Comic Fiesta'08: Pancake Merry X'mas~!

On 20th od Dec, I went to Sunway Pyramid's Comic Fair (CF) 2008 to help out my sister. We are going to sell the stuffs made by HERself. There were five different kinds of products: Non-Edible Handmade Pancake HOT! (Successfull go into finalist for Best Handmake Souvenir~Congratz!) Bear Cap (6 Limited edition with different design) HOT! One of the lucky Bear Cap owner :) Cat Ears (Black/White/Furred) HOT! Beads Iron Made keychain Postcard drawn by using Photoshop (Not EDIT) The business that day is considered nice la. The Cat Ears and the Bear Cap were the fast selling product. Almost everywhere in the exhibition hall can see the customer wearing the Cat Ears ;p Introducing the Maker of those Handmade souvenir!! D e a r b e a r 3 ! Tada~! There were also display of Anime Toy Models And CosplayS :) Starwars Character s "Harumi Suzumiya" got a pair of beautiful electrical* eye Did you charged? Haha

Cafe On The Tenth

On 18th of Dec, we, the UTAR FYP Gang is coming out to meet at "Cafe On the Tenth" As promised, Kah Shin is the one treating us again on year 2008 Why is he so generous? Bcs...he accidentally made a promise in 2007 and it was recorded~! Haha~ Me,Ying Ying and LiErn were carpooling together to the Crown Princess Hotel by following my NOKIA E90's GPS All the way Li Ern and Yeng2 keep saying "Ooo" "Wah!!" "Really good ar!" Thanks to Garmin Mobile XT :) Without it I think I will lost in KL Town and never reach there. We were late again and rest of them already eating for 1 hour ++ Sorry for being late..haha This is the map provided by the cafe. If you want to come Click the map ;p When we arrived there The first thing we do is to grab the food!! Hungry la... Then, Mun2 can't wait to camwhore Start snapping while we were eating Me + Yeng2 Li Ern + Mun2 Mun2 with the Soap Taste Jelly (That's what she tasted) Kah Shin Posing "V"