28 July 2008


I have been searching for the possible symptoms and here they are:

  • The carrier will have a mild anemia which means that the carrier will have a mild reduce in the red blood cells within his body.
  • The thalassemia minor carrier will also have a mild enlargement in the spleen (organ which is located adjacent to the stomach and which stores or filters the blood).
  • A potential thalassemia carrier will also experience fatigue and tiredness more usual compared to a healthy individual. This means that, a potential thalassemia carrier will feel tired both physically and mentally.
  • In addition to that, if an individual is suffering from shortness of breath, he should also be more aware about this health conditions as normally, an individual suffering from shortness of breath may very well be a potential carrier of the thalassemia disease.
  • If blood trace is found on an individual's urine, the individual should visit his general practitioner as soon as possible as blood trace in urine may very well means that the individual is suffering from a severe disease such as thalassemia.

Generally, all of the symptoms mentioned above are easily detectable by the individual himself. If more than one of these symptoms occurs on an individual, he should immediately consult his general practitioner in order to further diagnose his health conditions.

Taken from

In addition, I also learned that the people which are pale in nature don't be so happy as you might be a carrier of thalassemia. The precaution for thalassemia is, never ever have child with the other half or else your children might suffer...

Hope I'm not a carrier of this genetic disease as I have lower red blood cells count (diagnose from PathLab) compared to normal individuals and I need to undergo further testing which cost me a few hundred bugs to confirm that.

It is really hard to find the jobs in other country and also my hometown.
Seems like most of the opportunities are in KL/Selangor...

Is it really that only few biotech jobs available?

21 July 2008

Something for nothing

Never think of getting something for nothing
It is getting harder and harder and I must improve

I'm getting nearer to it
What I need to do is to try harder next time
and make sure

I got 99 % confidence for that

17 July 2008


This afternoon I saw my grandma took in the "prawn biscuit" = 虾饼 that has been sun-baked for two days. If the prawn biscuit not dry, it will cause you pain later when you fry!!

In the above picture, it showed that my grandma was frying the PrawnB.

Pre-fried PrawnB in your left and post-fried at your right.

There are new members that was welcomed.

The colourful prawn biscuit. It is not so tasty but my grandparents like it.

This proved that human are attracted with colourful things ~~


I have learnt that when you want to fry PrawnB, there are a few things to do:

  1. Makesure the PrawnB is dry before you fry. Or else you will encounter boiled-oil attack. Serious! :P I can still see the scars on my grandma hands

  2. Makesure the cooking oil is hot enough but not too hot as the fried PrawnB might be small in size or become "chao-ta"/carbon.

  3. The process is very hot

  4. Lastly, prepare your empty stomach to fit them in! Haha...and dont forget to drink more water~

13 July 2008

July 12th

Yesterday was a special Saturday. JiaXian ask people out and only manage to get three people out, as usual the buddies.
BUT! The plan changed when YongKuan told us to meet at "济香" as there are special guest there.
(I believe those who live in Malacca know where it is)

I keep guessing those who was the one that had come back to Melaka and I can't know that they are my best friends.
>> KokCian & JeanHan!! <<
A lovely couple :)

As a result The original gathering which consist of four people become se7en. Who is the seventh?
JiaLing of course.
Thought not able to ask her out but coincident to meet each other at the same place
She just able to talk with us for a few words.
We chit-chat about everything and only know that KokJian just come back from Taiwan and the only one. Missing others who are not coming back.
The people who had changed much is YuSheng.
Why? Because he start posing when we take pictures!

After a period of time, KokJian + JeanHan need to go back and therefore the gathering is until 10 something.

After that, the remain four went to "咖啡馆"
JiaXian let us see the photos taken during his China Trip (There are tons of photo taken)
And this is the gift from him

Thanks for this ;p

10 July 2008

Chong Fat Full

Today went to see a dentist as I need to fill a tooth. I thought I will go alone but when wake up in the morning my grandpa + grandma also want to go as grandma need his help to do something on her false teeth. It is more fun if you are not traveling alone right?

On the way going to the clinic, our lovely "Kancil" getting hotter and hotter. The water meter show the car in increasing temperature and it getting worst. Then my grandpa said need to turn the air-cone to a higher speed so the car won't get too hot.

I know know if this is the right way to do as I thought when we switch on the air-cone the car engine will get hot easily.
As a result, I went on maintain 70-80 km/h and keep on watching the meter of the car and lorry passing by and get faster than me. Sigh...

But it is better than my "kancil" can't move right?
Look at the brightside.

This is the implant of tooth that somehow give me some weird and scary feeling when I imagined the screws inserted into my gum.

When we are waiting for our turns, an old auntie with his daughter came. The old lady keep playing with her false teeth and you can hear she keep burping.
She keep asking people to let her go in first as she say she feel very uncomfortable. Besides, she keep open the doors to see if she can go in.

Later on only we knew she is a melancholic.
And I can see that her daughter is treating her bad as she keeping shouting to her not to go here and there.

After a while, it is my turn. Me and my grandma went in and she was served first.

This is one of the chair that available in the clinic. There are total 3 chairs with different age, I think this is the oldest one.
Able to took this picture as the dentist was helping my grandma fixing her false teeth.

After the dentist was done with my grandma. It is my turn.
I thought I only need to fill 1 teeth but there are two more to fill.
As I'm a "kepo" person, I asked if he has had his lunch and he said he never eat lunch.
I wonder how can he tolerate eating nothing in the noon and working until 6 PM everyday...

At the moment,
I hate the drilling sound as it does not sounds good at all.
It hurts but still tolerable.

After half an hour it was done and my grandma asked if it hurts as she heard the drilling sound so loud from the inside. Haha

There goes again driving the "kancil" way back home hoping it won't get temper and hot.


Why is my title "Chong Fat Full"?
Because this is the dentist's name :)
He is not fat and full, but he looks cute, wahaha

09 July 2008

NOKIA E90 + Garmin Mobile XT + MalsingMap

This is the NOKIA E90 with Garmin Mobile XT (cracked) switched on.
There is no problem navigating the town using built-in GPS but it seems like there are some minor errors

The map is okay but the name of the road and other landmark always shown in a word starting with an alphabet and followed with "?" that should be alphabet too.
This made me unable to search for the correct place that I want to go as the name of the place always become short formed.

For example, Jalan Selatan >> S????????, J

Is this because I haven't really crack* the software?
Or there is some problem with the map?
Looking forward to hear from anyone who manage to use GPS to navigate without this problem.

08 July 2008

"Look Gan"

Do you know what is this?
It's called "Look Gan"

I forgot if its name is in cantonese or malay.
All I remember is the shape and the GOOD taste of this "Look Gan"
It is tasty and the only thing that you need to do is to cook it in a pot without water.
Therefore, I think next time BBQ can add this in menu :)


Today was a rainy day, therefore overslept again~
I wonder what's wrong with my handphone, no signal at all.
That time only I know today is my due date.

I called my mom if she had pay the bill as I become her subline since Feb.
Changing my prepaid to post-paid/family package.

But after passed a few months only I know that my mum didn't use her line at all.
That means every month RM 50 was paid for nothing for a period of time.
Therefore asking her to cancel the line and reverse my line to prepaid.

Aiks... something done wrong and both the telephone line was terminated and I'm not able to retrieve my line back...

The only thing that I can do is to register for a new line.
So...for those who need my HP contact just email me then.

How to counter hair loss? It seems like I'm losing my hair more than normal it should.
Am I thinking too much or am I lacking of certain nutrient??
Or other reason?

I will find a solution and it would be great if reader can provide some advice :)
Good day everyone and hope I can find a good job soon.

02 July 2008


Have you seen before fished will line up side by side when they are resting?
Now you will

This is the lucky shot that I did as they rarely do this. Somemore it is hard to take the pictures as when I move they move...

If I'm more lucky I can see more fishes sit side by side

Today went to swim and it last not more than an hour.
As only me in the pool and non-stop swimming that tired me fast.

Since now I haven't thinking about what kind of job that I really want and the one that I can really get.
I didn't search for job seriously as I want to enjoy my life first by doing nothing??
Hmm... I think I will get bored soon by doing nothing at home besides surfing the net and do what others do as well.

But from what I know now is it really hard to get rich when you are in science field?
I always heard people said that "Only business can make you real rich"
Does that make sense to you?
I agree with that as when a scientist don't know how to deal with a businessman how can he sell the works he did ?

Therefore I have an idea that supporting the scientist.
Don't just be a scientist, be a scientist that know how to do business!
Haha, it is easy to said that as I know nothing about business.
Even "bursa saham" that my dad had done and undergo long years ago, I still don't really understand about share even I have the chance.
The only thing I know is it isn't only about buy and sell.
There are many other skills that were needed to be a good broker that make people and himself earns.

It is so fast that I I figured out I have been "wasting" my time for a month doing nothing at home (mostly). Now I can understand why people hate about what they did for a long time without changes everyday. Same as a person who always study feel of getting graduate as soon as possible as study is not fun and want to work out there; and there will always other people who has the opposite thought.

Now I've been at home doing nothing and know the routine/schedule of my grandparents ;p
They always sleep earlier than me and wake up earlier too.
They always eat lunch/dinner at 12Pm/7pm
They always watch the TV series starting from 3Pm to 7Pm and had a timeout when ever there is any advertisement goes on.
Oh ya, they remind each other to eat medicine at 4Pm everyday :)
How sweet they are? haha!

The most interesting thing about them is that they rarely mad at each other not as much as my parents did.
Hmmm since I was 12 ...

Oooo, 12:24pm should be my new alarm
I need to get myself fresh up and be prepared for the "things" in future.
Good night and hope we all have a nice day ...~

01 July 2008


Please notice that the shape of the flower is in love shape :)
Is that where and how people define "LoVe" should look like?

This his how it looks like when it blooms


Hmm, wonder what kind of love I will met

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