimately historic triumph. Chiu’s final word says it all, “OlaBolatells us, if you have a dream, pursue it, and fight for it. Believe in yourself.”

21 October 2015

Cute Minions at OD (On Demand) by Astro Launch #OnDemand

#TCSelfie with Minions at Astro OD Launch

The other day I was at OD (ON Demand) Entertainment by Astro Launch in Bukit Jalil. It was a really cool event as you see all sorts of cosplay from Minions, The Walking Dead, Captain America and many more characters from the movie and TV Series. Now you saw my selfie with the minions, let me share more photos taken during the OD launch!

20 October 2015

NOL1XON Streetwear Pop-Up Store @ Isetan KLCC #NOL1XONxELLUI

NOL1XON Streetwear Pop-Up Store @ Isetan KLCC #NOL1XONxELLUI   "We don't set the limit, we break through it"

NOL1XON Streetwear Pop-Up Store @ Isetan KLCC #NOL1XONxELLUI  "We don't set the limit, we break through it"

NOL1XON (which means "No Limit Zone" and pronounced as No-Li-Zon) is a fast-growing fashion and clothing brand founded in June this year. The founders includes personalities Rickman Chia 谢承伟Wind Lee李诗斌 and Kirk Lim 林暐程 (TV Director and Producer). 

NOL1XON is a clothing brand which incorporating Korean fashion style and mainly themed with monochrome colors. Their shirts usually has a long-line cutting, oversized and their latest collection has red color as the new element. NOL1XON's new collection was showcased at Isetan KLCC Pop-Up Store during #NOL1XONxELLUI launch event and you may check out the new designs below.

19 October 2015

[Photo] Sparkling Night at Yuna Live In Malaysia 2015 | KLCC Plenary Hall #yunaliveinmy


Close to 3,000 fans gathered at Plenary Hall, KL Convention Centre on 16 October to see Malaysia’s very own contemporary pop songbird, Yuna, perform live in an intimate homecoming show.
For one night only, internationally renowned singer and SK-II Malaysia’s ambassador, Yuna, enchanted Malaysia she returned home to perform her catchy music live at Plenary Hall KL, Convention Centre on October 16. Organized by The Livescape Group and presented by SK-II, the concert saw close to 3,000 fans of all ages coming together for a night of shared interest to watch the amazing soloist perform in homeground.

Yuna alongside her band performed to an enthusiastic crowd who were elated to see the talented vocalist as she returned home to perform in an hour and a half show. She performed her unforgettable international hits which had fans of all ages singing and humming along to every song on her set. 

Above photo is provided by Livescape Asia and scroll down below for some of the shots that I got by using my Samsung GALAXY Note 5 with a zoom lens. I am quite impressed with the zoom lens and how the photos turn out since I was sitting at the second last row, two level above.

18 October 2015

《TVB马来西亚星光薈萃颁奖典礼2015》拉票造势活动 : TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015 @ Sunway Pyramid #TVBStarAwardsMY

《TVB马来西亚星光薈萃颁奖典礼2015》拉票造势活动 : TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015 @ Sunway Pyramid #TVBStarAwardsMY
《TVB马来西亚星光薈萃颁奖典礼2015》拉票造势活动 : TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015 @ Sunway Pyramid #TVBStarAwardsMY
《TVB马来西亚星光薈萃颁奖典礼2015》 TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015今天在Sunway Pyramid除了召开记者会,也举办了小型的拉票活动给粉丝有机会近距离接触与赢取TVB马来西亚星光薈萃颁奖典礼2015的入门票 #TVBStarAwardsMY

除此之外,《TVB马来西亚星光荟萃颁奖典礼2015》各奖项完整版入围名单,点击此处。想投选给你的TVB男神女神的朋友们请注意,赶快去Google/Apple App Store下载 “TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015”然后投票啦!!


《TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2015》TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015 Artist Meet & Greet @ Sunway Pyramid 

15 October 2015

《TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2015》: 黃智賢, 敖嘉年, 唐詩詠, 麥長青, 姚子羚,黃翠如親赴大馬拉票造勢

【UPDATE】 照片: 《TVB马来西亚星光薈萃颁奖典礼2015》拉票造势活动 : TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015 @ Sunway Pyramid #TVBStarAwardsMY


一年一度的《TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2015》將於11月28日(星期六)隆重舉行,是次頒獎禮會由TVB娛樂新聞台全力主辦,Astro为合作伙伴,MY FM及MELODY FM为媒体夥伴,並公開讓馬來西亞全民投選,讓觀眾選出他們心目中各個獎項的最佳得主。有見及此,TVB藝人黃智賢、敖嘉年、唐詩詠、麥長青、姚子羚及黃翠如將於10月16及17日親赴大馬宣傳造勢,為頒獎盛事揭開序幕!


此趟來馬,六位紅星將出席《TVB 馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2015》一共四場藝人見面會(詳情請參閱下表),並呼籲粉絲們下載流動應用程式,讓他們即時為不同獎項投票,支持這次大型頒獎盛事!

12 October 2015

2015 Ready To Fly《远走高飞》 玩全 FREE 旅行: Vivienne 温慧茵和Yoke 曾洁钰接棒

2015 《远走高飞》 玩全 FREE 旅行: Vivienne 温慧茵和Yoke 曾洁钰接棒

2015 《远走高飞》 玩全 FREE 旅行: Vivienne 温慧茵和Yoke 曾洁钰接棒Astro 本地圈艺人 Geraldine 颜慧萍、Amy 文小菲、 Danny 许佳麟以及 My FM DJ Jym 庄靖毅捧场

2015 《远走高飞》 玩全FREE旅行,超过40万令吉奖金奖品和 100万 Astro Circle 积分等你来赢取!

Vivienne 温慧茵Yoke 曾洁钰接棒的2015年全新一季《远走高飞》将在10月10号开始,每周六晚间10点,Astro AECAEC HD现场直播。全新的主持阵容,全新游戏节目玩法,传统电视与应用程式现场连线的结合,让玩家无须来到节目录影现场,就可以参与节目录影。




除了莅临采访的媒体朋友,Astro 本地圈艺人 Geraldine 颜慧萍Amy 文小菲Danny 许佳麟以及 My FM DJ Jym 庄靖毅也受邀参与模拟游戏,与媒体朋友一较高低。

11 October 2015

[Photo] Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2015 @ Mid Valley Megamall #KLPF2015

Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2015 @ Mid Valley Megamall #KLPF2015

Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2015 @ Mid Valley Megamall #KLPF2015

Instead of keeping the photos taken at #KLPF2015 in my hard disk waiting to be processed, I choosed some photos and edited using VSCOCAM on #myGalaxyNote5 before I posted it on this blog post. Everything was pretty smooth when I drafting this post on my mobile phone, almost all the features and layout appear the same on Chrome Mobile. But when I almost complete drafting this post, I accidentally replaced the whole post with a just a phrase...I was like...WTF!!!

Usually I can just press Ctrl+Z (Undo) button to recover it but I don't think any smartphone have this feature... Hence I recovered the photos that has been uploaded here and decided to type the story on my laptop.

KLPF is a photography event that if no model photoshoot/contest being held by the exhibitor/organiser, it won't be that interesting anymore hahaha. Saw a big group of photographers who brought their best camera gears, climbed on the mini ladder to capture the best moments of the model on stage for a contest. Salute you guys =)

09 October 2015

The Fastest Way To Own An iPhone 6S

The fastest way to own an iPhone by Maxis
The fastest way to own an iPhone by Maxis

In anticipation of the launch of the iPhone 6s and 6 Plus on Friday, 16 October, Maxis is offering customers the opportunity get their hands on their phones as fast as possible. Customers can pre-order their device from midnight tonight (9 Oct) at

Once customers pre-order, they can choose between Maxis 24 Hour Express Delivery or 24 Hour Express Collection at any of 40 Maxis Centers nationwide – guaranteed. Those who choose 24 Hour Express Delivery can even choose to have their phone delivered anywhere in Malaysia – home, office, restaurant or (as THIS VIDEO suggests) somewhere more unusual.  

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