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Sometimes it is no need to worry about

Last post I did mentioned I lost my purse and
I'm sure that I got bring it home

But I just cannot find it.

The day after I can't find my purse
I was forced to make a new IC (RM 210) and driving license (RM 20)
The efficiency of processing MyKad is still very slow...
In addition there are flies flying around in the place!

Therefore I need to ask for my father to fetch me here and there at his working time.
Thanks alot dad!!

Now, please look at the below picture

It is just a chair right??
But when I simply draw out the "ladder" during watching late night show
See what I found!!

=.=" It was accidentally tighten to the rubber band and won't be noticed when the ladder was pushed back....

Arghhh, after I done my new IC + driving license only he came out!!
So...sometimes it is no need to worry about
Now I learnt that when u lost something in your house
You can't find it anywhere
But will only come out itself when you don't want to find it anymore....

Haha, now I know there is one more uses for that chair.
Sneaking items under it!

Anyway, look at the bright side la
Now I have two IC and two license
With new picture somemore!! ;p

About the convo pict
I will upload them as soon as possible
Hope everyone else can upload it on Facebook or yahoo grp for photo collection ar!!
Goodnight ~

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)