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My 2013 Perseids Meteor Shower Photography Attempt

Me and my sister chatting while waiting for the 2013 Perseids meteor shower

After reading how to photograph the Perseids meteor shower from SLR Lounge, me, my sister and a friend decided to make a last minute trip to the beach to try our luck in witnessing the predicted meteor shower. Hence I just bring along my photography gears and went to the beach! Surprisingly there were quite a lot people doing the same thing and most of them are couples.

In the end, I manage to capture a series of stars photos but none contain meteor storm/shower ... Oh well, just now the sky was quite cloudy but I am happy when I captured a lighting in one of my interval shot. Hopefully I can capture better star trails especially to witness the meteor storm with my own eyes next time.

A photo captured at my house balcony before we decided to go to the beach with darker ambience

We'll Be Counting Stars - One Republic

I like OneRepublic!! Introducing their new song 'Counting Stars' =D

No more stars, the cloud was approaching and covered the sky
No, that's not Perseids Meteour, just a 'Kong Ming Lantern' with storm clouds behind

Two good friend who has been chatting on the left corner since we arrive ignoring the coming storm

If you manage to capture any 2013 Perseids Meteor Shower photo, feel free to share the photo/link at comment section below. I would like to learn from you and share your good shots with my readers too =)

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