29 April 2013

Trip to India with Senheng to see Dato Lee Chong Wei play live!

Harlo guys just a very short update of where I am now. Courtesy of Senheng, I am currently heading to India to witness Dato' Lee Chong Wei play badminton match live!! Woah~~ Currently "lepak" at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 using their free WiFi and really amazed with the Sunflower Garden which located just beside the smoking area. Ironically beautiful though haha. No I wasn't there to smoke of course!

Here's a selfie of me with tons of sunflowers at the garden:


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25 April 2013

[CONTEST] Be Adventurous & Win Brand New S4 with Astro-On-The-Go!!

Are you up to challenging adventures and good in social media?? If yes, you better don't miss out this chance to join  “Explorer-On-The-Go” contest to win the brand new Samsung GALAXY S4, Apple iPad Mini, Nexus 7 or even big amount of cash!! You better be an Astro-On-The-Go subscriber to be entitled for the cash prize~ Woohoo! Check out the prize list below, Astro is always generous in give out prizes yo!!

Prizes for “Explorer-On-The-Go” contest. You should really visit this page for the contest details!


Here's my example of how my contest entry will looks like:

Three years ago, I challenged myself for Bungy Jump @ Sunway Lagoon during my MSS trip.  Now I can't wait to go to New Zealand to try out their exciting bungy jump or even sky-diving in future. [Still in planning cos not much people dare to go with me...] Not afraid of height can definitely enlighten your life haha.

Besides joining the Fear Factor challenge that I went last year, I think that I am quite adventurous to do all 4 challenges. Just that during that time I was short of time to find the marbles T.t... I am not afraid of dark, slippery frog or even snakes as they are surely non-poisonous before we can play with it.

My most most recent challenging thing that I did was during my Krabi trip, I decided to kayak alone and kinda got myself lost in the middle of no where. I still remember I was hesitated to continue kayaking or just kayak back to the base station for safety. I think I was kayaking alone for more than 30 minutes and thanks god I manage to find back my teammates with lucks hahaha. Luckily I didn't met any huge anaconda or hidden crocodile crawling on my way.

A picture of me trying to look calm while feeling lost hahaha
Hopefully from all these little stories I have shared, you know that I am an unstoppable adventurer! I really can't wait to visit more different places across the world and try out what people don't usually do. YOLO [You only live once]
The first essential gadget I need will be a camera, as that's the thing that helps me record my life and ability to share it with friends later. The second gadget that I need will be non-ther than my dependable Samsung GALAXY S3, it basically self me so well by redirecting me to the correct path using the GPS application, update my social status easily to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram+++

Sometimes when I am not at home and wanna get  some courage to do something extreme, Animal Planet is one of my favourite channel to watch through my S3:

Watching Rattlesnake Republic on on my mobile phone with Astro On-The-Go now

 *now you shall have an idea on how to write your entry right?? I can't reveal too much as I also wanna join the contest!!*

The 50 most creative blog posts will be qualified to participate in the exclusive Explorer-On-The-Go contest event held on the 18th of May 2013! Note: All participants will be teamed up in pairs.

For more information about this Explorer-On-The-Go contest , remember to visit Nuffnang website and for the full details ya. I shall start drafting a more exciting post to join this adventurous contest that will give me awesome prize!! S4 please come to papa!

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22 April 2013

I'm speaking at "The Workshop 2013: Achieving Dreams" @ Sunway College [24 Apr 2013]

Top 3 Samsung Global Bloggers 2012 @ London 2012
Simon Derbaix, Tian Chad and Rachel Stringer
Few weeks ago, I was really surprised as I received an email from Lilian who currently studying in Sunway College.  I was asked to share about how I ended up choosing blogging as my career and won a sponsored trip to London 2012 as a Samsung Global Blogger 2012. These are a very long story to share haha.

Since the title of the workshop is "Achieving Dreams", I will share more about how I, a science stream graduates who was doing microbes & laboratory research ended up choose to become a fulltime blogger who share his stories through photographs. I gotta admit that I can snap photos better than I express my thought through words and speech. Therefore, hopefully you can understand what I am going to talk about during the workshop kay?

PS: If you want to know more about my background read my "About Me".

The Workshop 2013: Achieving Dreams
Date: 24 April 2013
Venue: Sunway College Auditorium 4
Venue has changed to Auditorium 2!
3.15 PM
I am not really sure with what I shall share during the workshop but I am open to any questions in your mind now and feel free to leave a comment below or email me so that I can give you a quicker and proper answer. Remember this is a chance for you to get to know more about my blogging experience and I really hope I can help you in achieve your dreams too.

I still remember some typical parents doesn't really like their kids to have ambitions of becoming a painter/singer/designer as  they thought this will be a tough road for his life and it will be hard for him to make a living and by only become a doctor will makes you rich. However for me, I am glad I have supportive family and friends who gave me the freedom to do what I really like and eventually getting one step closer to my dream. [To be honest, nothing is easy at first place especially when you want to do what you really want]

If you are interested to meet me in person and share what's your concern, just come and pay a visit at Sunway College on 24 April 2013 =) For more info about the event visit this FB event page created by Sunway College students of FIA G6. Now I start to feel nervous already =S   

 Anyway, see you there!!

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Usain Bolt now with the fastest Celcom 4G LTE
Have you seen Celcom’s latest TV commercial with Usain Bolt running through KL city? Usain Bolt is the official ambassador for Celcom network.  

Celcom Bolt

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Celcom 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the 4th generation wireless mobile communication that allows mobile users to experience speeds of up to 10 times faster than what you are currently used to. So just how fast is 4G? For those who don’t quite know what you could achieve with 100Mbps on your smartphone, picture this: 
Downloading a 5MB song can be done in 2 seconds flat, and a 750MB movie can be downloaded in about 5 minutes. Pretty nifty, eh?
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To check for Celcom 4G LTE coverage in your area, please click here.

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19 April 2013

Suria KLCC 2013 Spring/Summer Fashion Week Runway Shows Gala Night

KLCC Summer Spring Fashion Week Runway Show 2013
Suria KLCC 2013 Spring/Summer Fashion Week Runway Shows Gala Night
On Wednesday night, I was invited by Jess Lee and Suria KLCC for the Suria KLCC 2013 Spring/Summer Fashion Week Gala Night. Although the runway show was short, it was quite entertaining to see all the new fashion sense from 17 popular brands. The Suria KLCC 2013 Spring/Summer Fashion Week will feature runway shows by participating brands at selected times and special promotions from now till 12th May. I like the performance from local songstress Ida Mariana (who has powerful vocal) and sexy violinist Joanne Yeoh that definitely wowed the crowd.

Suria KLCC 2013 Spring/Summer Fashion Week Runway Shows Schedule
From 18th April - 21st April, Suria KLCC shoppers will be able to watch models strut down the runway at the Centre Court. Participating brands include Braun Buffel, Focus Point, G2000, Gingersnaps, Harley Davidson, Havaianas, Jelly Bunny, nine West, Mothercare, Nose, Poney, Samsonite, Steve Madden, Ted Baker, The Travel Store, Timberland and Tiamo.

All right I shall let the photos below tell more stories:

18 April 2013

Top 30 Photos @ 第四届《MY Astro 至尊流行榜颁奖典礼》 [4th MY Astro Music Awards 2013]

Since I still can't access my Facebook account AND page, sorry that I gotta need to delay the publication of your favourite artists' photo album. Anyway, here's my top 30 favourite photos taken during 第四届《MY Astro 至尊流行榜颁奖典礼》 [4th MY Astro Music Awards 2013]

Royce and Bernard looks more hyped up than Jack and WaiFun that night
They are the emcees of the night!

Love the stage design especially the lighting =)
Designed by 李凊仪(Kiky Lee Ching Yee)who just won the 2012 - 13 Italy Stage Design “A’Design Award”
Bernard Hiew who run all over the big stage

AK + Thomas and Jack performed together
Oppa Gangnam Style

AK + Thomas and Jack + Fireworks
Geraldine颜慧萍 & 赵洁莹


Respect dancer dancing along the music. Usually people don't notice them

AK's gay-relationship aka gossips gimmick?

何志健 dancing not bad but I couldn't hear what he sang that night.
Mic oh mic


蔡旻佑 kissing the trophy

Eric 林健辉 摸摸耳朵

林健辉 + 烟花"不够狠"


Ella 陈嘉桦 rock and win


Ella陈嘉桦 - Bad Girl

Ella陈嘉桦 瞄准相机!


潘玮柏 - 微笑
潘玮柏 - 《不想醒来》

甜美范范 范玮琪

范范 范玮琪送上爱吻

范范 范玮琪粉红裙

范范 范玮琪high翻全场

范范 范玮琪

范范 范玮琪 - Love Life

Now can you guess who are my favourite artists? =) Just drop by my FB page for more photos ya. There are more than 250++ photos in that album. Hope you all like and share the photos uploaded at TianChad @ 永遇乐. It was very tiring snapping photos non-stop during the music awards but after see back all the photos, I am a happy guy haha.


PS: Hopefully I can get back my FB account soon... DiGi said they can't do anything for me unless wait for Facebook's admin. Sigh......

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My Facebook account blocked, can't receive confirmation code through DiGi mobile phone

Two days ago, when I login my Facebook and switched to "Tian Chad @ 永遇乐" admin to update MY Astro 至尊流行榜颁奖典礼 Photo Album. [Usually I just use my main account to do all these because you can switch to admin/person easily] Suddenly I was asked to re-login when I try to reply a comment on the FB Page...

So I just relogin and Facebook asked me to verify account by entering the security code that will send to my mobile phone. Security check as below:
Facebook Mobile Security Check

Now the problem is I can receive any SMS from my friends BUT anything from Facebook is 'disabled' and not functioning. Is it because I renewed my SIM card just few days ago?? I don't know
Confirmation code never arrive although I've pressed so many times resent

I've tried to email Facebook Support Center through the FB guidelines provided here and this is the reply I got:


Thank you for submitting this bug report and the taking time to help us improve Facebook. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to every bug report individually, but we are reading them.

We appreciate your patience and feedback as we work to improve your Facebook experience.

The Facebook Team"

So this means that I won't be able to retrieve my FB account in 24 hours (or even 240 hours) just because I can't receive the confirmation code SMS from Facebook to DiGi number. The reason I renewed my SIM card few days ago is because it suddenly become not-in-service for the whole day and ended up DiGi Center asked me to pay RM10 for a new SIM card. [To safe time and trouble I paid the RM10]

However it seems like it is creating trouble to me since their connection with Facebook have some issue I guess. Now I wonder where did that trouble comes from, Facebook or DiGi Telco? Possible cause:
  • Facebook has a new SMS system and DiGi haven't update with it
  • The new SIM card I got from DiGi has certain function disabled, including SMS from Facebook

Now I need to go to the nearest DiGi Center to troubleshoot this... Another problem is, do you think the customer service in DiGi Centre Malaysia will able to help me out?? I shall see...

If you know somebody that can help me solve this problem, feel free to email me or leave a comment below. Will be super appreciate for that! T.T"


范范 范玮琪 @ MY Astro 至尊流行榜颁奖典礼
Hopefully everything will be recovered soon before I head to India for a trip!! Yeah India, where 'apunene' can be seen everywhere. Stay positive and look at the brightside!!

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17 April 2013

Ace of Angels #AOA @ 2013 Asia Super Showcase Press Con | Renoma Cafe Gallery

Ace of Angels #AOA @ 2013 Asia Super Showcase Press Con | Renoma Cafe Gallery
Since my FB account will be disabled for another 24 hours, here's a photo of Ace of Angels [AOA] who attended the 2013 Asia Super Showcase Press Conference this evening at Renoma Cafe Gallery. (I usually post on FB Page first...)

This photo can almost become a great AOA group picture with everyone's eye contact on my camera. Unfortunately Choa looked somewhere else haha. Overall, they are very friendly =)

PS: Thanks to MY FM DJ Jeff陈浩然 helping me to redirect their attention, which create this photo.
PPS: Their long legs looks red in colour because of the red spotlight in the cafe.

2013 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia
       Date: 12 MAY 2013
  Time: 8:00pm 
  Venue: Stadium Merdeka, KL
Jointly organized by Marctensia Concerts and Universal Music Malaysia, and supported by Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) and Ministry of Tourism Malaysia the “Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia” is back again after its first successful run in December 2012! The “2013 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia” will be bringing a star-studded line-up: Girls’ Generation and AOA. The final artist group will be announced shortly.

The “2013 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia” will be happening May 12, 2013 at Stadium Merdeka, KL at 8pm. Tickets are priced at RM223, RM323 (Free Seating), RM353, RM453 (Free Standing) and VIP (Numbered Seating).

For more information about 2013 Asia Super Showcase and ticketing, please visit Ticket Charge now.

More photos to be shared tomorrow. Cheers =)

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15 April 2013

4th MY Astro Music Awards Winner List | 第四届《MY Astro 至尊流行榜颁奖典礼》得奖名单 #MAMA2013

第四届MY Astro至尊流行榜颁奖典礼 #MAMA2013

第四届《MY Astro 至尊流行榜颁奖典礼》得奖名单

MY Astro至尊男歌手(海外)- 陈奕迅
MY Astro至尊女歌手(海外)- 范玮琪
MY Astro至尊男歌手(大马)- 林健辉
MY Astro至尊女歌手(大马)- 梁静茹
MY Astro 至尊年度歌曲大奖 - 曲婉婷《我的歌声里》
MY Astro全台主持联颁至尊男歌手 - 潘玮柏
MY Astro全台主持联颁至尊女歌手 - 陈嘉桦
MY Astro至尊年度进榜最久冠军歌曲 - 郁可唯《失恋事小》
MY Astro至尊电影歌曲(海外)- 陈嘉桦《坏女孩》 - 女孩坏坏
MY Astro至尊电影歌曲 (大马)- 宇田《带我走》- 纸月亮
MY Astro 至尊年度专业表现大奖(海外)- AK
MY Astro 至尊年度专业表现大奖(大马)- 陈威全
MY Astro至尊年度推荐歌手大奖(海外)- 潘裕文
MY Astro至尊年度推荐歌手大奖(大马)- 钟瑾桦
MY Astro至尊专辑 - 林宥嘉《大小说家》
MY Astro至尊迷你专辑 - Ella陈嘉桦《我就是...》
MY Astro至尊新人 – Fuying & Sam、陈珂冰、赵洁莹&颜慧萍
MY Astro至尊演绎歌手(海外 - 男)- 陈奕迅
MY Astro至尊演绎歌手(海外 - 女)- 郁可唯
MY Astro至尊演绎歌手(大马 - 男)- 林健辉
MY Astro至尊演绎歌手(大马 - 女)- 马嘉轩
MY Astro至尊创作男歌手(海外)- 蔡旻佑
MY Astro至尊创作女歌手(海外)- 曲婉婷
MY Astro至尊创作男歌手(大马)- 陈威全
MY Astro至尊创作女歌手(大马)- 宇田
MY Astro至尊MV - 倪安东《一觉醒来》
MY Astro至尊舞台表现大奖(海外)- 潘玮柏
MY Astro至尊舞台表现大奖(大马)- 何志健
MY Astro 至尊组合(海外)- S.H.E
MY Astro 至尊组合(大马)- 东于哲
MY Astro至尊大跃进男歌手(海外)- 潘裕文
MY Astro至尊大跃进女歌手(海外)- 黄美珍
MY Astro至尊大跃进男歌手(大马)- 张起政
MY Astro至尊大跃进女歌手(大马)- 苏盈之
MY Astro至尊全新登场歌手 - 叶俊亨
MY Astro至尊潜力全方位发展艺人奖(海外)- 倪安东
MY Astro至尊潜力全方位发展艺人奖(大马)- 张诒博
My Astro至尊情歌 - 范玮琪《最亲爱的你》
My Astro至尊舞曲 - 蔡旻佑《超级右脑》
My Astro至尊单曲 - BFF 赵洁莹 and 颜慧萍

14 April 2013

Karen Mok 莫文蔚 "Somewhere I Belong" Promo Tour in Malaysia 大馬宣傳之旅 [Paradigm Mall]

Karen Mok 莫文蔚 Somewhere I Belong Promo Tour in Malaysia 大馬宣傳之旅 [Paradigm Mall]
Karen Mok 莫文蔚 "Somewhere I Belong" Promo Tour in Malaysia 大馬宣傳之旅 [Paradigm Mall]
Karen Mok “Somewhere I Belong” Autograph Session
Date : 13/4/2013 ( Saturday)
Time : 8pm
Venue : Upper Atrium, Level UG, Paradigm Mall
As usual, photo story first before I give description to some of the photos. It was very close this time for me to have a photo together with Karen Mok but in the end I didn't manage to get it... BUT I am quite happy to capture these Karen Mok's Malaysia Fans group photo! More photos below:

Overall, Karen Mok is very friendly in person =) She made the three fans on stage feeling comfortable by standing side by side listen to their saying. Karen Mok 莫文蔚 "Somewhere I Belong"  is her first English music album featuring Jazz genre music in overall. Karen Mok saying that she will prefer to consider act in something different than "The God of Cookery @ 食神" as she wanted to try new things. Same goes to "Somewhere I Belong", which is an album featuring Jazz music, Karen decided to do something different after 20 years in this career and perhaps with a stunning concert tour.

Karen Mok plays a Hong Kong police officer in Reeves’ directorial debut, “Man of Tai Chi,” scheduled for release this summer. Karen will be on the good side in this movie.

Danlel Wellington Watch Promotion

15% off on Daniel Wellington Watch