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Self Limiting Thoughts

Do you have self limiting beliefs? Are there hopes and dreams tucked away inside your mind? Is that where they are going to stay?

Do you long to do things and yet don't take the next step to achieve your dream?

It's your own thoughts that limit you, although you might say that this isn't true, that you would live your dream but people have told you they don't think its a good idea, or that you probably wont be successful, and so you haven't bothered.

Don't blame other people! Don't let someone else's thoughts and ideas control what you want to do. When people say they don't want you to do something, and you choose to listen to them, it's your though ts that limit you, not the other people who gave their opinion.

Time and again we let our thoughts limit us. Sometimes because we can't be bothered, we can't get enthusiastic, or maybe we are in fear of failing. There are people who don't attempt new things in case they succeed, because then they have something to live up to, and their thoughts tell them that maybe they wont succeed a second time.

Sometimes life is not easy!

When you want to change and achieve your hopes and dreams, you have to change the belief you have about yourself. You need to change the "I can't do this" attitude to the "I can do this" attitude. You limit yourself by what you tell yourself, and the only way out of self limiting beliefs is to change your thoughts from negative to positive.

Once you decide you are not going to have self limiting beliefs and that you are no longer going to listen to what others say you are capable of, but decide yourself what it is you are going to do, you have to stay true to yourself, and trust in your decision.

When you hear that negative thought coming to mind, firmly push it away and replace it with a positive one. Only you know your ability, and when you put it to the test, you may just surprise yourself as to how confident and clever you turn out to be!

Why not give it a try? You have everything to gain!


This is why I always tell others to "Look at the brigfhtside"

But I think I need to told myself more about it too ;p

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)