31 March 2014

Decision Making: Photography or blogging?

PETRONAS Twin Towers looks awesome on a sunny day @ PETRONAS Motorsports Demo Run
It's been so many things that I need to make a decision and the decision will eventually affect my next route of life. People say that you must try out things that you are not comfortable with because that's when you learn and improve yourself at the same time.

27 March 2014

我红"你不红" 歌词 You'r Not Red Lyrics

你不红歌词 You're Not Red by Red People
你不红 You're Not Red by Red People

Namewee创作了 “你不红 You're Not Red”,他平时就是喜欢做与众不同的事情
Namewee创作了 “你不红 You're Not Red”,他平时就是喜欢做与众不同的事情

既然有不少人在找“你不红 You're Not Red”的歌词。我就让你学唱这首歌吧!!花了少许时间把你不红歌词打出来,喜欢这首歌的就按赞吧!“你不红” 歌词在下面,请继续scroll down:

26 March 2014

REACH OUT 2014 - Meet your favourite YouTubers here!

Reach Out 2014 @ Taylor's Lakeside
5 April 2014

A cool platform to promote volunteerism to urban youth through sharing of experiences by selected champions of volunteerism who are successful in their own arenas.


  • To inspire urban youth by engaging international icons to share their experiences in volunteerism
  • To share that volunteer opportunities come in a variety of exciting platforms

DATE : Saturday 5 April 2014
TIME : 2.00 p.m. – 6.00 p.m. – CONVENTION
            6.00 p.m. – 11.00 p.m. – CELEBRATION
VENUE : Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus

Register now to book your spot at the convention and win passes for the Meet & Greet Session! Reach Out Convention and Celebration is happening this 5th April 2014, 2pm-11pm, at Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus. Entry is FREE! Share this with your friends and get them to register their names as well!

25 March 2014

Stefanie Sun 孫燕姿《克卜勒》唯一大马签唱会 @ Paradigm Mall [6 April 2014] 别错过!!

孫燕姿《克卜勒》大马签唱会 @ Paradigm Mall 6th April 2014   6.30PM
孫燕姿《克卜勒》大马签唱会 @ Paradigm Mall
6th April 2014   6.30PM

睽違樂壇将近3年,經過精心製作和錄音後, 孫燕姿全新專輯《克卜勒》終於在萬眾期待下誕生!由大馬環球音樂以及星藝娛樂聯辦, 繼2007年孫燕姿帶著《逆光》專輯來馬宣傳后,相隔8年“宇宙天后”孫燕姿帶著全新專輯<克卜勒>即將再度空降大馬旋風48小時!屆時,她將於于4月6號(星期日),傍晚6點半,在Upper Atrium, Level UG, Paradigm Mall舉行唯一一場的大型簽唱會!

Namewee新挑拨制作 “你不红 You're Not Red”真的在培育红人吗?

[UPDATE: Namewee 我红"你不红" 歌词 You'r Not Red Lyrics]
你不红 You're Not Red by Red People
刚刚有网友叫我看这部“你不红 You're Not Red ”MV,听说上载不到24小时已经有一万五千多个Dislike。为什么那么多人不喜欢呢??其实Namewee就是看透了现代网友的一个缺口,然后借用新鲜网路红人的力量,再写些讨人厌的歌词来激怒大家。如果你一看完MV你就按Dislike然后留言咒骂,那你就中计了。。。


19 March 2014

I Miss Mabul Island

A group picture of us who stay at the same lodge in Mabul Island Spheredivers Lodge @ Mabul Island
A group picture of us who stay at the Spheredivers Lodge @ Mabul Island
It was a trip planned one year ahead and I have no regrets following friend's advice to book the ticket earlier ;p I had my Open Water Diving License here and glad to meet our dive instructor Benjamin Choong who is fun and helpful in many ways. Thanks Nicole for planning this trip as well!

11 March 2014

35张照片叙述 "苏打绿当我们一起走过 - 吉隆坡站"

35张照片叙述 "苏打绿当我们一起走过 - 吉隆坡站"

[照片]蘇打綠当我们一起走过 - 吉隆坡站 Sodagreen Walk Together Live in KL 2014 

09 March 2014

Lifehouse and Sam Dowden joining Twin Towers @Live 2014

Lifehouse performing @ Twin Towers @Live 2014
Lifehouse performing @ Twin Towers @Live 2014

Weekend is coming to an end but a new week starting soon! Just to share with you guys that Lifehouse, the American Rock Band and  Sam Dowden, the talented guitarist and song writer from London is coming to Malaysia for the upcoming Twin Towers @Live 2014 concert in Malaysia.

So far the whole artist line-up seems like more to adults instead of youngsters. Hopefully there will be another new announced artist/group that will attract youngsters to this concert soon. If you can choose your favourite musician to perform in Malaysia, who would that be? =) 

07 March 2014

Fun moments with The Journey Cast and Friends!

The Journey 一路有你 Media Redbox Gathering @ IOI Mall
The Journey 一路有你 Media  Gathering @ Redbox IOI Mall

Hmmm... playing with Flickr after so long and it seems that I can't embed single photos anymore with their new layout. Anyway, I will book this slot while figuring out the way to use the old embed html code... All you need to do is to click the "Opt out and give feedback" and you may gain back the option to grab HTML code =)

03 March 2014


Future Music Festival Asia 2014 Full Line up
March 13-15, 2014
Bukit Jalil National Stadium


Oscar and Grammy nominee Pharrell Williams, Martin Garrix, Bassjackers and Will Sparks adds to an already stellar line-up as FMFA 2014 turns up the heat

Festival fans can finally breatheeasy as Livescape Asia today announced the full line-up of acts wired to take over the sound waves of Kuala Lumpur from March 13 to 15, 2014. The biggest music festival in Southeast Asia will host a massive line-upfeaturing over 70 international and local artistes over the three day block. Future Music Festival Asia 2014 takes place this year at one of Malaysia’s most iconic monuments, the Bukit Jalil National Stadium Showgrounds.

02 March 2014

狮神决战 The Lion Men Gala Premiere @ Genting Highland & Personal Review

狮神决战 The Lion Men Gala Premiere @ Genting Highland 云顶高原
On 19th February, I was one of the blogger invited to attend the Gala Premiere of <<狮神决战 The Lion Men>> at Genting Highland. Since I want to take a break from the smoky and hazy KL, me and a few media friends went uphill together.

当我们一起走过 - 苏打绿吉隆坡站 Walk Together - Sodagreen Live in Kuala Lumpur

苏打绿《当我们一起走过》巡回演唱会 - 吉隆坡站 Sodagreen "Walk Together" Tour Live in Kuala Lumpur 摄于3月1号 @ Putra Indoor Stadium
苏打绿《当我们一起走过》巡回演唱会 - 吉隆坡站 Sodagreen "Walk Together" Tour Live in Kuala Lumpur
摄于3月1号 @ Putra Indoor Stadium
四年前我只是一位小歌迷在Sungei Wang支持苏打绿,当时对摄影还是一窍不通,用那傻瓜相机记录画面。。。可是昨天,昨天真的算是达成小弟的小小心愿。以前曾想过“以后我要为我喜欢的音乐人捕抓那可贵的一面”。没想到四年后真的实现了!!

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