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TC Bear Like Nadeje Mille Crepe @ Dataran Pahlawan

TC Bear followed us to Nadeje Mille Crepe at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka to have a blissful + sinful desserts time. TCBear's friend scared of Green Tea flavoured mille crepe but me, Dearbear3 and TCBear like it. If it is your first time visit, go for their Chocolate/Mocha Flavoured Mille Crepe. You won't be disappointed.

So if you like it you will flying like a G6 like TCBear!

This is another "RandomChad" post, just back from Melaka and compiling some photos. Managed to take a lot photos but as a consequence I need more time to go through all of them. Hope can publish my CNY photo asap?

PS: Are you one of the healthy person who planning to lose weights that you piled up during Chinese New Year? Remember to stay healthy as always! Especially after a sinful desserts time!

Between, stay tune for my next post as I am going to review a special compact camera by Nikon!

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