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Get Your Fruttare Surprise @ Lot10 Today!

Colorful beach house @ Pulau Kapas What would you like to have at this hot weather? It was really hot when I traveled to Pulau Kapas for a beach getaway~ The first thing that runs into my mind is non-other than an ice-cool Ice Cream! Looking at the colourful beach house, it reminds me of Fruttare Ice Cream ! Fruttare is a deliciously refreshing fruit ice cream, made from 100% real fruit juice , invigorates and brightens up your day instantly. I've tried out Red Grape and Lychee Flavor, both are juicy sweet ;p Speaking of this, Fruttare is giving you guys tons of surprises at Lot10 now! Fruttare Surprise @ LOT 10 16th June - 8th July 2012 Fruttare will be giving you guys a refreshing and invigorating burst of surprise at Lot 10, Jalan Bukit Bintang from 16th June – 8th July 2012 . How to get Fruttare Surprise? It's easy! Just snap a picture at the "Fruttare Giant Kiosk", share it on FB and get a Fruttare Surprise. It is not just a little surp

The Legendary of Timus vs Nokkkiyah & Barry

The Legendary of Timus vs Barry The Legendary of Timus vs Nokkkiyah OPTIMUS ONE is optimized with the latest version of Google™'s Android ™ mobile technology platform (Android 2.2) for enhance browser performance. It enables fast web page loading & refers rates as well as smooth apps switching thanks to a high speed 600mHz processor . So why am I blogging about this? Stay tune at this site =D You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 or follow @TianChad on Twitter for future blog post update =) Press the "Like" button and share with your friend kay? Thanks~!

DiGi Angels Internet Gathering Sneak Peek + Group Photo

So the long wait iPhone4 landed on whose hand? Let's introduce all 5 finalists! Mohd Faridzul - Magdalene Lim - Lee Hui Yean - Wan Mohd Ameerul - Ho Wei Jie - I would say all 5 bloggers are winners but this time just have 1 iPhone4 to giveaway. Congratz to Finalist 5 Ho Wei Jie for winning his dream new phone! He start playing with it after receive the phone lol. As for other 4 bloggers finalist. Please do not give up on continue participate ongoing and upcoming Nuffnang's Contest because that's how I win some of the prizes from there! I still remember I have joined various contests but not every time win one. My motto is, Keep Trying ! Look at the brightside , your blog posts are more outstanding than 2000 other blog posts! Be proud of yourself get into the Top 5. *Click on the picture to enlarge* Will definitely need to get a wide lens + external flas

Chinese Winter Solstice Festival

Today is Chinese Winter Solstice Festival a.k.a 冬至 ,didn't expecting much to happen but I got tons of surprise today. Had total three times of glutinous rice ball @ 汤圆 from different people. First of all, my colleagues are so "semangat" to go and buy the material to prepare glutinous rice ball dessert (Honey sugar, Pandan leaf, Ginger, glutinous rice ball with and without fill). One of the main cook - Smashing the ginger with a hoe =D Honey sugar water + Pandan leaves + Smashed Ginger Of course not forgetting the main cast - "Turtle Egg " Glutinous Rice Ball with peanuts/redbean inside Or even the Black Sesame Glutinous rice ball After all, we have different colour and different size "tong yuen" to feed all the colleagues. This is the first time for my Malay and Indian colleagues to taste the dish and they like it =D All thanks to the guy above - Kam and Catherine for organizing this small celebration =D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wen