25 April 2015

Peace Teo 张诒博赴往中国第四季 《The Voice中国好声音》盲选 - 祝您成功!!

希望 Peace张诒博能在《TheVoice 中国好声音2015》得到很好的成绩!!

希望 Peace Teo 张诒博能在《TheVoice 中国好声音2015》得到很好的成绩!!

恭喜Peace张诒博将代表马来西亚去第四季《TheVoice 中国好声音2015》盲选!!前天听到了他的live演出还真的很棒。备受全球华人注目的《中国好声音》再度与八度空间合作,招募好声音。早前举办的网上招募吸引了大约1500名本地参赛者。高手如云,最后仅有11位参赛者成功晋级并参与《中国好声音第四季 - 马来西亚招募站》录影。表现亮眼的Peace张诒博,凭着精湛歌艺和稳定有自信的台风,突破重围,获得评审好评,即将代表马来西亚前往中国参加第四季《中国好声音》盲选。


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[Chinese Press Release]
备受全球华人注目的《中国好声音》再度与八度空间合作,招募好声音。早前举办的网上招募吸引了大约1500名本地参赛者。高手如云,最后仅有11位参赛者成功晋级并参与《中国好声音第四季 - 马来西亚招募站》录影。表现亮眼的Peace张诒博,凭着精湛歌艺和稳定有自信的台风,突破重围,获得评审好评,即将代表马来西亚前往中国参加第四季《中国好声音》盲选。

张诒博现场演绎《你的爱》和《Count On Me》两首不同曲风的歌曲,让媒体“验证”他歌唱实力。
张诒博现场演绎《你的爱》和《Count On Me》两首不同曲风的歌曲,让媒体“验证”他歌唱实力。
王力宏 Wang Leehom《你的愛》"Your Love" (cover by Peace Teo 张诒博) 





张诒博拥有丰富的舞台经验,他在国内曾获得歌唱比赛冠军,也到海外参加多场比赛,如《TVB全球华人新秀歌唱大赛》夺得亚军,到台湾参加《超级偶像 9》让评审对他的表现赞叹不已。这一次,他再次挑战自己,期待可以站上更大的舞台。马来西亚招募站对决激烈,当中11位参赛者有6位歌手及5位素人。而参与的歌手就有吴国菲、陈珂冰、蔡忆雯、车子(车志立)、林国伟以及张诒博



OPPO Malaysia品牌经理陈璐表示,去年才开拓大马市场的OPPO Malaysia与首要媒体配合了第三季《中国好声音》成功引起观众的关注,让OPPO Malaysia在大马市场的业绩逐渐增长。很荣幸今年再度能与八度空间合作,将《中国好声音》第四季带给马来西亚观众。同时,也希望有更多的年轻人敢于追逐自己的梦想。

八度空间将于7月份播出《中国好声音第四季 - 马来西亚招募站》。欲知更多有关第四季《中国好声音》详情,可浏览八度空间官方面子书  查询。

[English Press Release]
Malaysian Contestant Peace Teo outshined more than 1,500 local contestants after he was selected to represent Malaysia in The Voice Of China Season 4 (Blind Audition) set to be held in China. The brand new season will be coming soon on 8TV this July! 

This is the second time countries outside China were invited to hold auditions in their respective locations for this phenomenal reality singing competition that is part of The Voice franchise. 

Once again, Malaysia’s hippest TV station, 8TV and The Voice Of China produced by CanXing Productions will team up again and send a homegrown talent to compete in the latest season of China’s most popular reality singing series. 

Teo’s soulful crooning and excellent choice of songs melted the hearts of the panel judges which comprised of veterans in the local and international music and entertainment arena such as popular Taiwanese Music Producer Wang Chih Pin, The Voice Of China Season 3 most popular contestants Yu Feng & Li Jia Ge and Malaysian-born International R&B singer-songwriter Z-Chen.

Prior to this, the 27-year-old who hails from Johor Bahru was the champion of a local singing competition, the first runner-up of TVB’s International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship in 2010 and a contestant of Taiwan’s Super Idol Season 9

To qualify for the recruitment, the participants had to send a music demo of their singing. It was then filtered by Malaysian judges before being sent to the production team in China for a second filtration. The recruitment is opened to Mandarin-speaking Malaysians, aged 16 and above.

The Top 11 contestants were then selected to perform in “The Voice of China Season 4 Malaysia Final Showcase” and only ONE was selected to represent Malaysia in China for The Voice Of China Season 4 (Blind Audition). Apart from Teo, the Top 11 contestants consist of six other renowned homegrown singers – Fayse Goh, Pink Tan, Vivian Chua, Che Zi, Kopi Lim – and five members of the public. 

Meanwhile, the large-scale inspiring talent reality show has recently revealed that superstar Jay Chou will be joining the competition as the latest addition of its star-studded judges and coaches line-up, alongside other experienced judges namely Harlem Yu, Na Ying and Wang Feng

“We would like to applaud The Voice Of China for opening its doors to countries outside of China to be part of this amazing and incredibly popular singing reality competition. 8TV is honoured to be involved again in the search for remarkable talents to represent Malaysia to compete in the international arena,” said Airin Zainul, Group General Manager, Brand Management & Programming Group, ntv7 & 8TV.

“We would like to thank our main sponsor, OPPO Malaysia for their unwavering support. I believe this programme will encourage more young people to become bolder and showcase their hidden talents,” Airin added. 

OPPO Malaysia Brand Manager Chen Lu said, “OPPO Malaysia is pleased with the success of The Voice Of China Season 3, which managed to capture the hearts of viewers last year. We are honoured to once again collaborate with 8TV in unearthing young and dynamic singers and exposing them in an amazing international platform such as this.” 

“OPPO Malaysia has been experiencing strong growth and partnerships like this are meaningful to us to reach out to consumers, while contributing to the growth and development of the country’s entertainment scene. We hope to continue to encourage more young people to have courage and go after their dreams,” she added. 

Altogether, there are four stages of competition in this reality talent show which includes “Blind Auditions”, “Battle Rounds”, “Knockout Rounds” and the “Grand Finals”. The winner will be decided by public votes. The Voice Of China Season 4 will be aired on 8TV (Channel 708) in July this year!

王力宏 Wang Leehom《你的愛》"Your Love" (cover by Peace Teo 张诒博) 

最后当然希望Peace Teo 张诒博能在中国第四季《中国好声音》盲选 得到辉煌的成绩!!

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