Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra - Kees Bakels

After the Collect ONP Campaign , rested for a few hours. Get ready up for Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra~ Kees Bakels was the conductor Arrived @ KLCC early in time to collect the tickets and to rent a coat. A shot of KLCC @ night :) Still looking for peeps to go Skybridges Went to their Box Office to collect the tickets :) Met Nadirah who is so friendly to pose for me :) One month passed, would she still read my blog? I did tell her I will blog about this event, but didn't expect to delay for almost one month~~ ^@^" So this is the passes that I got, asked Nadirah where to rent coat and there I go searching for it. Haha, another two ladies willing to pose for me Raznasyemi and Nancy ~ This is where I rent my MPO Coat Yes, they have their own brand. I was wearing the smallest size available. Luckily they rent it for FREE! Did you saw it? "Nuffnang Bloggers"!! The tickets tange from RM 20 to RM 85 How much do you think the ticket Nuffnang gave? I am sure

Collecting Old Newspaper Is An Easy Job?

On a very sunny day, me, LiErn, YengYeng , and HockSoon decided to collect ONP (Old Newspaper) as funds specifically for SOS (Saving Our Seahorse) in my current housing area. We start around 9AM and the damn sun is so happy to show up today... This is our first attempt to collect ONP from a family house. It was a good start for us :) Hock Soon, the guy who is protecting himself from UV wore a cap and have an umbrella with him. The Maxis Broadband Umbrella that I got from PC Fair. You can see belle at the fair too! [Click Here] While working we can't forget to fooling around. Mr. Paris with his lovely pet ;p A troly to move "newspaper" Nowadays people use trolly instead of coconut's or oil palm's leafs. Yeah, she enjoyed it. Not forgetting to get some macroshoot around my housing area :) This is our campaign organizer, LiErn! With MonaLisa's pose~ We met an adorable cute dog in one of the house~ He likes people! See how cool he is? Now he