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I have been searching for the possible symptoms and here they are:

  • The carrier will have a mild anemia which means that the carrier will have a mild reduce in the red blood cells within his body.
  • The thalassemia minor carrier will also have a mild enlargement in the spleen (organ which is located adjacent to the stomach and which stores or filters the blood).
  • A potential thalassemia carrier will also experience fatigue and tiredness more usual compared to a healthy individual. This means that, a potential thalassemia carrier will feel tired both physically and mentally.
  • In addition to that, if an individual is suffering from shortness of breath, he should also be more aware about this health conditions as normally, an individual suffering from shortness of breath may very well be a potential carrier of the thalassemia disease.
  • If blood trace is found on an individual's urine, the individual should visit his general practitioner as soon as possible as blood trace in urine may very well means that the individual is suffering from a severe disease such as thalassemia.

Generally, all of the symptoms mentioned above are easily detectable by the individual himself. If more than one of these symptoms occurs on an individual, he should immediately consult his general practitioner in order to further diagnose his health conditions.

Taken from http://www.tam.org.my/thalassemia-symptoms.html

In addition, I also learned that the people which are pale in nature don't be so happy as you might be a carrier of thalassemia. The precaution for thalassemia is, never ever have child with the other half or else your children might suffer...

Hope I'm not a carrier of this genetic disease as I have lower red blood cells count (diagnose from PathLab) compared to normal individuals and I need to undergo further testing which cost me a few hundred bugs to confirm that.

It is really hard to find the jobs in other country and also my hometown.
Seems like most of the opportunities are in KL/Selangor...

Is it really that only few biotech jobs available?

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)