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This afternoon I saw my grandma took in the "prawn biscuit" = 虾饼 that has been sun-baked for two days. If the prawn biscuit not dry, it will cause you pain later when you fry!!

In the above picture, it showed that my grandma was frying the PrawnB.

Pre-fried PrawnB in your left and post-fried at your right.

There are new members that was welcomed.

The colourful prawn biscuit. It is not so tasty but my grandparents like it.

This proved that human are attracted with colourful things ~~


I have learnt that when you want to fry PrawnB, there are a few things to do:

  1. Makesure the PrawnB is dry before you fry. Or else you will encounter boiled-oil attack. Serious! :P I can still see the scars on my grandma hands

  2. Makesure the cooking oil is hot enough but not too hot as the fried PrawnB might be small in size or become "chao-ta"/carbon.

  3. The process is very hot

  4. Lastly, prepare your empty stomach to fit them in! Haha...and dont forget to drink more water~

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