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Chelsea vs MU Viewing Party @ Padang Timur | EveryoneConnects

First of all, congratz EveryoneConnects [EC] on become 1 year old! I just pay a visit to their site and was impressed with their Christmas Themed website . I like the fireworks =) Yeap that's me the fella wearing a santa hat wonder in the city of Everyone Connects. Good news for the football fans who wanna watch Chelsea vs MU match LIVE with big screen ~! This Christmas Chelsea vs MU viewing party is coming to town Date: 19 December 2010 (Sunday) Time: 12 pm – 2 am Venue: Padang Timur, Dataran Petaling Jaya This Battle of the Champions: LIVE viewing party will have the largest TV screen in S.E.A. You can catch up with latest Man Utd news before the match day at The Stadium @ EC website There are chat boxes at Kopitiam @ EC website for you to leave comment/feedback of the game . You can and also chatting with others fella/felli in the town. Get exclusive TM Man United merchandise and FAN ZONE seats when signing up for any TM products or services. For more info do like E

iTalk Whoa! Now With RSS Feeds!

Hey guys still remember the iTalk Whoa posts that I have shared few times back? Besides the recent Hari Raya Promotion , you still can enjoy lowest call rate at 7sens/minutes . Well I still remember long time back during the iTalk Whoa Launch with BunkFace @ Borneo . I looks different compared to now ;p So today I would like to share something new about iTalk Whoa! RSS Feeds. RSS is short for "Really Simple Syndication". It sounds like a mouthful but it is just a label. The beauty of RSS Feeds: RSS Feeds enable you to get news feeds and updates on any topics that interest you fast and easy. You don’t have to check or be on the lookout on what’s coming. It delivers the headline, short summary and a link back to the full text every time an RSS news feed is updated. How does it benefit you? If you have been worried about giving your name and email address to subscribe to any newsletter, the RSS feed in iTalk Whoa! has come to your rescue. Subscribing to RSS feed does n

iTalk Whoa Hari Raya Promotion!

In conjunction with Ramadhan and Aidilfitri, starting from 1st September 2010 until 31st October 2010 , enjoy 20% ADDITIONAL talktime automatically credited into your account if you activate/reload your iTalk card from 1st September 2010 until 31st October 2010 . There is more from iTalk, TM online contents can now been purchase using iTalk. Please visit website below: • HyppTunes ( ) • E-Browse ( ) • B-SmartXpress ( ) • Gamezone ( ) • MUTV online ( ) With Love, iTalk is wishing all of you “Salam Aidilfitri”! iTalk Whoa! You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 or follow @TianChad on Twitter for future blog post update =) Press the "Like" button and share with your friend kay? Thanks~!

iTalk Whoa! Enjoy Lowest Call Rate of 7 sens/minute!

Do you have friends in other country that you want to call them because it is too far to meet them?? Enjoy the lowest call rate of 7 sen a minute to popular destinations that are US, UK, Australia, China and Canada . This special rates promotion starts from 15 th July 2010 till 31 st Dec 2010 . Don’t forget to chat with all your friends anywhere in the world and update your twitter page through iTalkWhoa. SMS to more people from iTalkWhoa for just 10 sen per SMS. Join iTalkWhoa now to get all the special deals. Login now to . The iTalkWhoa Promo Rates will start from 15 th July till 31 st Dec 2010. The countries involved are: Country iTalk Whoa Fixed Mobile China 0.07 0.08 U.S.A 0.07 0.10 U.K 0.07 0.85 Canada 0.07 0.14 Australia 0.07 0.81 All i

iTalk Whoa is Nice to be Shared!

Remember last time I introduce iTalk Whoa and a long photo post about iTalk party @ Borneo Rainforest ? Today I am going to share my experience using iTalk Whoa web interface. It seems like there are more thing added up into iTalk Whoa . For example the Youtube Channel Tab. Now I can also watch Youtube video from the iTalk Whoa web interface! Remember to check out my YouTube Channel . Don't ask me why I choose that username that has come with me since I was 13. We all know that iTalk IDD (International Direct Dialling) Call has the cheapest rate calling both domestic and international number. Which is what my housemaid usually do. She will call back to Indonesia every few weeks to update with her family. However she couldn't do it all by herself cos she is not used to key in iTalk IDD Card number in fast speed, then need to key in numbers and numbers again then only can reach to her family. If you are an iTalk IDD user I am sure you know what are the long steps right? So I

iTalk Party Launch with BunkFace | Borneo RainForest

Early in April (7th), I was invited along many other bloggers to attend iTalk Whoa Party at Borneo Rainforest , Sunway. This event is kinda short compared to others. However, they did provide lots of food for us, platform for online iTalk Whoa registration , have some fun games and BunkFace was there to perform live. What best is to able to meet bloggers from both Nuffnang + Advertlets. This has already become a rare scene that I can see in one same place. How I wish there are more event like this, bloggers gathered together by not differentiating each other in which gang +++ Jeremy Kung , CEO of TM was having his birthday celebration that night. *He looks like a rock star singer to me.* Kylie Chapman, a pretty host for the night There are really tons of foods provided inside. With just salad you can already get full. Too bad I am not herbivore that night. I actually prefer more to the desserts corner than others *Actually you can hardly see what are the food as it is kinda dark ins